Swans should pass on Kurt

The pursuit and possible landing of Kurt Tippett at the Swans in my opinion flies in the face of the famous ‘Bloods Culture’ and I for one hope he lands in the glorious surrounds of Blacktown and GWS.

What message are you sending when in the days after achieving the ultimate success you decide to mortgage the Opera House and offer Tippett the highest salary at the club and place him above (in monetary terms at least) the likes of Goodes and O’Keefe who have spilt blood for the club over a decade and achieved the ultimate?

While I don’t have the recipe of the secret herbs and spices that make up the ‘Bloods Culture’ I’m pretty sure loyalty is its cornerstone. If Tippett comes to the club in 2013 as a forward / second ruckman then the obvious bloke to get the lemonade and sars would be Mike Pyke. I must admit I was pretty unforgiving in my assesment of Mike’s talents over the years but as the season went on he made me eat my words and when Mumford was down for the count late in the GF Pyke took the bit between the teeth and performed with distinction. I’d hate to see him running around taking on the Tuggeranong backline as a ‘reward’ for his Grand Final effort.

If not Pyke it might be LRT who gets the punt if Tippett dons the red and white. This bloke has nearly won a norm smith in 2005 and his performance when thrown into the backline against Adelaide when Grundy was out suspended was superb.

What about in 2-3 years time when Hannebery, Jetta, Jack and co are at their peak and told the club is under cap pressure because it sold its soul on a five year deal with Tippett?

From the outside the 2012 Premiership team look as united a group as you could see. They were a ragtag bunch of rejects, kids with potential and a few Roles Royce veterans that came together to produce something special. How will they view an ‘outsider’ coming in and punting out one of their ‘brothers’ or taking money that could / should be in their pocket?

Sure premiership success is a drug that players crave and they probably see Tippett as being able to help them achieve success in 2013, however, how do they weigh that up against the cost? I am sure as is the way these days the leadership group was consulted and gave approval to the chase for Tippett, but deep down if they sit down and reflect I wonder if they think it is the right decision?

The other obvious point is that Tippett is no Tony Lockett. To use the wise words of Laurie Holden from the Club he is a kid with potential. At his best he is a very handy player but well behind the likes of Hawkins, Cloke and co in the power forward stakes. We should be backing in Sam Reid to fill the role in time anyway.

I don’t know Tippett from a bar of soap and he could be a great bloke, player and clubman for the Swans for the next ten years but I just think the message recruiting him sends just flat out stinks.

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Born in the sporting mecca that is Wagga Wagga and now reside in Melbourne with my lovelly wife Sophie and son's Jack and Harry. Passionate Swans supporter and formally played cricket at a decent level and Aussie Rules at a not so decent level! Spend my days now perfecting my slice on the golf course and the owner of the worlds worst second serve on the tennis course.


  1. Totally agree with you, Craig.

    Firstly, good luck to Tippett, who has obviously been getting paid well over the odds for the past couple of years.
    Secondly, Tippett just isn’t that good!
    Thirdly, why did the Swans suddenly fall in love with him…they even said that they will still draft him even if he gets de-registered for a lengthy period!

    I just can’t understand this one.

  2. Andrew Starkie says

    agreed with both of you

  3. It’s not my club, but I agree also. The Swans’ Premiership and the actions of players like Goodes and Pyke were really impressive and clearly had to do with inspiration and determination. Pyke played above his ability and Goodes triumphed over a serious injury. Rhys Shaw played like a man seeking to bury forever the memory of 2003. I can’t see what Tippett contributes to this culture. On the other hand Tippett is one concussion away from being forced to end his career on medical grounds. Do Sydney really want to blow their salary cap on a player who may not even play one full season?

  4. Rocket Nguyen says

    The Swans need a key forward to sustain their success.

    The best one available is Kurt Tippett. He wants to follow in the steps of Tony Lockett & Barry Hall and reinvent himself as a champion forward at the Swans.

    For the Swans its all about continuous improvement.

    If you make it as a star forward at the Swans you go national a la Warwick Capper, Lockett and Barry Hall.

    I love the fact that he wants to go to the Swans for the football culture!

    For years the go-home factor cost the Swans Rhys-Jones, Bernie Evans, Diesel, Huck Touhey, Anthony Rocca, Shagger Grant, even Galaxy (aka Glen Coleman)!

  5. Pamela Sherpa says

    Totally agree Rocket -the Swans need a true key forward to sustain their success.
    But I won’t mind at all if Tippett ends up at the Giants – I would welcome him. I think he would find the culture there surprisingly attractive. I would just like to see this legal mess sorted out and the guy playing again. Quite frankly I think he has been portrayed in a poor light by the media. There are many footballers who have committed worse sins than want to leave one club for another.

  6. Tony Roberts says

    As a Lions fan, I was originally looking forward to getting Tippett back to Queensland, to help Brown up front and give the team more flexibility to solve its basic problem in key defending.

    However, there’s clearly something very doubtful about a player who walks out on a Crows team that’s come a long way recently (and carried him for much of 2012) – not to mention the grasping attitude displayed by Tippett’s father.

    The Lions’ club culture has suffered enough since 2009 with ill-advised trades, so it’s better for me that another club should pay Tippett’s price. I’m astounded though that the Swans, who exemplify the benefits of loyalty and selflessness, should be the club to persist with chasing a probable Trojan Horse.

  7. Rocket Nguyen says

    Totally agree Pamela!

    The Swans have a tremendous record in getting miscreants back on track. As well as a great record in making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear – look at Ted Richards!

    Tippett could become a super-star at the Swans!

  8. Most of the comments about Kurt Tippett are ignorant and naive and only reflect what is said by the media buffoons. Dave Nadel’s comments about concussion are especially ignorant and show a lack of understanding in the sports medicine profession.
    I believe that Kurt Tippett has exploited the ‘bullshit’ go home factor to maximise his professional football income with his previous club, Adelaide, which the quantum has probably been exaggerated by the media buffoons.
    He will probably be deregistered by the AFL Commission for a few months and will also probably end up being a Sydney Footy Club player. I think he has the talent to be an A grader and Sydney Footy Club have demonstrated over the past decade that they can provide the coach mentors and player role models for players to achieve their potential.
    Kurt Tippett would be much better off at a well managed club such as Sydney or Geelong rather than a garbage club such as Melbourne, which has recently recruited and paid a lot of money for a dud B grader Chris Dawes.

  9. All hail Mark Doyle, who nobody has ever heard of, but who knows everything and constantly goes around calling people he disagrees with “ignorant” and “buffoons”.

    Once a player has suffered repeated concussions he becomes susceptible to brain damage. There is plenty of research about this in the USA. Daniel Bell was reported as planning to sue Melbourne Football Club for brain damage acquired after concussion. After repeated concussions at Adelaide, I suspect another serious concussion would make club doctors pretty reluctant to allow Tippett back on the field.

    By the way Mark, from which University did you get your medical degree?

  10. Yes, the Swans have an impressive history of developing and improving “rejects” from other clubs. It’s an imposing list (M Mattner, T Richards, J Kennedy to name just a few from their current list).
    The difference with the Tippett situation is the big money the Swans are offerring him. It is most un-Sydney like. Tippett is not Plugger.

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