The forgotten story of Rex Sellers, the Indian-Australian leg-spinner

[Almanacker Patrick Skene has a piece in today’s Guardian that will appeal to Almanac readers – Ed]

“Born in Bombay and raised in Gujarat, leg-spinner Rex Sellers took an unprecedented path to become Australia’s 230th Test cricketer…”


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  1. Well done Patrick. Rex Sellers joins a select group of players who have appeared for Australia at test level, yet not scored a run or taken a wicket. Simon Davis, Paul Wilson are with Rex in this grouping. All played one more test than me.


  2. Thesaurus Rex says

    Thanks, interesting article … Rex has something in common with former Indian cricketer Roger Binny – with a twist! Binny (& his son) are among the very, very few Anglo-Indians to represent India in test matches.

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Loved this Patrick. Even though Rex Sellers was a big name in Adelaide, I never knew much about his back story. Thanks

  4. That’s an interesting non-achievement category Glen … played a test for no runs & no wickets. Bryce McGain came pretty close to joining that club in his solitary test, 0 wickets but managed a pair of 1s in the two innings for a test batting average of 1.

  5. Great story Patrick. Thanks.
    I assume his brother Basil is the arts philanthropist and former Sydney Swans administrator?

  6. Patrick Skene says

    Yes Smokie – Basil is his brother. Quite a successful family.

    Interesting stat Glen – a club I’d still love to be proud of!

  7. Really good story – thanks Patrick.

    Loved the footy connection.

    Explains Basil’s great love of footy and cricket

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