The Real Round 5 Ladder?

Following a discussion with a Swans supporter about their dream run to get them to the top after round 5, I felt the need to try and justify my position…….

Consequently, please find below the real ladder after Round 5. One that perhaps offers a bit more perspective on a team’s performance to date. The premise is that if you have played the team on the bottom, you are awarded 16 points. If you have played the team on top, you are awarded 1 point. The lower the score, the tougher your draw has supposedly been.

It looks like thus:

Adelaide 28
Richmond 28
St.Kilda 29
Essendon 33
Hawthorn 38
NM 38
Port 38
West Coast 41
Collingwood 45
Brisbane 46
Geelong 46
Melbourne 48
Bulldogs 51
Fremantle 54
Carlton 57
Swans 57

Tiger fans rejoice – it’s not over yet. The Swans meanwhile have beaten 15th, 16th, 11th & 13th – clearly they are favourites for the Division 2 flag.

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