The Age of Transition

I find myself more and more often sitting at the football with a workbook in hand, trying to figure out what the square root of 27 is.

As a 13 year old, your life seems to get busier every day. You miss those precious times where you could actually sleep in, or the times where you didn’t even have to go to school.

My life has changed dramatically over the past 12 months. Moving into Year 7 has surely proven its challenges. But High school is actually great. I mean, I would have never have guessed I would have so many friends, or do as much work as I have.

At the beginning of the year, I had to give up many of my out of school activities, so I could focus on school. But one thing I promised myself was to never give up my football. And I’ve kept that promise to this day.

There’s nothing better than hearing the roar of the crowd when your team run out onto the ground. You can see the passion in the fans eyes around you. You can hear the screams of excited children. You can see the flags waving high and proud. This is what football is all about, passion.

I’ve been a Cats baby since the day I was born. Growing up in this era of the Geelong Cats is a privilege.

I mean, who could forget about some of the superstars we had a Geelong? Matthew Scarlett, Cameron Ling, Cameron Mooney, Joel Corey, Darren Milburn and Brad Ottens are just some of the greats the Cats have seen over the years.

Some say the Cats’ days are over, but we have managed to stay on top since 2007.

I’ll never forget the time they wrote us off in 2011, and we managed to win the premiership.

Yeah, we’re not the same unstoppable force we used to be, but the way the Cats have bred their young guns over the years is remarkable.

Going to the footy these days, you see young gun Shane Kersten kicking goals, Steven Motlop putting on a show, Jed Bews defensive skills, Mitch Duncan racking up the possessions and many more youngsters establishing themselves as true stars. The way these young players present themselves week after week makes me proud to support such a club.

To mix such a young group with such experienced players is fascinating to watch.

This is when you see the supporters passion. When the Cats become the team that is unstoppable.

You can have high hopes of what’s possible in the future for the Cats, and it’s all thanks to some of the best players that shaped this culture at our club.

I don’t know what I would do without my beloved Cats.

There have been many changes in my life over the past year. But one thing that will never change will be my passion for the footy, because it’ll always be there, no matter where I go, or what I do.

by Anna Pavlou (aged 13)

About Anna Pavlou

Anna 'Pav' Pavlou is a current student and a born and bred Melburnian who has a passion for sport and sharing people's stories. She is an intern journalist for AFL VICTORIA and writes for The Roar, the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA Media), the Mongrel Punt and is a Melbourne Cricket Club contributor. She also appears on North West FM 98.9 radio show. Most winter weekends you'll find her down at the Ross Gregory Oval in St Kilda, supporting Power House FC, who play in Division 2 in the VAFA. She works as the Division 2 writer for the VAFA. She completed work experience with 3AW Radio and has been published in The Age as well as with Carlton FC and Geelong Cats. Check out her website below for more sport pieces!


  1. Anna, this is a great piece of writing. I like how you mix the realisation of your transition in with the Cats’ transition(s). You have an enjoyable and great style of writing.

    Well done and keep it up! I look forward to reading more of your yarns!

    Go Cats!

  2. Nice story, nice touch, nice comparison between your changing life and the changing of the Cats…

  3. Anna, good to see you have worked out what you love and hence your priorities. I really enjoyed your story. Go Cats.

  4. Keiran Croker says

    Lovely writing Anna. I am sure your Cats will give you many years of enjoyment.

  5. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    James is right Anna, you have a beautiful, easy style to read. I’m a Swannies supporter myself, but I watched the Cats play North last weekend and texted a Cats friend some time in the third quarter to tell him how much I liked Mitch Duncan. He replied that he’s also excited about Caddy, Motley, Guthrie. ‘Years of enjoyment ahead I hope,’ is how he put it. That blend of experience and youth is precious and clearly the way forward. I hope you have many more years of passion. And good distractions like footy are great for your studies too. Keep writing!

  6. Anna Pavlou says

    Thanks very much everyone for your awesome comments!

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