AFL Round 15 – Melbourne v Sydney: Improved Demons? Check back in a month

Losing 5kg in 3 days is an ideal build up for a title fight or to ride down the Flemington straight on Cup Day. It is not a good build up when trying to get to the footy. The stomach bug wins and I settle in on the couch and within a short sprint to the toilet bowl – my best friend of the last week.

If the Deems manage an upset I may well go into total relapse. Baby Jack alseep upstairs. Mum Sophie enjoys a breather. The scene is set.

Mummy dons the helmet to protect the cheek and looks as natural as one of those pioneering 70s cricketers with the SP branded lid.

A good contest in the first quarter. The Dees are having a crack and while sloppy at times they are showing intent. I like this Fitzpatrick bloke. He has rough edges but kicks long, has good hands and I reackon wouldn’t mind a stink. My type of player. Reid blows a valve and cuts a sad figure on the bench. The test of all our big forwards will have to wait.

The Swans find 3rd gear in the second quarter and it is the usual suspects of McVeigh, Jack and O’Keefe leading the charge. Its a bloody good life being a Swans supporter. The therapy spent erasing the early 90s has paid off. I bet Col Kinnear wouldn’t mind coaching these blokes.

Half time and junior Dodson awakes from his slumber and comes down to say hello. Instinctively he walks up to his swannies footy and clings on tight. I swear I am not Damir Dokic but that being said I’ve been giving the ball skills a flogging lately.

There is something special seeing brothers play together and young Brandon Jack turns on the jets in the third. Pace. skill and determination. The kid is no Trevor Chappell. You can see the genuine delight on Keirans’ face as he celebrates with him.

The Swans are wasteful and while Tippett looks good he is kicking like James Manson.

Three quarter time and the Dees have a decision to make. Do they fight to the end or raise the white flag? They come out and have a go and you can see delight on the fans’ faces. No vile to come from the fence today. If you paid your 20 bucks you would be happy enough.

The little man is getting restless. Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank engine must be better viewing than this he must think.

The siren sounds and the Swans finish 5 goals up. What did we learn? The Swans are chugging along and will be there when the whips are cracking. The Dees are better under Craig, however, we need to check back in a month when the initial impact is gone.

The Swans head to the rooms to celebrate victory and I head back to the toilet. A predictable result.

Sydney 5.3 9.13 13.18 16.20 (116)
Melbourne 3.1 5.2 8.5 13.7 (85)

Goals Sydney: B.Jack 4, Bird 2, Tippett 2, Everitt, Lamb, McVeigh, K Jack, Parker, Pyke, O’Keefe, Mitchell.

Goals Melbourne: Fitzpatrick 3, Dawes 2, Howe 2, Watts 2, Davey, Nicholson, Trengove, Jones.

Sydney Best: K Jack, O’Keefe, Mitchell, McVeigh

Melbourne Best: Fitzpatrick, Howe, Frawley, Jones.

Almanac Votes
3. K Jack
2. T Mitchell
1. J Fitzpatrick

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