Analysis: Carlton-Richmond merger a serious possibility

by SpiritofChecker


The AFL brand is copping a hiding at the hands of Richmond and Carlton.

The solution came to me over a schooner at the Yorkshire Stingo.

Carlton must merge with Richmond and they should be re-located.

But where to?


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  1. Barb Smith says

    To Cornwall.
    Just like Ross & Demelza in Poldark, it would be an unlikely match, but interesting.
    And nobody there would know anything of their history. A chance at redemption.

  2. Sarah Black says

    Flinders Street Station. Bring up google maps, draw a straight line south of Carlton, and one west of Richmond, and you hit the station. Once mighty and the envy of all, now in disrepair.
    Only condition is that we have to keep the Richmond song, and Geoffrey Edelsten is not allowed to come.

  3. matt watson says

    It wouldn’t work.
    Both clubs have a history of blood-thirsty infighting.
    The merger would implode inside three months.
    People would be murdered.

  4. Chris Rees @4boat says

    Casey Station. The moon. Fire that unholy shit into the sun.

    Real talk: Carlton have massive but temporary problems. Richmond have less intense but to my eyes insoluble problems.

  5. Dave Brown says

    Fitzroy – the AFL like a bit of a giggle

  6. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    You could be on to something Matt – 16 teams would be the result.

  7. The Richmond Blues has a certain ring to it. Mimicking the NZ Prime Minister “leaving Princes Park to go to Punt Road would have the effect of increasing the intelligence of both places.”

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