AFL Round 4 – Melbourne v GWS: Writing on walls

With apologies to The Whitlams (Melbourne) and Europe (The Final Countdown)

There is writing on the wall
Talk of supplements and Danking
And an aversion to their top picks
How much more can Demons bear?

We’re playing this team
A win is what we need
Haven’t won yet in this city…
What a pity the game is not at home

There is writing on the wall
We break loose within a minute
Setanta kicks first goal.
Dees get their heads together, a fumble-fest out there
And they’re leading at first term

We’re playing this team
A win is what they need
They’re the punchline in this city…
What a pity the game is not at home (game is not at home)

If Coaches have three lives
Neeld has burned through two
Giants scramble to half time
Lead by seven as the action stops.

Fans have an aversion to Tom Scully
They’re booing more than ever
So he steps up; he’s playing hard and playing better
Setanta’s kicking free
But Shannon Byrnes shows real composure
Even with the post-er

(There’s writing on the wall, Giants are winning third quarter…
How much can Neeld bear? Giants running through the midfield…
Who has composure? Who holds them out now?)

As Melbourne huddles for Neeld’s three quarter time spray, a curious fanfare springs up. A drum beats. Europop fills the G…

Behind on the scoreboard
The vultures swoop round
They’re needing a comeback,
Or new lows have been found

Scribes pointing fingers of blame
Fans’ knives are out (knives are out)
Will anyone watch them play again?
It’s the final quarter

The final quarter

In less than five minutes
The scores are all square
The Demons are firing
Belief it is there
Words just cannot describe
The Dees transformed (Dees transformed)
Breaking records, they kick twelve goals
In the final quarter.

The final quarter.

The final quarter (final quarter).


There’s still writing on the wall
Grand Old Flags are proudly flying
There’s a stay of execution
Dees now salute the dawn.

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