Brownlow Medal: A quick guide

A quick guide to tonight’s likely winner.


Just how much of a footyhead are you? Did you, like Darren Smith, note the date on Monday?

AFL and the Dark Ages

On one side of the globe, an African – American US President confirms his support of gay marriage; meanwhile, the AFL chooses not to recognise adoptive children under the Father / Son rule………………..words fail me as to the attrocity of this decision. Forgive my cyncism (it is merely my form of outrage) but it appears [Read more]

Is There a Defence?

The simple answer is yes, there most certainly is a defence and it kept last year’s Prelim Finalist to 6 goals. It’s the attack that is the issue. I don’t mind pragmatism in footy. The Saints forward line on Friday night will not go down in history as the game’s most potent. A coach can [Read more]

The Real Round 5 Ladder?

Following a discussion with a Swans supporter about their dream run to get them to the top after round 5, I felt the need to try and justify my position……. Consequently, please find below the real ladder after Round 5. One that perhaps offers a bit more perspective on a team’s performance to date. The [Read more]

General footy writing: It’s time mulligans were introduced to footy

By Darren Smith No one can accuse this forum of not covering the big issues … I recently used the term “mulligan” in a description of the Round 7 game between St Kilda and Essendon, suggesting that, if Essendon could have taken a mulligan for their first quarter, they would have. This claim was met [Read more]

AFL Round 7: Frenzied Saints just too good

by Darren Smith Shelley, Kain and I waited patiently for the Mt Evelyn boys to arrive. We were to rendezvous at the Hotel Spencer and walk to the game. I was forewarned that Dip, Mick and Dave could be quite loud at the footy. I took it to mean offensive. I was a sole Saint [Read more]

True love this time?

St Kilda versus West Coast 2.10pm Saturday, April 11 Etihad Stadium, Melbourne I went to this game for two reasons. I didn’t buy the Eagles of 2008. From 2,000 kilometres away, it looked like an opportune time to ride the wave of lost talent, invest in some elective surgery for its list and reap the [Read more]