AFL Round 11 – Hawthorn v GWS: We Giants will fight until the end

I was not looking forward to the game at the ‘G’.

As a religious attendee of Giants Sydney games, I’d seen some woeful performances.  The game against Richmond, however, was beyond anything I’d seen.

I don’t know if it had been the first game in Sydney in ages, or that life outside football had knocked us pretty savagely and we were hoping for some joy and we got what was inadequately described as “tripe”.  Lacking effort.  Lacking skills.

We didn’t boo them off the field, although I’m sure no one would have been surprised if we had.  I think, collectively, we were too appalled to speak.

And so a week of open letters, and navel gazing and beating our collective breasts and fists on internet forums followed.  Damage limitation was what we were looking for.

I suppose I should have paid more attention when we got a visit from the Mummy.

Shane Mumford is the Giant’s ambassador to our junior club.  He came out to training on Tuesday night and spent time with everyone, including the Auskick kids.  He patiently answered questions from the kids: yes, he has a girlfriend; he prefers playstation to x-box (or was it the other way around?),  he kicks a ball higher than he does longer. He posed for photos and signed autographs. Very ambassadorial.

None of the kids (and many were wearing Giants gear) asked about Saturday.  The talk was about Sunday.  About getting ready for the game against Hawthorn.

And so on a wet Sunday afternoon, with nothing better to do, we decided to watch for a little while.  We’d turn it off when it started turning ugly.  Young Master decided Annoying Orange on You-Tube was better than being annoyed by Orange and Charcoal on Foxtel and did not join us.

It wasn’t long before a sigh.  Hawks goal.  Long afternoon, we were thinking.  Maybe we’ll last the quarter.

But then GWS scored a goal.  And another,  and omigod omigod we’re in front and we’re still in front and we are actually playing and we’ve just kicked another goal.

Surprised by the barracking from the lounge room, Young Master came in and looked at the score.  He looked again. “We’re winning?”  He decided to stay.

And so there it was.  For the entire game we were on the edge of our seats.  Urging them on.  Watching them tackle and present and tackle and present.  Noting that the inclusions of Jaksch and Mohr (in particular) provided some stiffness to the defence that we hadn’t seen since Round 3 or Round 4.  Heath Shaw was actually getting involved.  Rhys Palmer finally, finally playing as he should as a former Rising Star.  A breakout game from Lachie Whitfield and a superb effort from Devon Smith.  Ward and Treloar were not just their usual “give it their all” selves.  It was something else.

The Hawks were missing players and a coach and were coming off two defeats in a row against top teams.  It may have been more Box Hill than Hawthorn, but they still had Roughy and Gunston and Breuuuuust.  Before the game there was  speculation about who would kick a bag the way Josh Kennedy and Jack Reiwoldt had.  But there was no percentage boost today.  Our boys did not let them.

The penultimate line of the Giant’s theme song is “And we will never surrender, we’ll fight until the end”.  We had watched them crumble in Perth and fail to get up for Richmond.  And yet, we were expecting something better for the Hawthorn  game.

To win two quarters, to be within seven points at the final siren, to know that the game could have been won except for the same never surrender, fight until the end attitude of an injury depleted, understrength Hawthorn was more than something better.  It was another achievement for a developing side.

We don’t care too much about longest strides and highest leaps.  We care about  playing until the final siren.  About going down kicking and screaming and not accepting that it’s the other team’s right to win just because you’re that upstart plastic franchise that everyone has written off anyway.

That was the attitude we saw on Sunday, and that’s why I know when it all falls into place, we will be greater than the rest.



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Just a suburban girl, just a suburban girl. Lawyer by day, wife and Mum by night. I experience the agony and the ecstasy of sport, having followed Cronulla all my life, the Brumbies all their life and as a foundation member of the Giants.


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Kath love your passion for your giants as you have written in the cold light of day all we want as supporters is a red hot go where was the effort the last two weeks ? If the giants had displayed the same passion and work rate the previous week against a ordinary side it would have at the very least been a close game

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