Match Review Panel: Consistently Inconsistent

Anna Pavlou comes in off the long run in this searing assessment of the MRP.

Bob Murphy: Big brother, big influence and even bigger heart

Bob Murphy announced his retirement today. Anna Pavlou was there.

The mind of Steve Johnson: a giant Cat

Stevie J has announced his retirement. Anna Pavlou considers his magic, and says thanks.

Anna Pavlou in The Age

Anna Pavlou remembers the atmosphere of being at Kardinia Park as a kid watching her Cats play Aussie Rules in this piece that was first published in The Age.

Round 14 – Geelong v Fremantle: The four family escape. Relaxing? I think not.

A pleasant family outing to Geelong for Anna Pavlou turned into something rather more gripping.

Round 10 – Geelong v Port Adelaide: 10 years on

For Anna Pavlou, the Geelong Road became Memory Lane for this Round 10 fixture; a memorable night of reunion for the 2007 premiers.

Round 9 – Geelong v Western Bulldogs: Making a Stand

After a few weeks the Cats made a stand on the field – to match the stand off the field.

Almanac Footy History: A tribute to those Geelong players who were killed in wars

Anna Pavlou pays tribute to war heroes who also played football for the Geelong Football Club. Her focus on Joe Henry Slater’s life is powerful.


Bound by Blue. Although Anna Pavlou is a massive Cats fan, other parts of her family have navy blood running through their veins, and Carlton will always be home to them. This has had an impact on Anna too.

AFL Season Preview: The players to watch at your club

High school student Anna Pavlou loves her footy (and cricket) and also loves her writing. Here she looks at three players to watch from each team.

MCG: My Cricket Ground

Anna Pavlou, aged 14, tells the story of her affection for and connection with the MCG.

Junior Almanac – He bred me into the Blue and White

Happy birthday Nic Pavlou, from your daughter Anna. A wonderful memoir on family and footy and some outstanding Junior Almanac work.

Summertime Sadness

Summer holidays. One of the most joyous times for many children and adults alike. Filled with fun activities and kicking back in the sun. But what does summer mean to us footy fans? It means sitting on the couch celebrating a great season or trying to figure out what went wrong. “How could we let [Read more]

Dad Jokes, Geelong Cats and Footy Talk

Anna Pavlou, on her Dad, his jokes, and their world of [Geelong] football.

The Age of Transition

I find myself more and more often sitting at the football with a workbook in hand, trying to figure out what the square root of 27 is. As a 13 year old, your life seems to get busier every day. You miss those precious times where you could actually sleep in, or the times where [Read more]

Down at Kardinia Park…A Tradition Lives on

The long drive, the old footy music over the West Gate Bridge, entering Geelong, the Ford free parking and finally: The Game begins. That’s what footy is all about…tradition. When my Grandfather first came to Australia, he was asked to pick an AFL footy team, so he picked Geelong because of the colours – blue [Read more]