Almanac Art – The Art of Football: a visualisation

As some of you already know, Mildura has been playing host to a thoroughly magnificent art exhibition, The Art of Football, for the past week.


We’ve posted some prose on the exhibition already, but pictures really do tell a thousand words (especially these pictures).


Here’s a selection of the pieces on display, by a variety of supremely talented and passionate artists.


“Cyril’s Specky” by Kendra Heil



“The Incident 1947” by Ian McNair



“The Danihers” by Kendra Heil



“Captain Blood” by Ian McNair



“Night of the Granny” by Kate Birrell



“Buddy” by Shantell Perry



“Nicky Winmar” by Martin Tighe



“Trent Cotchin Celebration” by Kendra Heil



“Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti” by Kendra Heil



“Premiership Hangover after Breugal” by Jim Pavlidis



“Dusty” by Megan Cheyne



Keith Richards with artist Kendra Heil in front of her piece.




We’re sure you’ll agree that these are breathtaking works of some iconic footballers – do yourself a favour and check them out in the flesh (or rather, canvas). Many of them are for sale, if you’d be interested in purchasing one, you can contact us here at the Almanac to be put in touch with the curator, Bob Utber.





  1. Ian Hauser says

    Just love Jim P’s ‘after Bruegel’ – an excellent salute to the Dutch master! Some really good work here as each artist seems to capture the particular dynamic of their subject – you can feel yourself rise to applaud Cyril’s screamer, sense the country pride of ‘the boys from Deniliquin’ and sit on the edge of your seat to take in the excitement of Anthony McD-T on the burst. Oh, for a generous bank balance!

  2. Wow, Buddy looks even more beautiful than he is!

  3. Citrus Bob says

    OK. Jan its yours for a reasonable price. Contact Citrus Bob.
    Keith Richards is smiling because he purchased the work!

  4. Hope the show is a huge success. Really great portraits. And lucky Keith!

  5. Does anyone know whether Kendra is still pursuing an AFLW career?

  6. Conn Droulias says

    Is the Nicky Winmar piece available for purchase?

  7. Hi Conn. Jim Pavlidis’s email: [email protected]

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