Almanac Memoir: Uncle Colin

Kevin Densley has written a short memoir about his Uncle Colin, a tough man who grew up in ‘God’s Country’.

Almanac Poetry: The ‘Vision’ Thing

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is a political one, dealing primarily with the Richmond debate of the 1992 U.S. Presidential Election, in which George Bush Senior went toe-to-toe with Bill Clinton…KD can see some humour in the situation, as most political performances allow

Almanac Music: John Lennon’s Harmonica

John Lennon played the harmonica on numerous (mainly early) recordings by the Beatles. KD discusses these recordings and, as usual, invites readers to respond. In other words, readers are encouraged to contribute, in the comments section, their own choices of popular songs that employ harmonica (and this is certainly a case of ‘not only Bob’, though comments concerning Mr Zimmerman’s material are certainly welcomed).

Almanac Poetry: Fighting Planes of World War Two

Ever tried to build a plastic model plane when you were a kid? Kevin Densley did, and this poem talks about the results. [Quite relatable – Ed]

Almanac Poetry: Happy Families

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is about families. Of course, they’re by no means perfect!

Almanac Music: Songs with One Word Titles (No Personal Names or Places)

This week’s music theme from KD is songs with one word titles – but in the comments section, readers, no songs with names of people or places, please. Songs relevant to these topics have been covered to some extent in other Footy Almanac articles Kevin has written.

Almanac Poetry: The Youthful, Secret, Utterly Fanciful Desire to Have Sex with the Long Dead Female Subject of a Literary Biography

Kevin Densley shares a poem on youthful fantasy…what might have been, but for reality.

Almanac Music: Songs with Whistling in Them

This week’s theme in KD’s ongoing series on popular songs is songs that contain whistling. As usual, readers are warmly encouraged to put forward their own selections and comments.

Almanac Poetry: Rewriting, Reliving

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley addresses the issue of our past: can we ever relive it, to try to make what happened then better?

Almanac Music: Australian Place Name Songs

This week, the theme in KD’s ongoing series concerning popular songs is ‘Australian Place Name Songs’; in other words, any song highlighting an Australian place name is relevant. As usual, readers contributions are warmly welcomed.

Almanac (Prose) Poetry: House by the Sea

This week’s poetic proffering from Kevin Densley is a rich, evocative and enigmatic prose poem.

Almanac Poetry: Paris, 1877

Continuing the French flavour of his most recent Almanac music post, KD’s poem this week depicts the Paris of Julius LeBlanc Stewart’s wonderfully decadent, colourful nineteenth century painting, Twilight on the Terrace, Paris.

Almanac Music: The French Connection

This week’s music piece by KD concerns songs with French content that were successful in English-speaking countries. As usual, readers are warmly invited to contribute their own choices.

Almanac Poetry: My Raven

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley, ‘draws upon one symbolic meaning of the raven – survival. This meaning can be gleaned from the Old Testament Book of Genesis.’ The raven is the initial bird Noah released from the ark to look for land after the cataclysmic flooding rains ceased.

Almanac Music: Songs About Dancing

Continuing his extensive series of theme-related music pieces, this week Kevin Densley explores ‘Songs About Dancing.’ As usual, readers are warmly encouraged to add their own choices and comments.

Almanac Poetry: The Fish of Geelong

The mind of a twelve-year-old can contain a wealth of information about the natural world, particularly of their surrounding environment. This new piscine preoccupied poem from Kevin Densley contains childhood memories of fish from his home town, Geelong – and it’s certainly a very long list!

Almanac Poetry: Elvis Presley’s Late Cheeseburger Period

In recognition of today’s place in pop history (June 26th, 1977 was the date of Elvis Presley’s last concert in Indiana), Kevin Densley reprises his poem about the death of the King who embodied so much of the American Dream.

Almanac Music: Songs About Songs

In this week’s music piece, as part of an ongoing series concerning popular songs, KD discusses ‘songs about songs’, and warmly encourages readers to add their own selections, as well as further discussion.

Almanac Poetry: Quietly Neurotic Domestic Interior

This week’s poem by Kevin Densley was influenced by ‘the work of Kafka and Munch, among others, and the general issue of alienation’.
‘Happy reading’, KD adds, tongue-in-cheek.

Almanac Poetry: A Notable Colonial Fistfight

This is a reprise of one of Kevin Densley’s poetry ‘Greatest Hits’, a rollicking take on Ned Kelly’s famous boxing match with ‘Wild’ Wright in 1874 – if you missed it a few years ago, now’s the chance to get in touch with one of Australia’s most impactful folk figures in a different light.