Almanac Sponsorship: The Interchanger App

Player management and analysis have become integral in sports all over the world and at all levels of competition. The Interchanger App has been introduced to massive success across the country in the Aussie rules market.


Interchanger General Manager, Murray Bird, is delighted with the progress and rollout of the app. “The Interchanger app is a tool to help clubs manage player rotation, and help them manifest stats as well. It’s based on software we provide to 11 AFL clubs and 25 state league clubs around Australia.”


The Interchanger App is a game changer for local footy clubs keen to keep up to date. “We’ve developed an app that’s portable for community footy. To manage player rotations, player loads and statistics is a vital part of community footy as well. It’s hard for the clubs to be able to afford it, so we’ve made it affordable.”


There is also a strong focus on junior footy and giving kids a fair go. “The AFL has a policy of 75 per cent game time for all kids but that doesn’t always happen, no one is there to manage or monitor that, so this app will take care of that.”


The Interchanger software first came about in 2005 when the Brisbane Lions approached the team to provide software to manage player rotations. “We did that for them and gradually went from 1 AFL club to 11, then state league clubs. That software is just too expensive for community footy clubs, so we’ve got this app that is certainly affordable for community clubs.”


The Interchanger app is ready to go and is finding a growing market in the football leagues across the county. “The app is out now. It was used by 300 teams around Australia last year. We’ve upgraded it for this year and it is on the app store.”


Bird is delighted to have an association with the Footy Almanac. “I think what John and the team have done is a fantastic initiative and really fills a gap in the footy market. I really love the work the Almanac does and I love catching up with everyone at the social events.“


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The Footy Almanac is proud to announce the Interchanger app as our latest sponsor.




  1. Apparently its being used successfully in Canberra as well, with our revolving door of PMs and Senators.

    Great stuff Murray!

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