Round 10 – Richmond v St Kilda: Saturday’s Child

Joe De Petro’s take on Richmond’s win over the Saints, which featured an eyebrow-raising tactical change

Almanac Teams: A team of Quirky Names

Joe De Petro comes up with a quirky team where each player lives up to his name, literally!

Round 7 – Richmond v Fremantle: Zen and the Art of following the Tigers

Feeling Zen at a Richmond game is a new feeling for Joe De Petro as new found confidence is a strange feeling for a former long suffering Tiges fan, but he’s enjoying every minute of it.

Round 6 – Collingwood v Richmond: The Masters Apprentices

The tribes gathered before the game, headed to the MCG and then slogged out a tight battle for three quarters before the Tiges exploded away, much to the delight of Joe De Petro.

Vale, Roy Willard

This the story of a sensitive, gentle and thoughtful man who was subjected to unspeakable hardships during his early adulthood in the Second World War. Joe De Petro’s presents his moving and loving tribute to his father-in-law.

Round 4 – Richmond v Brisbane: Defence is Trumps

The best offence is a good defence, so goes the sporting truism. For Joe De Petro, the best of Richmond starts with a good defence too.

Round 3 – Richmond v Hawthorn: In Town Versus Not a Fairy Tale

A livewire debuts, the sun is out and the beer is cold in the members. Another win safely in the bank for Joe De Petro’s Tigers.

Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Dov’e L’Amore?

Joe De Petro relishes Richmond’s round 1 win and looks forward to the Tigers’ 2018 season defending their precious flag.

Almanac Golf: The conflict within: the dilemma of the weekend golfer

From this short piece it’s clear Joe De Petro is a fair dinkum golfer. Just ask his brain.

The Beast and its Trade Week and the Quest to Take on the Melbourne Cup

The AFL is doing everything to stay in the papers all year round writes Joe De Petro, including making the Trade Week go for four weeks to compete with the Melbourne Cup.

AFL Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Why we left three empty seats at the Grand Final

Thirty-seven years of heartbreak have come to an end for long-time Richmond supporter Joe De Petro, as his Tigers prevailed against the Crows to win the premiership cup.

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Richmondy

Joe de Petro has recognised a new state of being. The world is Richmondy. He is Richmondy. We can all be Richmondy.

Finals Week 3 – Richmond v GWS: The Day I Went to the ‘G with 90,000 of my closest friends.

The MCG (and the city) was awash with the yellow and black of Richmond as 90,000 Tiger fans filled the stadium to watch their team make the Grand Final. Joe De Petro was ecstatic but he also couldn’t help but feel for the GWS supporters.

Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Richmond: The Tigers need a Hero

Richmond needed to step up as a team to win their first final in 16 years and that they did. One player in particular rose above (as he has done all season) to dominate the game.

Round 23 – Richmond v St Kilda: Double chance?

Joe de Petro reminds us of the Tiges’ grand effort in the final match of the home and away season.

Round 20 – Richmond v Hawthorn: Old Testament Guy has put away his lightning bolts for the weekend

Joe De Petro has been praying for Richmond to continue their fine form into the finals. A top four spot is theirs currently and a big test in Geelong is lined up next week.

Round 18 – Richmond v GWS: Good-bye shabby grandeur, hello state-of-the-art comfort

Richmond fought hard in cold and trying conditions to defeat the Giants on Sunday afternoon. Joe De Petro was happy to see the spirit of Punt Road lift the Tigers over the line.

Round 17 – Richmond v Brisbane: Back to West Melbourne’s concrete castle

Richmond got over the line against Brisbane on the weekend to get back on the winners list. Joe De Petro is happy with the win but has already started thinking about next week’s big test against GWS.

Round 16 – St Kilda v Richmond: A Tale of Two Football Clubs

Charles Dickens was on the money. Terrific Friday arvo read for lovers of Richmond, St Kilda, footy and good reading. [Nice. Thanks Joe – JTH]

Round 15 – Port Adelaide v Richmond: It’s not fair, coach. Alex Rance ganged up on us

It was a game of changing rhythms in Adelaide. Joe De Petro watches on with a vindaloo, a korma, and beers.