AFL Round 21 – Melbourne v GWS: In which our young heroes come of age

Kath Presdee celebrates with her Giants as they have their first win at the MCG.

Since Adam was a boy…

With the excitement in Western Sydney palpable on Sunday, Kath Presdee reflects on her team’s transition from kids to Giants.

AFL Round 11 – Hawthorn v GWS: We Giants will fight until the end

GWS devotee Kath Presdee, and Young Master, take great heart in the Giants’ narrow loss to the Hawks.

AFL Round 23 – Gold Coast v GWS Giants: Mr Stewart Goes to Metricon

Kath Presdee isn’t expecting the greatest show on earth, and isn’t disappointed. What she does get to see is the future for her Giants, with the Suns showing what an extra year of development and another pre-season could bring.

It all starts here

It all starts at Auskick. Proud mum Kath Presdee was there with her son.

Round 19 – GWS Giants v Melbourne: The Sweetest Thing

You stand out when you wear orange, writes Kath Presdee, only now there are a few more people doing so. The Orange Army is growing.

AFL Round 16 – GWS Giants v Sydney: Come the Revolution

Revolutions are inspired by dreamers, but need hard, experienced heads to succeed. The Giants are very much at the dreamers stage.

AFL Round 9 – GWS v West Coast Eagles: Without Prejudice

The Giants’ greatest asset is their potential. When more quarters are put together like their third quarter then they will be in contention for finals, writes Kath Presdee.

AFL Round 4 – Melbourne v GWS: Writing on walls

Resident songstress Kath Presdee draws inspiration from The Whitlams and 80s hair band Europe for her match report.

AFL Round 3 – GWS v St Kilda: Under the Canberra lights tonight

Fans of The Church and The Saints, sing along to Kath Presdee’s up tempo match report.

AFL Round 1 GWS v Sydney: The Vigil

Holy Saturday. The day of vigil. Kath Presdee and other Giants glimpsed their future against the Swans.

Loving the unloved

According to some commentators, GWS Giants fan Kath Presdee doesn’t exist. On the contrary, Giants supporters have heart and passion and they know the game.