AFL Round 23 – Gold Coast v GWS Giants: Mr Stewart Goes to Metricon

It’s hardly going to be the greatest show on earth and certainly not from a Giants’ perspective.  Brogan’s played his final game.  Captain Cal is out having a hip operation.  Jezza’s gone cold in the Coleman.  On the plus side, we’re debuting James Stewart, who could have been a Collingwood father-son, except they didn’t want him.

Last year we were using the Gold Coast as our yard stick.  This year, given their progress, it’s more likely we’re running frantically behind as they wave to us from the rear window of their 2014 finals bound bus.

At least we win the toss.

A quick goal apiece and it looks like there might be a contest. But it’s false hope. Ablett is everywhere. The Suns are everywhere and make the Giants pay. A 21 point lead at half time.

The second quarter starts nicely for Ablett and the Suns with a goal to Ablett, quickly followed by another from Rischitelli and then Dixon straight through from the centre bounce. A wonderful life it is not, except perhaps for Adam Kennedy, who kicks his first AFL goal and then Giles slots one through. But too many turnovers lead to a Suns goal.

Maybe the Umpires should have gone to Specsavers, missing the ball blatantly out of bounds from Ablett and Cameron getting legged. It doesn’t change the Suns’ dominance; nor should it. They make the Giants pay in the last few minutes. Pressure, pressure, pressure. The lead at half-time is 41 points.

The third quarter continues to script. Loose men up forward. Pressure on the Giants, turning the ball over. The Suns aren’t galloping away, although it looks as though it won’t be long until they do. Making the most of their chances to score, which the Giants do not.  53 at the last change.

Like the players, I’m watching the reply and the fact that there’s only a quarter left of my team’s season is making me inattentive.  There’s a few pieces of individual brilliance – a lovely goal from Cameron (which we hadn’t seen for a few weeks) as well as the effortless direction of his team by Ablett.

My mind thinks back to what might have been this season.  No Chad, limited Phil.  No Sauce, limited Dean.  A fit second ruckman.  A fit experienced defender.  Two key players for any team and unless our recruiters are going to tighten the rope around our necks, they should be our priority in Trade Week.

We don’t have the brilliance of Ablett.  And while we have a very smart footballer in Lachie Whitfield, Jaegar O’Meara showed why he won the Rising Star so convincingly. Watching Bennell and Boston shows how an extra year of development, another pre-season, another 10 or 15 games, will bring confidence and competence.

And so goal after goal.  Too easy to run away with an 83 point win.

But of course it is not over for the season, for we must bid farewell to Sheeds.  His contribution to GWS is immeasurable.  He may be more showman than shaman, but the Orange Army love him and we hope he’ll be around next year too.

Rest up boys.  Next year is going to be a Giant challenge.

GOLD COAST                                  6.1    12.3    16.7    22.14 (146)

GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY  2.4      5.4     7.8       9.9 (63)

Gold Coast:
Ablett 4, Boston 4, Bennell 2, Rishitelli 2, Dixon 2, Harbrow 2, Stanley 2, Prestia 2, Gillbee, Hall, Hunt
Greater Western Sydney: Cameron 2, Sumner, Kennedy, Giles, Tomlinson, Adams, Coniglio, Hampton

Gold Coast:
Ablett, Prestia, Weller, Bennell, Boston
Greater Western Sydney: Adams, Kennedy, Tomlinson

Umpires: Leppard, Findlay, Mitchell

Malarkey – Ablett 3, Prestia 2, Boston 1

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Just a suburban girl, just a suburban girl. Lawyer by day, wife and Mum by night. I experience the agony and the ecstasy of sport, having followed Cronulla all my life, the Brumbies all their life and as a foundation member of the Giants.


  1. Neil Anderson says

    Nice work Kath. You slipped all the Jimmy Stewart references in very nicely and didn’t leave much scope for us try-hards to go one better.
    I was trying to get Vertigo in there somewhere. Has Metricon got any stands with seating up very high like the Southern Stand at the MCG? What about a High Noon face-off between the AFL’s newest teams? And perhaps a filibuster performance as Kevin Sheedy departs and outlines the future for the Club while giving details of his long history in the game. Otherwise …I’ve got nutthin!

  2. Neil Anderson says

    Sorry Kath. I got my Gary Coopers mixed up with my Jimmy Stewarts in High Noon.
    But surely Jimmy could have played the store-keeper turned gun-slinger just as easilly.

  3. Kath Presdee says

    I was hoping for a lovely hanging mark, but ’twas not to be; so no Vertigo reference.

    In draft I had described Ablett as “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (he was the greatest of them all), but it was a little too much.

    That said, I did have fellow ‘knacker Rob Clarkson’s “Jimmy Stewart talks funny” going around in my head as the soundtrack of the report.

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