Almanac Art: Naomi Le Get’s ‘Cyril’ is up for auction

Naomi Le Get’s striking cover art work of Cyril Rioli is now up for auction. Naomi is a highly regarded Melbourne print-maker who has worked with footy for a number of years.

Naomi has kindly donated this original image to the Almanac, so all proceeds from the auction will go to the Almanac cause.

Those of you who were at the Melbourne launch will have seen the piece. [You may like to comment – or bid!] It’s framed, and is approx 800mm x 600mm. The original obviously has none of the text on it, is on a white border, with a simple dark frame.

A number of people have made inquiries about the piece.

Bidding is now open. There is a reserve price. Bid here.

Current bid:   $450

Bidding will close late on Friday Dec 18.

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  1. Bruce bids $5K for his bedroom ceiling. Alicia Sometimes bids $7K. Rick Kane tops it with $10K. Mrs Kane demurs.

  2. Oh PB if only i had them sorts of readies. I’d lay it down without blinking! But need i remind you, I’m in the NFP sector. Where the exchange rate for work performed makes a banana republic look like an oil kingdom.

    This is my fav of the covers. Yes, even betterer than the Hodgey cover. This one’ll be fought over by footy lovers of every stripe and code. Elvis will rise to bid. I reckon a true Eagle’s fan will swoop down on this to remind them of the horror! How do you wink in cyberspace?


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