Poetry: The Geometry of Tom Harley

The Geometry of Tom Harley

 by Andrew Gaylard

That these two lines will meet there is no doubt:

A burly forward leading from the square,

The footy’s arc descending through the air;

They will converge just thirty metres out.

Then from an angle, running back without

A hesitation and without a care

For safety, just in time arriving there,

He leaps and clears the Sherrin with a clout.

Tom Harley got to contests every week,

Knowing no other way except to run

Direct to his objective. Tough as teak,

A number two who played as number one.

This maxim to his legacy equate:

The shortest line between two points is straight.

About Andrew Gaylard

Andrew used to do computers; now he does books and writing. 1963, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2022 were particularly good years in his football-following life.


  1. Very Good Andrew: and if I may indulge myself with some vernacular verse

    Alas our champ Tom Harley’s gone
    but Happy Harry’s joined the throng
    he will now bang Tommy’s gong
    and sing out loud the Toreador Song

    Steven Wells and calm Neil Balm
    hold our future in their palms
    they search the cities hunt the farms
    to catch more Cats with special charms

    fear not attrition Cats are hardy
    they’re lining up to join the party
    they come mature, skilled, cultured, arty
    that’s why we signed Podsiadly

  2. Why is it that people named Andrew G seem to be so talented, I wonder?

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