AFLW Round 4 – GWS v West Coast Eagles: Cora the great


It takes a lot of time to get to Blacktown but we had all the time in the world on a late Sunday afternoon.  A friend of mine and his daughter Izzie were going to her first AFLW game. Izzie  with two Zs and an IE as she pointed out. As we drove out, I remembered Eddie saying something stupid about western Sydney a long time ago but he was gone and the giants were still here. Occasionally justice prevails.


It  couldn’t have been a nicer day for it. It was warm but not too hot and the crowd were dressed up and up for it. The giants just had to win this to stay in contention. Staunton soccered one off her left in the first minute but the eagles responded in almost the same time after an exceptional pick up and kick by Atkins. Another goal by Staunton in another minute and it looked like a shootout was coming. 


There wasn’t much in it at quarter time or at half time. The eagles had a lot of pace but the giants always seemed to be slightly more skilled. Parker was everywhere and Beeson did some nice things but the load was spread pretty evenly.


The eagles weren’t too far off at the beginnings of the fourth. The giants kicked one early from a stoppage and Cora the great kicked another from a long bomb and the game was just about over. The giants ended up with a 20 point lead at the end and kept themselves in the hunt for finals. The eagles didn’t disgrace themselves. They’ll come good in time.


There were some big differences from when I first went to the footy in Sydney. The crowd knew the rules and the names of the players. But there were other things. Being so close to the ground that you could hear the players yelling instructions. Seeing them wave to their families. There was something intimate. Something more than just professional sport.


But there was also something more in play.  My wife had been involved in the first women’s team in Sydney. That was a generation ago. I couldn’t have imagined a professional women’s team in Sydney.  There were some girls who played for the inner west magpies sitting on my other side. They were discussing the intricacies of the women’s draft. I couldn’t have imagined that conversation five years ago. Izzie plays junior football in an inner city competition with more than half a dozen teams. Perhaps she’s dreaming of the draft. 


GWS GIANTS         4.2      5.3      5.4     7.6 (48)

WEST COAST         3.1      4.1      4.3     4.4 (28)


GOALS GWS Giants: Staunton 4, Beeson, Dal Pos, Mackrill

West Coast: Laurie, Atkins, Coller, Bowen


BEST GWS Giants: Staunton, Bresland, Parker, 


At Blacktown International Sportspark



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  1. John Butler says

    There have been many remarkable personal stories in the AFLW, but Cora is even more remarkable than most.

    Ian, I agree, a lot has happened in a short time. And there’s a lot more to come.


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