AFL Round 12 – Richmond v Adelaide: ‘One of them days’

“Just one of them days when everything went right… That day everything clicked into place.”- Matthew Richardson

In those days Richmond’s identity was Richo. These days it’s more of a collective thing.

One day can change everything.

The meaning of today is different for every person who is gathered here as one. Everyone has their own story, but though this game will be told differently by every person here today, for the few hours we will share something together.

The match opens seamlessly. It’s a real contest, Tigers gain the upper hand in the first few minutes. Ivan gets a hand to it. Seconds later Cotchin seals the deal, its 6-1 and looking to be a good day in Tigerland.

Talks circulate of Jack reaching 300 goals and excitement builds. It’s the stuff of fairy tales, right now one can only imagine the tale of this season for the Tigers. Who knows what the Footy Gods have in store, but so far today seems to be going to the script that the Tiger faithful have in mind.

Chaplin- the party boy in his 250th AFL game is proving invaluable for this team. He plays his role as the last man in defence superbly, as he stands there filling the hole, he reminds of a good goal keeper, staying in position but always one step ahead of the play as it is unfolding. Proving his worth as he saves another would be Adelaide goal. The path of the ball changes trajectory and finds itself further down the field, naturally enough in the hands of Dustin Martin and thus through the middle of the big sticks.

It is one way traffic through the middle of the ground, as Richmond dictates to Adelaide how the play will unfold. With the Tigers dominating in the moment, there is little that the Crows can do except try to exert some sort of dominance behind it. A little bit of rough and tumble ensures. There are calls of 50 but Chaplins tougher than that. Soon enough the umpire sees the light and Lids gets the free kick further up the field. The momentum continues in Tigers advantage.

Lids lets it loose in the middle of the ground, could go anywhere, find itself somewhere; in the safe hands of Conca as he picks up the loose ball. It is proving to be Dustins day up front and in the middle too- he is everywhere man. Dustin from nowhere, anywhere, everywhere.

Cotchin hits the post. Soon after the old skip goals and Vickery is loving it you can see on his face. It’s a different day today. Like a shifty shadow those days are not so distant, and still come back to haunt every now and then. As Cotchin reminds us he is no Gary Ablett, with that failed attempt at a miracle. I wait for the day when the next champion is no Trent Cotchin.

Foley is quiet but his presence is felt, as he works his way through traffic and scraps for the ball. Titch gets a foot it, Jack fights for it, Cotch keeps it alive, Jackson turns it over. It’s down the other end for now but it won’t be long.

Just as things appear to have changed for the better from what it once was. Dangerfield patrolling thorugh the middle and a Porplyzia goal reminds that as much as things change some will stay the same. The crows are within a sniff of us. This is the time when the Tigers of old, would let the Crows get the better of the game, but this is a different day and a different team. Ellis goals and the future is back. Like the shifty shadow, the past still lingers as Dusty outmuscles 3 players then misses from about 20 meters out, maybe closer. Different bloke, same outcome.


Dustin Martin is either an ape or a machine, either way he seems to have no feelings. You hit me, I’ll hit you harder. Jack has some feelings, he bleeds yellow and black and has a stupid amount of loyalty thus he gets involved in the tussle. Not much came of it, except a Crow looked like a goose.

Come on Richmond. Tom Lynch lines up as the rain starts to come down again. You can hear the sigh of relief as it sprays left. The Crows cant get it through the big two, the Tigers cant get it out of Adelaides 50. When they do Ellis sprays it too.

Mr. Cotchin is Mr. Consistency and Delidio never ever stops. Together they are saviours as they bring this club up. Lids proves it in the flesh as he goes from playing goalkeeper to being instrumental in the middle. Grigg chimes in with a goal, one of the many recycled champions. Memories of the last golden era are brought forth as the bloke next to me remarks, “it’s as if Jim Jess had a love child”. Perhaps the Ghost has returned to invigorate this team.

The game is played by a relative few but it is for everyone.

Chaplin showed a fair bit early then faded. He would never have really liked the Crows. Maybe the party started early. The momentum is swinging back now with Cotchin delivering to Caplin to Foley but the Crows ruin the party. Controversy surrounds Morris and the ball finds itself in the hands of an Adelaide, deservedly or not, the question is left unanswered as the game continues. The karma police are at play as Adelaide misses the goal.

Matt White shows something good, but gets confused and kicks it beautifully to the Crows in white. Its inconsequential as the siren sounds soon after.

Thompson goals early in the last quarter but it’s not going to be enough. Vickery sprays one, his seen better days but is in career best form. The rain has come back and now Tyrone has come out to play. It’s no fun without good friend Ivan. Ivan picks it from the sky and kicks it back up to where it came from. Gravity helps the ball find its way back to the ground and Ty pokes it over the line, the facial expression is priceless. On face value Ty Vickery is having the time of his life, the same goes for every Richmond person.

Today was one of them days for the Richmond Tigers.


RICHMOND    5.2    9.7   11.10    16.14    (110)
ADELAIDE      2.1   5.4     6.10     10.12    (72)      


Richmond: Martin 4, Riewoldt 3, Grigg 2, Ellis 2, Cotchin, Newman, Maric, King, Edwards
Adelaide: Dangerfield 2, Callinan, Jenkins, Lynch, Porplyzia, Jenkins, Thompson, van Berlo, Mackay


Richmond: Deledio, Martin, Riewoldt, Ellis, Grigg, Houli, Foley
Adelaide:  Dangerfield, Thompson, Sloane


Martin 3, Deledio 2, Cotchin 1

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