In life we have some wonderful experiences that can be fleeting or last forever as in a marriage. My marriage to theGeelongfootball Club has lasted for well over 60 years. My other marriages in total have been over 50 years but still no telegram from BettyWindsor.   Let me tell you about my last four [Read more]


One of the surprising sites in Kandy is to see a dog with four legs. There are not as many dogs as at Whitten Oval which has surprised me.  Most of them laze around on the very edges of the main roads.  None are fat (Georgie Bissett) but lean (Robert Murphy). As a dog lover [Read more]


The tsunami has taken care of St Kilda and Essendon. Hawthorn and West Coast have injury problems to star players as well and could fall at the next hurdle. It is hard to feel the suffering that must be going on for the Saints.  Forget about Essendon who  cares about their effort. My friend Heather [Read more]

A Day With Jim

DAY 3 AT KANDY A DAY WITH JIM Many, many of us have listened to the voice of Jim Maxwell from all around the world describing cricket to Australian aficionados.  I sat next to him on day three at the second test in Kandy. The day starts with Jim saying that he will be having [Read more]

Great Scott, Scotty and Marsh too

  Today was just a little too much for me. What with day 2 of the Test, the Cats v Hawks and Adelaide (B&F) all live.  It was a dilemma Fortunately the test did not provide too many highlights from a spectator’s point of view with the exception of the Marsh and Hussey partnership.  The [Read more]

Australians on top in Kandy

DAY 1 AT KANDY Pallekele is a wonderful cricket ground in fact I would go further and say it is one of the most beautiful grounds in the world. A word of warning though.  I hope that they do not build pavilions all the way round the perimeter and so destroy the wonderful views of [Read more]

Train to Kandy

by Bob Utber Forget about the cricket, the train trip from Colombo Fort to Kandy was worth its weight in chocolates. The British (as the locals call them) built the railway in the 1860’s as their route to the tea plantations that they were establishing.  The engineering skills of the Brits can still be seen. [Read more]

True Blue Siddle

   by Bob Utber You can take the boy out of the bush but you can’t take the bush out of the boy. So it is with Peter Siddle. When he saw me on Day 1 that cheeky grin came over his face and he first words were “what the hell  are you doing here? [Read more]


The final day at the G saw a brave defence by Mahela J and Angelo M with Mahela equalling DGB’s 29 test centruries and Angelo missing out by 5 playing the same windy woof that caused his demise in the first innings. Five wickets to Ryan Harris was the best performance in an attack that [Read more]

Day 3 at Galle; mixed metaphors at the G.

DAY THREE AT GALLE   I often wonder what journalists do when there is no play.  They sit and chat about yesterday’s play and so it was this morning. Strangely there is no music that Marvin Gay wrote about yesterday but the atmosphere is one of happiness which to me epitomises life in Galle.  After [Read more]


There is nothing better than being in the right place at the right time and so it was for me today. Just before play as I wandered around the ground I stumbled across Fiona Copeland who was anxiously waiting for her son’s first appearance at the bowling crease for Australia. She introduced herself and we [Read more]


I went to two? football matches in Adelaide on the weekend. One was great football and the other was Port Adelaide v  Crows. Give me a SANFL game any time. Last Friday night at Norwood we witnessed not only a great game of football but football in all its glory. A crowd of over 8,000 [Read more]

Time for a change, Andrew

 by Bob Utber After spending an enthralling 10 hours (yes, I watched the replay just in case!) watching the final round of The Masters at Augusta I believe that Andrew Demetriou must make some urgent changes to this year’s Grand Final. We already have one momentous change playing the big game in October but I [Read more]


It isn’t often that one gets the opportunity to spend time with some of the top people in the AFL. Fortunately my trip to Ireland with the International Team gave me a rare treat As a 60years plus Pivotonian man I was delighted to spend time with two of the top cats in Geelong’s great [Read more]

Limerick the sports capital of Europe

Limerick is a gloomy at this time of the year but the sun has shone on us (the Australians) with a great result in the first test and the warmth and affection shown by the locals to the team from the antipodes. With unemployment rate of 25% plus it is interesting to hear that Limerick [Read more]

My Grand Final

by Bob Utber I decided on Friday night that I would line up at 4.00am instead of the original time of 5 as I had every reason to think that there might be a crowd already. Driving through the streets of East Melbourne it was hard to find a parking spot and I took a [Read more]

Great day out at “The Lake”

by Bob Utber Lake Cullulleraine is “dead centre” between Renmark in South Australia and Mildura 58 kilometres either way on the Sturt Highway with virtually nothing in between.  The township of “the Lake” has a permanent population of 78 with itinerant workers living on the Lake’s shores taking the population to over the 100 mark. [Read more]


Enigmatic Adelaide forward Taylor Walker will never be an A-grader. A big statement, but it is true. The boy from Broken Hill does not fit into the A-grade category, according to the locals at the Barrier town (Broken Hill is on the Barrier Range).  To be an A-grader one has to be born in Broken [Read more]

Launch: An Adelaide trip with a few twists

By Bob Utber With the Copenhagen climate summit in full swing as I wandered down from Mildura to Adelaide last week, I could not help but notice the way in which country clubs in South Australia and Victoria look after their sporting ovals.  Indeed some of the finest grounds are along the highway between Mildura [Read more]

General Footy Writing: More attention should be given to footy’s dams as well as sires

By Bob Utber If footballers where racehorses we would always know their sire and dam, wouldn’t we? Pakenham is probably the best-known racing town outside metropolitan Melbourne. It’s the home of that great racing family, the Bourkes, one of whom,  incidentally, is married to the caretaker North Melbourne coach Darren Crocker.