Almanac Teams: A Cavalcade of Kevins

With Kevin Sheedy celebrating 50 years in the game, the time is right to pay homage to another virtually extinct footy name that stirred our imaginations during the 1960s, 70s and 80s.


Who is the most recent VFL/AFL Kevin? Was it Kevin Caton or was it Kevin Dyson?


From the back-line:


B:     Worthington (Coll)   Hall (Carl)                 Coghlan (Coll/Haw)

HB:  Murray (Fitz)             Walsh (Ess)              Morris (Rich/Coll)

C:     Higgins (Geel)            Dynon (Nth)            Wright (Fitz)

HF:  Bartlett (Rich)            Stevens (Foot)         Rose (Coll/Fitz)

F:    Egan (Ess)                   Neale (StK)                McMahon (Nth)

Ruck: Easton (Nth)           Dyson (Melb/Syd)    O’Neill (Rich)

IC: Heath (Haw/Carl) Curran (Haw) O’Keefe (Fitz) Sheehan (Geel)


Coach: Sheedy


Umpire: Smith


Entertainment: Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson


What is the most appropriate collective noun for Kevin?


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Carer/Teacher/Writer. Author of Fandemic: Travels in Footy Mythology. World view influenced by Johnny Cash, Krishnamurti, Larry David, Toni Morrison and Billy Picken.


  1. I remember a Kevin Heath (Hawthorn). Left foot, good mark, attacking defender.
    Could we sneak KeLvin Moore and Matthews into the team?
    Klu Klux Kevin Klan.

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    A “daggy” of Kevins?

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Kevin Johns (Centrals)
    Kevin Hill (Torrens)
    Dr Kevin Norton (Centrals)
    Kevin Beswick (Port/West)
    Kevin McSporran (Torrens)

  4. Sponsored, of course, by Kevin Dennis Motors.
    All training sessions to be held at St Kevin’s College.

    It would be inappropriate to say a Spacey of Kevins,
    so I will plump for a Bacon of Kevins.

  5. Joe De Petro says

    Given that Kevin is the patron Saint of Dublin, how about a “riverdance of Kevins?”

  6. A comb-over of Kevins

  7. Norwood’s most famous Kevin chose to go by Sam instead – who can blame him. Kevin ‘Sam’ Gallagher played 131 games for Norwood and 10 for SA as a virtuosic midfielder, winning three premierships. He is on the bench in Norwood’s team of the century. Equally as impressive, his son Phil played 292 games for the club (Phil’s brothers John and Martin (unknown if they changed their names to David and Jones in the ’90s) also played league footy for Norwood), winning four premierships and grandson James played 228 games for the club, winning one. The Redlegs won nine premierships between 1946 and 2012 and a Gallagher played in eight of them, most impressive.

  8. Lyndon Andrews says

    A cavalcade of Kevins

  9. A cricket team would be the Kevin Eleven (patron? – say it isn’t so), so a footy team must be the Kevin Eleven x2.

  10. Keep ’em coming Phil.

    Kevin Higgins played a few games at Fitzroy to round off his career, there was Kevin Sait at Footscray, with of course Kevin Goss appearing for South Melbourne, then Hawthorn in the VFL.


  11. I’d go for a Bevy of Kevs or a Kohort of Kevins…

  12. Kevin McLeod – Footscray (1968) 1 game/ 1 goal – #47

    Visiting Roys held the hosts scoreless in the final quarter to win 10.11-71 to 9.12-66.

    Couldn’t win it for EJ on his 35th birthday. Nice one fellas!


  13. Love it Phil.

    A Specificity of Kevins?

  14. Glad you included Kevin Caton, alas not in your team, as, apart from being a dead-ringer for Roland Gift of the Fine Young Cannibals, his other claim to fame was kicking a poster after the siren at Princes Park to win a game against Geelong during his brief stint with The Roys in 1989.

    Glen, as a VFA tragic, you would probably be aware that Kevin Sait also played for Williamstown in their 1986 flag side.

  15. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Thinking of Kevin Costner and wondered what it would sound/look like if you changed one word of a movie title and replace it with the word Kevin? We’d have:
    ‘The Magnificent Kevin’
    ‘Dances With Kevin’
    ‘Kevin Can Wait’
    ‘Seven Brides for Seven Kevins’
    ‘Snow White and the Seven Kevins’ – The mind boggles

  16. A heaven of Kevins

  17. Dave Nadel says

    Club patron Kevin Rudd

    Kevin Grose played 32 games for Collingwood in the mid-seventies. He was heavily tattooed and was nicknamed “The Picture Gallery”. Retrospectively he probably had far less tattoos than Dane Swan or Dustin Martin but fashions were different forty years ago.

    Given that the two of the three most famous Kevins were Bartlett and Sheedy the collective noun should be “A Cunning of Kevins.” Probably not as appropriate for third famous Kevin – Kevin Murray.

  18. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    A Conga line of Kevins

  19. Jennifer Muirden says

    Hey Phil, it won’t come as any surprise whatsoever that my faves are Kevin ‘Cowboy’ Neale and also Kevin Bartlett who incidentally I’d love to see as the Coach of this fictitious team.

    BUT you’ve left out one of the most important Kevins of all …. Matty ‘Richo’ Richardson’s beloved cat, KEVIN!!! Aaaaaaaaawwwwww

    Smokey, another appropriate sponsor would surely be Kevin Donnellan Tyres …”Kevin Donnellan…you’ve got a tyre for me! ; ) As for Kevin Spacey ….err, probably best we don’t go there, hey?

  20. Great stuff Phil and of course Dave Brown easily wins best comment ! Another name which is hardly seen any more is John

  21. Cat from the Country says

    A class of Kevins.
    Do Kevins extend to umpires too?

  22. A rasher of Kevins, as in bacon ;)

  23. Peter Warrington says

    Six Degrees of Kevin Sheedy…

    what’s stranger, three Kev;’s in our 74 flag side or the hawks with 2 Kel’s at the same time.

    richmond – Zero Kelvin! (now THAT’S a cracking fillum if yo love your Scandi Noir.)

    BTW surely Sheeds would captain-coach in that team?

  24. A kaleidoscope of Kevins?

    Some musical possibilities:
    Stairway to Kevin
    Three steps to Kevin
    Knock, knock, knockin’ on Kevin’s door
    Kevin is my woman’s love
    Thank Kevin for little girls

    and at Christmas, Joy to the world – let Kevin and nature sing.

    Cheers, Burkie

  25. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Burkie – Kevin is my Woman’s Love – Excellent.
    Being cuckolded by a Kevin is a bit rough, though.

  26. Kevin Leunig Barge says

    Kevinism, Kevinery, Kevinish,Kevinise, Kevinisation, Kevinology,Kevinography, Kevinoscopy, Kevinophile, Kevinphobia, Kevinmania, Kevined, Kevinate, Kevining, Kevinitis, Kevinmobile, Kevin.

  27. Terry barnstable says

    It was Steven Easton at North

  28. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Hi Terry,
    Kevin Easton played 28 games for North between 1952-56.
    Kevin Bryant?

  29. Terry barnstable says

    Sorry Phillip,before my time.

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