Almanac Life: Two blokes walk into a pub (Part 1)

In comradely spirit, Kevin Densley and Roger Lowrey joined forces to write a two-part piece about their recent lunch at the Petrel Hotel in Geelong West. Here’s Part 1 from Kevin Densley.

Almanac Poetry: Goodbye Georgie

Legendary footballer, the late George Best, famously said: “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.” This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is an “In Memoriam” piece about the man fellow Almanacker and World Game expert, Roy Hay, called “the Irish wizard”.

Almanac (World) Cinema: Icelandic Feature Films Involving Sport

In 2020, KD’s Footy Almanac article about Icelandic cinema attracted considerable interest. Now, his focus is upon feature films from Iceland associated with sport.

Almanac Poetry: Fake Ned

Kevin Densley’s poem concerns a photograph which was at one time verified as being of Ned Kelly, but later proved not to be so.

Almanac Memoir (and Music): Fool For You Anyway

Patrick White Award-winning novelist, short story writer and essayist, Carmel Bird described this autobiographical KD piece about youthful love as ‘a beautiful story. So simple, so sad, so true’.

Almanac Poetry: The Decline of Western Civilisation

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is a short poem about a very big subject. He hopes that readers will find it ‘wonderfully pithy’.

Almanac Short Fiction: ‘A Pest Exterminator’s Tale’

KD describes ‘A Pest Exterminator’s tale’ as “a short story originally drafted a couple of decades ago and worked upon here and there ever since. It’s about many issues, including phobias, and has echoes of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. The environment is very much Geelong’s waterfront of decades ago, when it was still seedy and run-down and just starting to undergo the process of gentrification and renewal.”

Almanac Poetry: Jack Bradshaw and ‘Lovely’ Riley

This week, it’s ‘back to bushranging’ in the poetry of Kevin Densley – but his subjects, in this instance, Jack Bradshaw and ‘Lovely’ Riley, are not your typical bushrangers. His poem is about the exploits of a pair of oddballs who ‘were more like a bad vaudeville act than a duo to be feared.’

Almanac Teams: A Real Bushrangers’ Australian Rules “Twenty”

This week, KD supplies an Australian Rules bushrangers’ “Twenty”, made up of actual bushrangers. You know it’s a strong side when ‘Bold Jack’ Donohue, ‘The Wild Colonial Boy’, just scrapes in on a half-back flank!

Almanac Poetry: Mickey Mouse’s Cranial Vault

In this week’s poem, Kevin Densley parallels modern American history with the evolution of Mickey Mouse.

Almanac Memoir (and Music): Words Are Not Enough

Secondary school memories involving music, girls, letters from girls, and screeching cicadas are the basis of this prose piece by KD, all tied in a neat bundle by a hit song of the era from “Ol’ Black Eyes” himself, the late Jon English.

Almanac Poetry (and Food): Stargazy Pie

Fish gazing heavenwards out of a pie? Of course! In this poem, Kevin Densley draws on his inner Cornishman (he does have some Cornish ancestry) to describe this unusual dish.

Almanac Music: Australian Summer Songs – Name a Personal Classic.

Summer, memories and music go together so well. In this piece, KD asks Almanackers for a favourite summer song, a ‘personal classic’, and provides one of his own.

Almanac Poetry: Prince Albert Hotel, Daylesford, Victoria

This Tuesday’s poem from Kevin Densley features the picturesque Central Victorian spa town of Daylesford.

Almanac Book Review – Albert ‘Pompey’ Austin: A Man Between Two Worlds

Kevin Densley recently read Roy Hay’s book on Albert ‘Pompey’ Austin and provides some general impressions.

Almanac Poetry: Semaphore, Adelaide

Some places feel haunted by the past. In this week’s poem, Kevin Densley deals with one such location.

Almanac (Music) Memoir: Freshwater Creek: are you ready to rock’n’roll?

In his prose piece this week, KD writes about an early gig his band, Murmurs, played at Freshwater Creek Hall, near Anglesea, Victoria, in 1980. He recalls being surprised – and more than a little concerned – about how the gig was advertised.

Almanac Poetry: Ghost Train

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley is set in the Geelong Show’s sideshow alley when he was a kid. The Ghost Train horror ride existed there among other attractions such as Jimmy Sharman’s Boxing Tent, the Bearded Lady and Vanessa the Undresser.

Almanac Food: KD’s Kitchen – Worcestershire Sauce – My Favourite Condiment (What’s Yours?)

In this instalment of KD’s Kitchen, he extols the virtues of Worcestershire Sauce and invites Almanackers to respond with their own favourite condiment.

Almanac Poetry: The Other Side of Bradman (A Response to Geoff Page’s ‘On the Death of a Famous Cricketer’)

Kevin Densley has written a response to Geoff Page’s poem about Don Bradman, ‘On the Death of a Famous Cricketer’.