Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Richmondy




This word has a new meaning today. It now refers to the feeling one gets as one watches the Crazy Tribe celebrate for the next six months.  Feel free to join in, you might even enjoy being Richmondy.


Nobody does party time like the Tigers.  Strap yourselves in and try to not look like you’ve been sucking on a thousand lemons.


Congratulations to the Mighty Richmond Tigers!  They dun us proud!

About Joe De Petro

My favourite period in history began with the Summer of Love and came to a sad end with the birth of Disco. It was from 1967 to 1975. What was not to like in those days? The Grateful Dead, Creedence, The Beach Boys, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond and the mighty Tigers won Premierships every other year. It was a magical time, much like the current period in history.


  1. Oh yes, superb day, nothing Richmondy about that game at all

  2. Oh Joe – it was quite a party last night, and continuing today.
    And let’s not repeat what happened post-1980. We’ve got the building blocks for sustained success. I want Richmond to be hated again. Let’s make it happen!

  3. Best. Day. Ever.

    I’ll write about it when I return to earth.

  4. Will follow in Footscray’s footsteps by not playing finals in 2018. You heard it here first!

  5. Crows would have won if they’d played it in Adelaide.

  6. Credit to Richmond, they beat us on the day.
    But you have an advantage being a victorian side.

  7. Btw Stainless, Everyone already hates Richmond.

  8. “Richmondy?” Sounds like Orwell’s 1984 Newspeak. There are pages of the Footy lexicon that need urgent revision.
    GFF? Hardly. More like Good for F…..
    TLSPRF? Long suffering? More like long celebrating.
    Tigers eat their own?
    Well earned 9th?
    Only Richmond?
    Reminds me of Monty Python’s Piranha brothers. You’ve found the turning point. After exploring all the other possibilities. Thrice.
    Enjoy while the rest of us endure. The boot is on the other foot.

  9. Let it be said, we’re People of Honour around at Punt Road Mr B. We’ve kept all the IOU’s and they shall be paid in full — with interest.

    And thanks for hating us Aidan. It’s the greatest complement we could be paid.

    And MN, I’m sorry, but The Crows wouldn’t have won in Adelaide if they’d played like that,

  10. TLIPRF. The Long Insufferable Punt Road Faithful.

  11. Go Tiges!

  12. To MN and the people of SA
    The best thing about yesterday is that it was such an emphatic win that you couldn’t in all seriousness have a whinge about playing at the G (didn;t stop you in 97 and 98), Cotchin not being suspended (he was good yesterday but not great), or any other factors that coulda woulda shoulda made the difference. The Age this morning rated 14 Crows players as playing worse than Richmond’s lowest rated players, including Betts, Walker, Talia, Jenkins, Atkins, Cameron, Knight and Douglas – plus the coach. Adelaide, those two freak years aside, are serial under-performers in finals and many judges, myself included, rated them much too highly. If they’ve got any ticker they’ll learn from this debacle. But I wonder…
    best regards from
    A paid-up member of TLIPRF

  13. It certainly raises the question Stainless – have The Crows become the new South Australian Chokers? They won’t like that title being purloined from them out at Alberton. They’re such a proud club.

  14. Daniel Flesch says

    The Tigers played like most of us thought Adelaide would , and vice versa. FGM – funny game , football.
    (Mr. wrap , you can use that one now if you like ,since LSPRF has become redundant .)

  15. Wrap – I’ve been reluctant to mention the “ch” word because I saw those 97 and 98 Flags. The Crows were awesome in those years and I had them figured to do the same this year. But I’d also seen plenty of finals meltdowns and near misses – at home as well as away – and Saturday only adds to the list.
    And if I can continue the gratuitous gloat – the constant carping from over the border about Richmond’s dumb recruiting can be answered in two words. Jack Graham. From North Adelaide, taken no.53 after Adelaide used three earlier picks on Jordan Gallucci, Myles Poholke and Elliott Himmelberg. Um…all star players in the GF…er…not…

  16. We’ve put together something special at Punt Road Stainless. And it’s called a Lid. We’re not the new Hawthorn. We’re not even the new Sydney. We’re the new Richmond. And Richmond has the heaviest lid in the competition. No one, but no one, lifts it off.

  17. Never thought it for a moment Daniel, but I did expect more from Adelaide.

  18. well it was a great win in the grand Final for the mighty tiges :) but it was played on Richmonds home ground , as it is every year, so i guess that affords some intrinsic advantage to richmond as it would to collingwood hawthorn melbourne and carlton being their home grounds too . Pity the home of the GF cant be a nuetral venue somehow

  19. Joe De Petro says

    The most important game if the year should never be played in front of a small crowd in some backwater. The Grand Final has been played at the MCG for over 100 years.

    Jimmy, there is nothing stopping other clubs from building an arena large enough to house a Grand Final crowd of 100,000 screaming fans. Build it and the Tiger Army will come.

  20. teehee the way we smashed POrt in 10 minutes Adelaide are lucky it wasn’t over there

    carp carp go the carp. every flag gets downgraded these days. almost impossible to win and then no achievement anyway, apparently

    truly, just makes it sweeter

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