AFLM Round 6 – Hawthorn v St Kilda: Traveling Well, thanks.

1.45pm, Saturday 29 April
University of Tasmania Stadium, Launceston

Yvette Wroby



Months ago, Saints supporters posted on Facebook about the trip to the Apple Isle. A gathering was to be had.  The Launceston Supporter group were organising up to their eyeballs.  It was the happening place.

This year, Uncle Bob, Gary and I watched on my TV, a first we were all gathered together not at the stadium but in my front room.  Like the traveling Saints, we were up and about, nervous but ready. (I had efficiently stuffed out my little ‘grand-daughter’ Sienna at Moorabbin Airport Museum in the morning, to a point where she slept for three quarters of the game and this Hawks supporting sweet heart watched some of the game on my lap before her Dad Yariv took her to the kitchen for a feed.)


We were ready.  St Kilda was ready. The cheeky banner was ready:


Our Jacks will be nimble

Our Jacks will be quick

Saints say thanks

For our first-round pick.


It was worth the wait and the travel for those who went across the Bass. Tim Membrey goaled after a miss to Jack Newnes. Hawks missing early made for a good start too, but we still hate the stupid handballs that are sloppy in front of opposition goals. Lucky for us, the Hawks Tim O’Brien shanked an early try. We had nothing yet to celebrate as Jack Sinclair missed too.


Nick Riewoldt drops a mark only to spin around and kick it through. Tom Mitchell for the Hawks escapes two of our players before Billings places a great tackle, gets the ball in front of goal, and misses. Ben McEvoy, possibly Hawks best player in this game, kicks truly to end the quarter.


Come the second, there are more behinds from Billings.  Saints are defending well and moving the ball quickly, but not putting it on the scoreboard. Then Dylan Roberton kicks one truly while running and from 50 out.  That was more like it.  McEvoy responds, keeping his side in the game.


But Saints keep coming.  There is no deflation here. Mav Weller kicks one around the body from a crumb, the Hawks copy us and get two behinds before Rooey hands off what could have been his 700th and gives it to Gilbert who misses. Roberton takes a wonderful mark in defence, his eyes didn’t leave that incoming ball. And even though we get it forward we don’t keep it there.  A behind to each before Josh Bruce is held and kicks a goal after the siren.


Well, in my lounge-room, we are up and about.  Half time sees us 22 points ahead. It is not easy to relax when playing a team like Hawthorn.  They know how to turn on a dime and change a game, so we wait and see. I find Gary and Uncle Bob talk to the TV quite a bit.  It runs in the family.


Rooey is having a terrific game and passes one to Koby Stevens who gets his first Saints goal and the accompanying hugs. O’Brien gets one for the Hawks at last before Riewoldt gets his 700th, only the 23rd VFL/AFL footballer to reach that number. Membrey and O’Meara both miss before Jade Gresham takes advantage of a Hawks error. Membrey misses again before Bruce steals a pass and kicks truly. Membrey redeems himself and goals, as does Stevens again.  It is raining Saints goals with Roberton and Riewoldt continuing the assault, with a few Saints misses in between.


Whew.  Suddenly Saints are 10 goals 8 points ahead.  We are happy. This is the mood Sienna joins as she wakes up, she watches her Hawks struggle back a bit.


Daniel Howe and Luke Breust start the comeback, but it is only their 5th and 6th goal.  Very un-Hawks like.  Weller goals and Bruce misses a sitter in front of goal.  We groan before Rooey then Membrey keep the Saints train chugging. James Sicily pulls one back and Jake Carlisle shows he can play either end of the ground.  Gunstan rounds off the game and now the Saints seem to have the belief that they can win.


This game has ended a Hawks 5-year, 10-match winning streak at this oval. Uncle Bob and Gary return to their homes happy and satisfied.  I know those in Launceston will spend the night celebrating, they do after losses so this will be a special night of rejoicing.


Sienna, at nearly 2, will not get the significance of this game yet, but her father Yariv does.  He texted later, “And I’m depressed because of Hawthorn”.  Nanna Yvette’s response? “Just remember the three-peat. They are still warm in your hands.  It’s good to share, and you are leaving the country for a holiday so you don’t have to watch”.


Saints got a magnificent win and I got texted kisses from my extra son. And plenty of time with my little one before she goes. Ah, it’s good to travel well.


ST KILDA         3.5    6.8   14.13   19.16 (130)

HAWTHORN     2.1    3.4    4.5       8.7 (55)
St Kilda: 
Riewoldt 4, Bruce 3, Membrey 3, Gresham 2, Stevens 2, Roberton 2, Weller 2, Carlisle

Hawthorn: McEvoy 2, Mitchell, O’Brien, Howe, Breust, Sicily, Gunston
St Kilda:
 Steven, Stevens, Steele, Roberton, Ross, Riewoldt, Weller

Hawthorn: Mitchell, McEvoy, Hodge
Umpires: Foot, Stevic, Schmitt

Official crowd: 15,571 at University of Tasmania Stadium

Our Votes: Steven (StK) 3, Stevens (St K) 2, Roberton (St K) 1.







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  1. John Butler says

    Yvette, you should have beaten them down there last season. The only real surprise here was the margin.

    Big game tonight. A real test.


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