Geelong: the family club


by Glen Davis

I barracked for Geelong from 1969 until 1999. In these 30 years i saw some marvellous players. I no longer follow Geelong, or any AFL club for that matter, but with the proliferation of footy on TV i am still fairly up to date with what is happening in the AFL.

I have chosen a side of players who i have seen play, and who are related to other Geelong players. Brother/fathers/sons/uncles/cousins, and nephews make up this side. There are some important qualifications. I have to have seen these players perform, which invalidates some family combinations. For example i saw Mark Yeates, but not his father John so i will leave them out. The Goggin/Bright links; I saw all of Terrys career, the final few seasons of Billy, but nothing of the late Matt Goggin, so the uncle nephew combibation of Billy Goggin, and Terry Bright i include. There are also brothers, where i feel one should be included in a Best of , Family line up, but i don’t rate his sibling(s) high enough for inclusion. On the basis of one member in, all in, these families are left out. Please look at this family side of players in the Blue and White Hoops and tell us what you think.

B: I Nankervis, M Scarlett, J Scarlett

HB: S Hocking, J Hawkins, B Nankervis

C: M Christensen, G Ablett Jnr, D Clarke

HF: N Ablett, C Mooney, T Bright,

F: T Hawkins, G Ablett Snr, A Christensen

Foll: R Blake, G Hocking, W Goggin

Inter: M Blake, J Mooney, DA Clarke, D Christensen

Emerg: K Ablett, M Hawkins




  1. What about W. Brownless Glen. Everyone’s favourite.

  2. I want to know what happened to you after 1999? You’ve missed the best bit!

  3. K Matthews deserves a gig if only as his brother was the best of the era [albeit at a successful team] and what about the Kol bros. M Blake without R Blake? D Clarke on a wing? At best a hang out HFF. But a good topic.

  4. Hi Chalkdog, i couldn’t include the’ Killer’ because his brother did not play for Geelong. Both Blakes are there, David Clarke, though primarily a half forward, played in many positions for Geelong, though maybe not on a wing to be honest.

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