Is There a Defence?

The simple answer is yes, there most certainly is a defence and it kept last
year’s Prelim Finalist to 6 goals. It’s the attack that is the issue.

I don’t mind pragmatism in footy. The Saints forward line on Friday night
will not go down in history as the game’s most potent. A coach can only plan
according to his team’s strengths or weaknesses.

Try as they might, StKFC have not solved the single point of forward focus
problem since the days of Hamill and Gehrig. I think Lyon knows this and
despite a level of recruiting desperation, the days of kicking 20 goals
appear well behind us.

Consequently, the ploy becomes that of limiting potential damage at the
other end.

The real problem for me (and possibly others) is that life as a Saints fan
is no longer a box of chocolates – it is Cadbury; Dairy Milk; Glass and a
half. We know what to expect week to week and it doesn’t excite us.

I had the chance to go to the Geelong game. I chose health over potential
excitement. I was wise.

The founding principle of following the red, white and black (and
occasionally yellow) is that you never know what to expect. Even in our
darkest times, we were always good for an upset over a fancied rival. In
later years it became, how many would Plugger kick and how many weeks would
he get?

Speaking of Plugger, many forget that StKilda reached its first GF in 26
years soon after he left. We were forced to find other avenues to goal.

2010 will show that the Saints did not wilt as expected with the loss of
their Riewoldt lynchpin in attack – they again had to find multiple scorers.

Dare I suggest that StK could grab a few GC draftees in exchange for St.Nick
in a bid to strengthen its arsenal at the business end.

It’s starting to look like we are about to be left behind the ‘real’
contenders, and if we don’t start scoring more goals soon, there will be no
one there to see it.

I will be at the game on Friday night; we need at least 15 goals to rebuild
the faith. The four points is almost secondary.


  1. How about coming over to the Cats on a twelve month loan similar to English Football, Darren. You could Nestle in there quite well.

  2. John Butler says

    Darren, Geelong folk of recent years are quite taken with their side’s joga bonito (some have suggested smugly so).

    But they have a point.

    You’re right, the Saints won’t succeed this year doing the same old same old.

  3. Darren Smith says

    Phantom, that’s both terrible and very good at the same time…..I would consider it, but only if Bruce Lindtner was still running around the paddock.

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