Almanac Teams: A team of Quirky Names

We seem to be amusing ourselves with quirky teams lately.  Here is one that is a bit different.


The eligibility rule for this team is a very simple one.  All the reader has to do is say the name of the player (as written in the team) out loud and you will understand.  Amongst the best examples is the ruckman, Brendan Lade (B. Lade = Blade).  It is not so much about the spelling but the sound that is made when the first letter of the first name is combined with the surname.  As you can see, a few liberties have been taken with spelling.


The letter “H” is usually silent.  In the cases of Jeff Hogg, Luke Hodge, Rex Hunt, Lenny Hayes, Barry Hall and David Hille, the H is always silent.


Aaron Mullett might give you a bit of trouble.  He is the team’s lucky charm and Kevin Rose also doubles as the team mascot, spelling notwithstanding.  Andrew Bews can be a bit nasty and is always in trouble with the Umpires for his colourful language.


Shane Tuck and Cameron Ling are the two taggers, mainly because they always play very close to their man.  Stephen Icke rarely plays due to health concerns and sometimes needs to use Stan Alves’ special skills just to get out on the field.  By contrast, Barry Hall never misses a game.


Stuart Loewe struggles to run out of sight on a dark night.  He can’t even keep up with Jeff Hogg.  Rex Hunt and Rodney Eade are both a bit weedy and David Hille is none too bright.  Stephen Carey can be a bit frightening when he gets angry.  Lenny Hayes is just lazy.


Farren Ray is always up for the fight and David Ross, whilst listed for a couple of years, never actually played a game for Geelong, not surprising really, especially if his form lived up to his name.  Chris Hyde is a bit judgemental.  Luke Hodge is built like the side of a building.  Geoff Raines is a good country boy.



Backs:                  A Bews                 J Hogg                   R Hunt

H Backs:               L Hodge                S Icke                    R Eade

Centres:               G Raines               D Wells                 S Alves

H For:                    L Hayes                 B Hall                     F Ray

Forwards:            D Hille                   S Loewe               D Ross

Followers:           B Lade                   S Tuck                   C Ling


Interchange:      A Mullet               C Hyde                  K Rose                  S Carey



About Joe De Petro

My favourite period in history began with the Summer of Love and came to a sad end with the birth of Disco. It was from 1967 to 1975. What was not to like in those days? The Grateful Dead, Creedence, The Beach Boys, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond and the mighty Tigers won Premierships every other year. It was a magical time, much like the current period in history.


  1. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Very clever indeed Joe!

    I always thought Farren Ray was just about the best name ever in football anyway! So multi-imaginary. You could figure a Farren Ray as anything.

  2. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Love it Joe. That’s Sicke and very clever !
    Old ones from Collingwood:
    Ted Rowell = Trowell
    Charlie Laxton = Claxton

  3. Rabid Dog says

    Prefer Carmichael Hunt….

  4. Peter Warrington says

    Jack Higgins

  5. Peter Warrington says

    and M.E. Lee

  6. Well played, Joe. Great stuff!

  7. Joe De Petro says

    Thanks Mathilde. How good would it be to be named Farren?
    Phillip, Trowell is a beauty. RB, Karmichael Hunt is not a good memory for a Tigers’ fan. Thanks, Pete and Smokie.

    These are fun.

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