A fact lost in the rush to hail Mick

Jeff Dowsing argues – quite reasonably – that Mick Malthouse actually broke the AFL/VFL games coaching record last week. A fact with which Bob Rush’s family would surely agree.

Round 3 – Collingwood v St Kilda #AFLPiesSaints – hardly a ripple in any ‘verse

Jeff Dowsing on Collingwood’s big win against St KIlda

Are you match day experienced?

Curated by the fans, or confected by the League? Jeff Dowsing considers the contemporary match-day experience.

Pure XTC

All the world is football shaped, so why didn’t XTC kick that ball well and truly into space? Jeff Dowsing looks at a band who should have been one of the biggest groups of the U.K’s New Wave movement in the early 80s

Almanac Music: There’s Never Been More to Adore Than in ’84

Call me hopelessly out of touch but I have an altogether borderline theory the world hit peak music in 1984. Sure, wearing your sunglasses at night was advised to protect peepers from pastel polos and assorted fashion crimes.  And swallowing the ’84 vintage mush served by Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, George Michael and Stevie Wonder would make [Read more]

Too Few are Flipping Father Time the Finger

A fantastic and thought-provoking piece from Jeff Dowsing: Why do we instantly write-off sportspeople when they hit the big 3-0? If you’re good enough, play on, argues Jeff.

How much does TV commentary matter anyway?

Hate BT? Despise Little Jimmy Brayshaw? Jeff Dowsing advises you to get over it as the business model that rules sport and television (same thing? – Ed) is not likely to bring back John Arlott and Tony Charlton.

Almanac Music (Stereo Stories): Alive by Pearl Jam

Jeff Dowsing on a theme that is sometimes lost in the celebration of a great chorus.

Brave Kate Sought the Higher Ground

Jeff Dowsing’s paean to one of Australia’s most talented, prolific, enduring but somehow under-appreciated songstresses; the highly accomplished Kate Ceberano.

Fast (and slow) times at Wattle Park

Some great summer holiday reading from Jeff Dowsing: Jeff recalls his time ‘safeguarding’ the pro-Shop at ‘Royal and Ancient’ Wattle Park. Caddy shack, meets Crackerjack, meets Clerks. Contains a well-placed Elle McPherson trip down memory lane

Sport’s Many Cups Runneth Over, and Over

Jeff Dowsing muses on the supply-side economics of professional sport; “Give us time to miss you…”

Shock losses never leave us

Jeff Dowsing on the passing of Phillip Hughes and death in sport.

AFL Fans Association kicked goals despite itself

Jeff Dowsing gives us a ‘before, during and after’ view of his AFL Fans Association experience and its efforts taking on the AFL. “Not so much playing Goliath versus David as we were David’s kid sister”. Salient points about the growth, maintenance and renewal of any organised movement.

I’d hate to be a nag…

A timely piece from Jeff Dowsing reviewing some of the downsides of the racing industry and its annual Cup Week frenzy.

Junior footy’s faux pa’s

Jeff Dowsing wonders where have all the fathers gone? The increasing role of women in footy is welcomed, but is it because men have vacated the role? (Raises important issues for our society, not just our sport – Ed.)

AFL Round 15 – Collingwood v Carlton: Frozen

Jeff Dowsing may be “Frozen” at the MCG on Sunday 7pm game, but his Pies weren’t. At least the cockles were warmed by the nights events, even if his fingers were ice.

AFL revisionists’ flagging logic

Jeff Dowsing takes aim at the dubious claims of revisionist footy historians who are seeking to grant premiership* flags for the decades before the game took on an organised structure.

Tom Hafey: the heroes’ hero

Jeff Dowsing celebrates Tommy Hafey at Collingwood and how his passion inspired Hafey’s Heroes to always overachieve, but fall short at the final hurdle.

I Don’t Like Mondays

Jeff Dowsing doesn’t like Mondays. According to the sparse crowd at Docklands, who does?

Jack Off: a relief or should the system be flushed down the cistern?

Jeff Dowsing reviews the Viney/bump/Tribunal/farce/imbroglio and suggests that Gillon and the AFL have some explaining to do. How do lawyers arrive at common sense that evades ex-footballers?