Round 7 – Sydney v Brisbane: Perchance to dream

We needed to win this game. Not to get into the top four or even the top eight but just to restore some pride and get some confidence. The swans were zip six. The wheels had come off the cart and the swans were stuck in traffic with the axles on the ground. The injuries weren’t helping and some uncharacteristic things were happening. Aliir had missed training and had been dropped.
My friend Neil had given the year away and had already contemplated the spoon and a winless year. The first, he said confidently, since Fitzroy in 1964. I did wonder how he could know that, let alone remember it. But then, he could remember the round and the year of every game with some statistical quirk so it was hardly surprising. And unless the glass was overflowing, Neil thought it empty.
Still it was a lovely sunny day and the SCG looked glorious. One minute in and it was Kennedy to McVeigh to Buddy who didn’t miss. It was like the old firm had come out to play. Towards the end of the first quarter my friend Neil looked around and said quietly; “don’t repeat this. I think were going to win”. And when Buddy kicked a goal from from the centre square on the run I thought that he was right.
It didn’t change much through the game. You never really thought that Brisbane had it in them to hunt Sydney down. Halfway through the second my friend Neil said “I’m going to do something I haven’t done all year”. And then he opened up Live Ladder. There we were. No longer last. And for a brief shining moment not even second last. There was at some last time to hope. Perchance to dream. A move up the ladder. The finals?
There was a bairn of a barney late in the second quarter which at least showed that both sides were taking the game seriously but the game was never really competitive. Buddy had 5 by half time and he looked like he could kick another five. Zac Jones looked good, Heeney was strong and McVeigh added some poise. Brisbane came back a bit in the fourth quarter but the result was always going to be one for the red and white and it finished fittingly with a booming Franklin goal.
So we got to sing the song and the crowd really got into it. The SCG even had kick to kick after the game. And I got to walk home past the riot squad who were there ready for the A League grand final next door, for the first time happy with what had been and with some hope for what may yet be. While I write this, Neil is probably working out who achieved the greatest ladder surge in AFL history and why it can’t happen this year.
Sydney are a much better team than one six but they have got a very long way to go. But I liked what I saw on Sunday and if they can bring that game; they’ll win more than they lose.


  1. An eloquent response that only a true fan could write after such a dismal beginning to the season.

  2. Peter Schumacher says

    “Well it was Brisbane after all”, he said, chocking on his Weeties. Our ongoing nightmare never stops. Failure begets failure and how our team can maintain any honest belief in itself irrespective of who the leaders are is really starting to stretch the imagination. I used to see Ken Hinkley as a role model in this regard, given the way he kick started Port Adelaide but even that miracle seees to be over given Saturday’s result.

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