Almanac Poetry: Thumbnail Sketch of the Great Roy Orbison

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is about the Big O, Roy Orbison – the Caruso of Rock.

Almanac Poetry Reflection: A Poem with Personal Significance (Discuss)

Kevin Densley invites Almanackers to share poems which have had an abiding presence in their lives, just as one by Gerard Manley Hopkins has stayed with him over the decades.

Almanac Poetry: Captain Albert Jacka, VC, MC and Bar

Albert Jacka VC, MC and Bar is the subject of Kevin Densley’s poetry this week.

Almanac Memoir: Dankness on the Edge of Town

Who was that band? Kevin Densley tries to remember the name of the band who sang ‘Varicose Veins’ at a Geelong gig in 1981.

Almanac Poetry: Elvis Presley’s Late Cheeseburger Period

A sad end to the King. Elvis Presley, cheeseburgers, guns, and death as told in verse by Kevin Densley.

Almanac Cinema: Australia’s Best Film? (Discuss)

Kevin Densley nominates his favourite Australian film, and invites all Almanac readers to share their favourites.

Almanac Poetry: The Wilful Murder of Constable Samuel Nelson

Kevin Densley shares his poetry for the week – this time it’s a dive back to a 19th century Australian gang scenario, as well as a link to a review of his own poetry collection.

Almanac History: The Plaza Theatre, Geelong

Kevin Densley remembers a night at Geelong’s now departed Plaza Theatre, which by the 1970’s had become known as the ‘flea pit’.

Almanac Poetry: Young Björn Encounters Sigrid

Kevin Densley shares his poetry via mixed-media this week; he also concedes that he did watch a lot of “late night World Movies” in the early days of SBS!

Almanac History: Captain Bert James, R.A.F. (1895-1918)

Kevin Densley remembers his relative, Captain Bert James RAF whose life was tragically cut short in a flying accident during WW1.

Almanac Poetry: Self-Portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle

An Arnold Bocklin painting – and the progression of the clock – moved Kevin Densley to pen this succinct poem.

Almanac Music: A Band, Beer, and Pig on a Spit

Kevin Densley remembers back to the late 70s when his band ‘South Side’ played their one and only gig at a local footy club. ‘Honky Tonk Women’ was a highlight.

Almanac Poetry: Bushranger Harry Power

Kevin Densley shares the story of Harry Power in his poem this week, the ‘tutor’ of Ned Kelly.

Almanac Poetry: The Ballad of Alexander Pearce

Kevin Densley suggests you read his poem this week with “fava beans and a nice bottle of Chianti” for reasons which will become obvious.

Almanac Poetry: Lal Lal, Victoria

This Kevin Densley poem is inspired by the Victorian country town of Lal Lal.

Almanac Music: Australia’s Best Song? (Discuss)

Kevin Densley nominates his personal favourite Australian song. If ever there was an invitation for a discussion, this is it. What would you choose?

Almanac Poetry: ‘Handel’s Father was a Barber-surgeon’

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley looks at baroque music, Angus Young, AC/DC and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein!

Almanac Music: Richard Clapton and I

Kevin Densley recalls the time his band supported Richard Clapton at The Waurn Ponds Hotel in 1980.

Almanac Poetry: Stringybark Creek

The mere mention of the words “Stringybark Creek” (site of the Kelly gang police murders) send a shudder right through Kevin Densley, illustrated by this week’s poem.

Almanac Poetry: Sundays in Geelong

In this prose poem, Kevin Densley remembers Sundays in Geelong.