‘Get your camera ready, three photos and bub can’t go in the cup’

It is 37 degrees and I have had a horrible day at the office, however, I am determined to battle peak hour traffic and a screaming 8 month old baby to go and get my picture taken with a silver cup with red and white streamers.. Why?

Swans should pass on Kurt

The pursuit and possible landing of Kurt Tippett at the Swans flies in the face of the famous ‘Bloods Culture’ and Craig Dodson hope he lands in the glorious surrounds of Blacktown and GWS.

AFL Grand Final: I’m a lucky man

Craig Dodson doesn’t make a habit of hugging 70 year old female strangers but at 5.08pm on Saturday it made perfect sense as the emotion of the Swans victory took hold. Sport has the power to unite people and a shared love of the Sydney Swans had taken over M29 row E of the Olympic stand.

25 years of the Red and White

In 1987 I sat in the SCG stands as a 9 year old and watched Steve Wright kick 8 goals as the Swans put 201 points on the Eagles. 25 years on I sat on the coach watching us take on the Pies trying not to make a noise and wake up my 6 month [Read more]

AFL Finals Week 1- Adelaide v Sydney: A comfy old pillow

I like my pillow, its durable, supporting, hard working, a little worn at the edges and cost me about $10 from Kmart a decade ago. Sure there are flashier versions with dodo bird feathers or maybe endorsed by Buzz Aldrin, but I like mine just the same. I depend upon it. The Sydney Swans are [Read more]

AFL USA Combine – no thanks

Last week the AFL boarded the A380 and headed to Los Angeles for the AFL USA Combine, I’m pretty sure they could have got a better result if they jumped on a Crop Duster and flew to Horsham.

We are not America

I read with much disinterest over the weekend of the proposed concept of an East vs West representative match in 2014. Come on people, we live in Australia not America. The concept was the ‘brainchild’ of the players I am led to believe so perhaps I’m just out of touch with the modern era. I [Read more]

What is pressure?

At a recent press conference in London the coach of the US Women’s Basketball team, Geno Auriemma, said: “Real pressure is when you lose your job and have to pay the mortgage, or if you are a single mum wondering if you can afford to pay your kid’s education”. That is the most sensible comment [Read more]

The view from base camp

Is it possible to fully enjoy watching a game of football involving your team? Apart from the three seconds between Leo Barry’s mark and the siren in 2005 I don’t think I have been able to watch a game of football involving the Swans with pure joy. Am I unique or do others share my [Read more]

The enthusiastic assistant coach

It is 7.45am on Saturday and as a new father with a three month old son I have clocked on for duty, Sophie is off to the Gym and her weekly hour of parental free R and R so I am solely responsible for the safety and well being of one Jack William Dodson. I [Read more]

Unsociable supporter

At three quarter time of the Swans vs Bombers I was having a relaxing Saturday, the next 30 minutes exposed my seedy underbelly. I have to face the facts – I am an unsociable supporter. The day started so in great fashion, despite a bumpy week where young Jack was feeding poorly and I feared [Read more]

Footy through the eyes of a father

Football as I know it changed during round 2 on April 7th as Jack William Dodson came into the world. As fish and chip shop owners were playing their grand final on Good Friday and I was pondering if Ross Lyon instilled structure and process into doing the dishes and lovemaking or if he was [Read more]

Lessons passed on from Dad through Football

“Just kick the bloody thing” my father and I screamed out in unison as Lewis Roberts-Thomson had ambition confused with ability as he tried to clear the ball from defence. When it comes to football I am clearly my father’s son. Last weekend I took my 6 week old son Jack to Wagga to meet [Read more]

What has happened to the long sleeve jumper?

While shopping recently I tried to track down a long sleeve jumper but alas it appears they have dissapeared much in the same vein as black footy boots and 1/2 time oranges. It seems that all you can buy now are the sleeveless variety (at least via most retail outlets and the swans website). I [Read more]

The best Wagga has to offer

As a proud Wagga boy (now living in Melbourne), I’ve beenthinking about what a great production line of players Wagga has produced. I have decided to have a crack at naming my best 22. What makes it more impressive for me is that arguably Wagga is split about 60% league and 40% AFL (in my [Read more]

Hurry up Junior

The due date has come and gone and junior still has not pulled the rip cord and entered the world. Mum to be now moves around the house with the mobility of Justin Madden and the frustration of Tony Jewell. I am much like Mark Neeld – full of good ideas about process and strategy, [Read more]

Comeback shelved

  by Craig Dodson A lazy Sunday afternoon sitting on the couch next to my 38 week pregnant wife Sophie and I’m looking for a distraction to take our mind off the waiting game of juniors impending arrival. Lets go for a kick I suggest, a tough challenge for a pregnant lady who is currently [Read more]

Why I hope my son plays Aussie Rules

As my wife is currently 35 weeks pregnant my thoughts have turned to the hope that my impending bundle of joy will don the boots and play Aussie Rules when the time comes, for mine here are the top ten experiences junior will experience: the post match cold saugsage role and can of coke – regardless [Read more]

226 to 2

A 226 to 2 flogging would seem to be a weird choice as your most treasured sporting memory, most sane people would take a premiership or perhaps a chanceless century, but for me i’ll take the day the mighty Mangoplah Cookadina United Goanna’s under 18s conceded 35 goals at Gummly Gummly Oval.   It all [Read more]