Fearless 2019 Round 9: Footy is a week to weak proposition – anything can happen

If you want a concise wrap-up of AFL round 9 events, Fearless is your man.

Fearless – Round 8 Review: Stop the fights at the footy for Christ’s sake!

Fearless gives his traditional thumbnail appraisal of each of the Round 8 games.

FEARLESS 2019 Round 7: And on the seventh day he went to the Tribunal and got off!

Fearless wraps up the Round 7 action. How many Crows and Dockers got 30-plus possessions in the twilight?

FEARLESS 2019 Round 6 – Lest we forget…

Another Fearless review of the round that was, with ANZAC Day proving a poignant point in the fixture as always.

FEARLESS 2019 Round 5 – Festival of footy Part Two

This week it’s Round 5 in the firing line as Fearless tackles part of the near-three-week veritable feast that is the “festival of footy”.

FEARLESS 2019 Round 4 – The times have changed…the Festival of footy Part One

Fearless looks at the game then (the 1990 Grand Final) and now (after four rounds in 2019) and concludes that it’s all about evolution. Have the likes of Alastair Clarkson and Brad Scott worked it out ahead of the rest?

FEARLESS 2019 Round 3 – 666…so far so good; It’s definitely opened up the game.

Another round of high-octane footy made for a tipster’s nightmares and trademark Fearless analysis.

FEARLESS 2019 – Round 2: Do it now…the early wins are critical. 8 ball otherwise…

And then you can see if his assessment of Round 2 helps your Round 3 tips.

FEARLESS 2019 – Round 1: Better late than never without Foreman, Shatner, Winkler

Fearless returns for the 2019 season. Here’s his summary of the Round 1 action.

Grand Final – Fearless: There’s nothing really left to say

Not since 2010’s drawn Grand Final has the drama been replicated for the game to be of such a high quality and going right down to the wire says Fearless. Saturday’s Grand Final between West Coast and Collingwood was all that. It was a shame that there was a loser but that’s footy.

Fearless 2018 – Finals Week 3: Two from four in a canter

Here’s the Fearless view on week 3 of the AFL finals.

Finals Week 2- Fearless 2018: Playing for keeps. They are all….

Fearless reviews week 2 of the AFL Finals.

Fearless 2018: Finals Week 1 – We are well rested, now off and running

Fearless reviews week one of the 2018 finals series.

Round 22 – Gold Coast v Brisbane: A hidden gem

Fearless give us the run down on what could have been a mediocre round 23 match between Brisbane and the Gold Coast but turned out to be close and exciting encounter.

Fearless 2018: Round 23- The Gold Coast riddle- all that glitters is not necessarily gold but it ain’t that bad either

Fearless adds his thoughts about the future of the Suns, and also presents his review of the last round of the home and away season.

Fearless: Footy always gives us something to think about

Fearless considers some of the key issues in footy at the moment.

Fearless 2018- Round 21: Injuries, suspensions, playing thru pain…now is the ultimate time to manage the numbers..

Injuries are hurting all clubs at the moment states Fearless as he poses some interesting questions about the depth and ability of club playing lists to mask those injuries. Fearless also presents his insights from the last round of AFL matches.

Fearless 2018- Round 20: We’ve got the close one…no we’ve got it…nah..over here

Fearless reports on a monumental Gaffe followed by some excessive commentary as he reviews the Round 20 matches.

Fearless 2018 Round 19: Saving Patrick Cripps

Fearless is concerned for the welfare of Patrick Cripps. He offers some recruiting advice to the Blues.

Fearless 2018: Round 18- The wheat from the chaff is slowly getting sorted…

Fearless presents his thoughts about the Round 18 results.