Has the Big Bash lost its bash?

It has been hot here in Mildura just like the rest of Australia, only warmer.  This has given me time to relax and watch a bit of sport on television.


Unfortunately most of the sport has been the highly publicised, fantastically carried out and featuring the best cricketers in Australia –  THE Big Bash.


To say that the game has reached the top of the mountain is probably being too kind.  The people-in-power (and we know who they are)  think they still have a bit to go but for this young pup they are creating a down-hill slide that will be at base camp  within the next few years.


How many games of sport can you recall where at least half of the players are has-beens or never-will- bees?  Well I can tell you the Big Bash is one.


The yellow cap?  Come on, if any thing could make a person feel inferior and not superior this is it.  Even the first to wear one Callum Ferguson  was not too happy which he followed up a couple of days later when the Umpires called a game off when they only needed four runs to win.  Why should one player be singled out in a team sport.  Oh sorry there are a couple of them, batter and bowler. Why not catcher or drink waiter.  The mid boggles what can be achieved in the future  particularly if more advertisements can be inserted in the game.


What about the strategic breaks?  Gee I learnt a lot from that simply because I always have the sound down anyway and so I don’t have to listen to the advertisements.


The players?  Some of them look like they have been out to pasture for a long while, Others simply do not come within a bull’s roar of being a “first class player” and don’t tell me that the people-in-power (and they know who they are) don’t regard it as first class.  If it was second class I would be wanting change.  Sure once in awhile a David Warner will come on the scene.  On reflection maybe I have picked the wrong person.


Cricket Australia may think they are doing a wonderful job taking the game to the people but the locals have stamped their disapproval with both feet by their non-attendance.


The crowds?  Only the die hards are attending and they certainly have dropped from past years attendances.


The future?  I suggest “that by the year 2028 no child will be interested in a game that lacks charisma and names”.


Yes I am known as GOM (Grumpy Old Man) but I just can’t wait for the real game to commence at the “G” when Australia take on New Zealand. That’s what I call a game.


See you at the “G”.




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About Bob Utber

At 84 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he has always done since growing up on a small farm at Lang Lang. Talking, watching and writing sport and in recent years writing books. He lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny) and a groodle named 'Chloe on Flinders' and can be found at Deakin 27 every day.


  1. I like the Big Bash as I like all forms of cricket and firmly believe there isn’t enough forms of cricket. My kids weren’t that interested in cricket until I took them to several of the state-based 20/20 games. They like all forms of the game now

    I have a friend who dislikes 20/20 as it isn’t proper one day cricket. bernard Wimpress labels such cricket fans as neo-traditionists.

  2. Interested in your comments Phil particularly in regard to kids liking all forms of the game. Makes me think of the days when Andrew Demetriou spruiked about how many kids were playing AusKick. Love to know how many carried on after their Auskick days?

    In your instance will watch with interest to see if the kids continue to play later on?

    Bernard J Whimpress is a man of wisdom even if he is a Croweater.

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    CB, I reckon BBL before Christmas is a waste of time. It’s a holiday game and everyone is far too busy leading up to December 25. It certainly has merit in getting kids interested in the great game (have seen this first hand as a junior coach), but like you, my sons (11 & 8) and I can’t wait to be at the MCG for the Test.

  4. Must catch up Luke during the game! Come to think of it why don’t we have a ball breakfast with JTH at the Test next year against India.
    Let me know where you are sitting – [email protected]

  5. Come on, Citrus. Lighten up!
    I am very much a cricket traditionalist, but greatly enjoy the Big Bash for what it is: time-filling t.v. entertainment.

  6. Smokie – you did not mention the word cricket in your time filling t.v.?

  7. What’s that, more cricket on the TV? Sign me up! Would love it if they just admitted the time-out is about fitting an extra ad break in given that is patently its purpose.

    T20 is intended to be a nice dry, cheap prosecco – perfect for non-serious consumption in the summer time with a bit of fizz. Although, I must say my kids have asked to go to the nets several times this week. Their upsurge in cricket interest is not coincidental to the start of the BBL.

  8. Citrus – you have a long way to go before you come close to being the Grumpiest Old Man on this site. I guess commenting would require me to have watched some. I’ll leave it at “jumped the shark”. Bah humbug.

  9. I confess I had you Peter_B when I felt grumpy about this whole “Big Bash” thing! I sincerely apologise for trying to jump into your territory. Will be in Perth in April to confess my sins to you.

    Dave – great that the kids are wanting more nets

    Smokie – thanks for the comments again. The Lord High Priest of Grumpiness has spoken from Perth and I bow to his superiority in regard to grumpiness. I abdicate my position immediately and will lighten up!

  10. Is the Twenty20 circus on again?

  11. ER – Wide ball! but at least it is a vote for the GOMS!

  12. Paul Spinks says

    I reckon the Big Bash is now about where it should be. The media and administrators got carried away with the initial hype. Kids love it, and it provides opportunity for cricketers that might otherwise find themselves playing other sports, but it lacks nuances and it’s hard to remember one match as standing out among all the others.

  13. Will be in Adelaide with friends following the Tour Down Under in late Jan then the last week of the tennis in Melbourne that we have been promising ourselves for ages. See you there CB or buy you a Swan Lager in April. Not entirely Grumpy.
    I think my attitude to cricket is like seeing your first love again @50 in fishnets and heels hawking it in St Kilda………….

  14. PS – exactly right i cannot remember one match from the other.

    PETER _B – I remember that woman I met her a year before you did! i gave her a Craven A cigarette – small world

  15. Citrus, I was careful to describe it as entertainment rather than cricket.

    And yes, you have a way to go before taking the title of the G.O.M from Peter B.

  16. Smokie – heaven forbid if I ever reach the status of the Poison Pen from Perth. Thanks for the word “entertainment” one should forget the word cricket completely.

  17. Yep Bob, i’ve never been enamoured to the Big Bash concept.

    I don’t mind 20 over cricket, but the whole concept of ‘franchises’ put me off from the start. Quite cognisant of the entertainment industry, with the issue of standardisation of the product, but to create artificial teams with no organic basis can only last so long. Why couldn’t it remain with the state sides playing with all the hoopla?

    Do you need players changing franchises every season ? What does supporting the avengers, wanderers or what ever they’re called with no real supporter base. ( Not too much different to GWS). For a century spectators could barrack for their state team with out having a franchise, with no links to their world, proposed as ‘their’ team.

    No i won’t miss the Big Bash format if it dies. I’m sure the entertainment industry will create another format for us masses.


  18. Glen – I thank you or your succinct comments. Yes, why could not the BB teams be the State sides and throw in an OS player.
    Like you said the entertainment industry will come up with something else when the last wicket of the BB falls.

  19. I am each way re bb I would much prefer it and for mine have more meaning if it was state based but we must remember while crowds have dropped off they are still by several million miles higher than Sheffield Shield crowds ( unfortunately) there were 28 thousand at Ad oval.i have to gibe,Dizzy Gillespie his due he said it would be franchise based and be a huge success I replied no had to be state based he said no would be two sides in Vic and NSW yes I could see that made sense also let’s remember tv ratings
    I admit I now follow my favourite players as much as anything thank you

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