AFL Round 4 – Richmond v Collingwood: Ghosts of Hoddle Street in the CityLink era

A chat with Syd Coventry proves rather revealing: the past matters, things change, and Collingwood and Richmond are like the once-grand navies of Spain and England. And what of football as a game these days? [E. Regnans: poignantly creative again – Ed]

AFL Round 3: Collingwood v Geelong – Midnight’s Children (avoid sperectomy)

David Wilson (aka EiiR) reveals the secrets of his wondrous imagination, and why magic (not realism) is the preference of Collingwood supporters everywhere.

AFL Round 2 – Sydney v Collingwood: Remnants of the Roman legion, Nick Maxwell and the hipster paradox

David Wilson celebrates a brave Magpie win, and the former captain in his 200th game who is no less a leader for the change of title. Nick Maxwell – a man within a team within a club.

AFL Round 1- Collingwood v Fremantle: Fairytale of Sandy Point

E. Regnans heads to the South Gippsland Coast with nothafagus cunninghammi and the footy is uncommonly, but appropriately, second fiddle.

Third Test – Day 1: Cape of Good Hope

Vintage ERegnans/DWilson. Captures a little of the first day (night?) of the Test, and much of what is important in life. Poetry in motion.

Second Test: Day 4 – Havoc

E. Regnans is dhrinkin’ pints and watchin’ cricket again.

Second Test – Day 1: No-one blinks

E. Regnan (and Clarrie Grimmett) make their way to South Africa for a testing day’s play.

First Test: Day 4 – Carnage

E. Regnans records a Roddy-Doyle-like conversation which records the blood-on-the-wicket final day of the Centurion Test which Australia win comfortably without Watto.

First Test – Day 1: Making hay

E. Regnans gets on his horse to see (?) the Australians accumulate a solid tally on the first day of the Centurion Test. He is unimpressed with the South African attack and amazed by G. Smith’s decision to bat last.

Where are all the girls, Dad?

David Wilson shares insight gleaned from the mouths of babes. Or at least from his 6 and 8 year old daughters. How come there are so few pictures of women in the sports pages?

Team sport success: Where can I buy a magic carpet? (Illywhackers v. controllers)

E. Regnans writes of the magic (whatever you call it) which is hard to identify yet transforms teams, and also reflects on the impact of one G.J. Bailey.

A search and a small revelation on 21 January

David (Mountain Ash) Wilson reveals a little of his journey from A grade to C grade and back again – and again. A journey from ignorance to fear to wisdom – and back again. As all good journeys are. (A ***** Classic – Ed).

Sydney Test – Day 3: Revelation begets revelation (the Piggieballah-Albion chronicle)

David Wilson (aka E.Regnans) has pensioned Clarrie off, but introduces Piggieballah in this metaphysical meditation on Australia’s Ashes success.

Melbourne Test – Day 3: el león y el bigote (the Lyon and the Moustache)

Our equine correspondent Clarrie Grimmett accompanies E.Regnans (aka David Wilson) at a day of fluctuating temperatures and fortunes at the MCG.

A Spirit of Cricket Carol

David Wilson channels Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim (not the ‘singer’) and Ebenezer Scrooge in this cricketing version of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Perth Test – Day 1: A goodlookin batsman is like a goodlookin horse

The Almanac’s own Don Quixote (e.regnans aka David Wilson) and his faithful Rocinante (aka Clarrie Grimmett) journey through deserts, time and mind-bending heat to bring you this gripping saga of a gripping first day’s play at the WACA.

Adelaide Test – Day 1: Beating on against the current

Predictions are for mugs. E. Regnans belts the notion of a par score for six as he takes in the new Adelaide Oval. Meanwhile Australia wriggle to 5/273. Meanwhile T.G. Gatsby works against the current.

Travails of the striving human: acceptance versus the everlasting refusal to accept

With the news of Jonathan Trott and the remembrance of Marcus Trescothick similarly leaving a tour of Australia with mental illness, the current headline-grabbing furore over sledging has a particular poignancy. David Wilson considers the conflict of acceptance (in order to maintain mental health) versus the everlasting refusal to accept (in order to succeed).

Group 1 Racing: Stakes day – Coming up Rosy & Grey

David Wilson has a virtual day at a virtual race meeting full of virtual people betting on virtual horses. He won a virtual couple of million on Boban, but you get the feeling that his heart was just not in it.

Test cricket preparation: Ashes encounter on the doorstep (or wherefore art thou, everybody?)

What has Cricket Australia been thinking? It’s been difficult to understand which hemisphere everybody is in, let alone how form is shaping up. David Wilson takes a look at the preparation of the national Test squad and finds only a forget-a-thon of tiddly-winks.