Round 14 – Geelong v Fremantle: The four family escape. Relaxing? I think not.



It’s not often you catch my Mum, Dad, brother James AND me all together at the footy but this is the once a year Kardinia Get Together.


But when you do, you ought to write about it.


The usually empty car is now full with four, and talk is no longer about game tactics or match predictions. Instead, topics range from music, school, work – anything BUT football.


A relaxing Sunday in Geelong is much needed today.


We arrive, taking in the sights of the new stand that Mum and James are admiring for the first time.


We settle into our seats and we are relaxed (As relaxed as you can be at the footy!)


It’s a scrappy first quarter, the Cats lead 12 to 7 going into the second.


It’s all Fremantle as they dominate with a 7 goal to 2 second quarter. Lachie Neale is on fire. Geelong are not.


It’s not pretty to watch.


Suddenly, we’re not so relaxed anymore.


The third quarter sees Freo settle as we Cats fans shuffle nervously in our seats. We barely gain momentum in the final minutes of the quarter with a late goal from Dan Menzel, but we are cut short by the siren.


We win the quarter by three points but are still 19 points down and things are looking grim.


We’ve lost a courageous Joel Selwood, pocket rocket Darcy Lang and a calming source in Tom Stewart as we begin the final term.


We are definitely not relaxed anymore.


It’s left to the remaining 19 players to give us something.


Dangerfield and Duncan lift. Then up steps James Parsons. With two quick snap goals, then Hawkins. Amazingly the Cats lead by a mere point with 20 minutes still to play.


It’s back to congested scrum around the contest, with Stanley and Hawkins, as well as Shane Kersten (this time in purple) failing to capitalise in front of goal.


The ball seems to find its way to the Dockers forward line and is crumbed 20 metres out in front.


Michael Walters picks it up, misses directly in front.


Siren sounds. Crowd erupts. Cats win.


I’m in tears, jumping up and down. Mum and James are looking at me like I’m some sort of freak as the Cats song blasts Kardinia Park once more.


The four family are happy in their own ways. I’m ecstatic that we’ve won, Dad’s shaking too, Mum’s happy because we’re happy and James is happy to tick another nail-biter game off his bucket list.


Today was far from relaxing.


Geelong showed up and played for one quarter, but it was enough.


We leave our home away from home the same way we entered – with smiles on our faces.


Geelong, you’ve done it again. Just.



[I missed the game yesterday – but was getting updates at the Community Cup. Love commenters to add to Anna’s analysis. – JTH]



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Anna 'Pav' Pavlou is a current student and a born and bred Melburnian who has a passion for sport and sharing people's stories. She is an intern journalist for AFL VICTORIA and writes for The Roar, the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA Media), the Mongrel Punt and is a Melbourne Cricket Club contributor. She also appears on North West FM 98.9 radio show. Most winter weekends you'll find her down at the Ross Gregory Oval in St Kilda, supporting Power House FC, who play in Division 2 in the VAFA. She works as the Division 2 writer for the VAFA. She completed work experience with 3AW Radio and has been published in The Age as well as with Carlton FC and Geelong Cats. Check out her website below for more sport pieces!


  1. Anna – yes they just did enough. Not sure how.

    Walters’ miss reminded me a bit of the Varcoe miss in the 2012 Prelim final against Hawthorn.

    9/10 times Walters slots that one and Geelong would look a very different team this Monday morning.

  2. Dips! the Varcoe miss in 2012 still haunts me to this day. I reckon the Cats had a real chance if we had gotten through that game…

  3. Rulebook says

    The diabolical defensive action at the end of the 3rd q to allow Dangerfield’s kick to roll thru for a point after the siren
    ( it was that bad Brendon Goddard would have been proud of it ) we will never no how important that point was it may have cost the dockers the draw

  4. When I left home at 1.15pm for the Community Cup, Motlop was fumbling, Guthrie had butter fingers and the skipper was unconscious. I then got a text saying ‘arrogant at selection’ which didn’t augur well. Intepreting that I thought we were a couple goals down. Next text: ’30 points down’. Then a series of texts. One from the kids: ‘Will they get there?’ Then the word went around the Yarra Falls end of Vic Park “The Cats got up by two.” This was little comfort to some Geelong supporters who were 150 deep in a queue for 5 portaloos. Thankfully Geelong had started its run in time. Many of these poor seal-breakers had no option but to break the law.

    Reports on a cracking Community Cup later in the week.

  5. I’m still shaking…Dreadful to watch…but we’ll take the 4 points…

    A special mention to the Chinese guy standing near us…he totally lost his marbles after every goal in the final quarter! Absolute passion!

    Happy…not happy…not really sure…

  6. David Zampatti says

    Both sides were winners on Sunday; Geelong got the four points, Freo got a 14-season ruck monster.

    Your welcome to the point, Anna.

  7. Sean Gorman says

    Anna – nice job. I was listening whilst trying to goal umpire a u/16 game. Not a good combination. When we come to play we do. Geelong are going to play in the GF of that I have no doubt. Props v the Giants. Freo needs to get players in that will play for 4 qtrs. Not three. We are getting there.

    Go Freo.

  8. Anna: didn’t Walters also blot his copybook in Rd. 1 over in the west?
    Kicking out from full-back he passed the ball directly to TomaHawk, who was standing on the mark.
    Then big Tommy roosted the pill post-high back over Walters’ head.

  9. Elijah, I think so, that game was a bit more straight forward if I do say so myself.
    Also, Mundy missed that kick after the siren a few seasons back at Kardinia and Geelong snuck yet another win….

  10. Dennis Gedling says

    Sorry to be picky but it was the 2013 Prelim Final. 2012 were bounced by (ironically) the Dockers in the first week of the finals.

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