AFL Round 4 – Hawthorn v Fremantle: Hawks do it again in Tassie

Molly and Hawka_Tassie 2013

Molly Lennon meets Hawka before the game.


A Happy Hawk_Tassie 2013

Before the game in Launceston.


Molly at Work_Tassie 2013

These new Almanac deadlines are tight. No time to waste.

Celebrating_Tassie 2013

Celebratory drinks with dad.

By Molly Lennon

I was excited to be back in Tassie with my Dad.

At the start, the Dockers took the ball straight to their goal, but the Hawkers got the ball back.  After a while it was still 0-0 but the Dockers almost got a goal.  Luckily, the mighty Hawks got it off them.  As soon as it hit the ground, it was all Hawks and then a goal from great Cyril.

The Dockers had the ball and they kicked it, but there was a great mark to Josh Gibson, who was defending well.  Thanks to Gibson, Cyril got a fine goal, his second of the match.

After the bounce the Hawkers got it straight to their forward line, with Breust kicking a great goal.  Then Burgoyne tried for goal and got it with a great kick.  Then Buddy kicked it to Hale for a great mark, but Hale missed and got a point.

There was some lovely defence by Hawthorn but the Dockers took it straight out of our hands.  Then we got it back.  Poppy kicked it but unfortunately, to the Dockers.  Then Gibson got the ball and handballed it straight out in front of Fremantle’s goals.  Griffin tried for a goal for the Dockers but missed.

The Dockers kept trying to get the ball but great defence from Hale took it to us.  Smith got a mark and then scored a point.  It’s the Docker’s ball and it ended up right in front of their goals but fortunately Hodge got it out of there and then got it to our end, which resulted in a fine goal to Roughead.

At quarter-time, the Hawks were winning by five goals, with the Dockers not even scoring a goal!  Dad knew it was a good start.

As soon as the siren sounded, it’s a goal to the Dockers.  I went out to get a Freddo Frog and while I was doing that, the Hawks scored two goals.

When I got back to my seat Poppy tried for goal but missed.  Then the ball went close to Fremantle’s goals, but no score.

Then, there was a goal from Jordan Lewis.

After the bounce in the middle, Fremantle quickly took it and scored a goal.

Then we had the ball but kicked it out on the full.  Then the Dockers had it and they kicked it out on the full!

After that, there was an amazing goal for the mighty Hawks.  This was followed by a goal to the Dockers but after that a free kick to the Hawks got us another goal.

At half-time, it was the Hawks 64 versus the Dockers 34.  That quarter was pretty even.

At the start of the third quarter the Hawks got the ball close to goal but then Fremantle got the ball and dragged it over half-way…then out.

Freo had it but the mighty Hawks got it off them.  Burgoyne got a goal and then there was another to the Hawks.

Fabulous Gunston marked the ball and kicked a goal to give Hawthorn the biggest lead of the match.

Fremantle kicked the ball into their forward line.  The Hawks seemed to touch the ball right on the line but the umpire gave Freo the six points.  It’s a goal for Fremantle.  The margin was closer now but still 28 points for the final break.

Fremantle kicked the first goal of the last quarter. Then, mighty Buddy Franklin took a breathtaking mark, followed with a goal to bring the margin back to 29 points up.

The Dockers fought back hard and soon the margin was just 17 points.

But thankfully the Hawks started kicking more goals again. Roughead and Buddy each kicked two fantastic goals. Roughead’s last goal sealed the win for the mighty Hawks.  Along with Burgoyne and Gibson, Roughead was one of Hawthorn’s best players on the day.

When the siren sounded, Dad and I cheered.  It was another great victory for the Hawks in Tassie.


HAWTHORN     5.2  10.4  13.6  18.10 (118)
FREMANTLE    0.2  5.4  8.8  11.10 (76)

Hawthorn: Franklin 4, Roughead 4, Rioli 3, Burgoyne 2, Breust 2, Birchall, Lewis, Franklin
Fremantle: Bradley 3, Mayne 2, Mundy, Sutcliffe, Crowley, Mayne, Walters, Neale

Hawthorn: Burgoyne, Gibson, Roughead, Franklin, Rioli, Birchall, Puopolo, Hale
Fremantle: Fyfe, Barlow, Mundy, Mayne, Walters, Bradley

MY VOTES: Roughead (Haw) 3, Burgoyne (Haw) 2, Gibson (Haw) 1

UMPIRES: Nicholls, Wenn, Foot

OFFICIAL CROWD: 12,619 at Aurora Stadium




  1. Molly that is a wonderful report. The Hawks are playing some very good footy. Do you think they can win the Grand Final?

    You are one of the very few people who look nice dressed in brown and gold.

  2. Molly, that is a fantastic story, well done, I’m so very proud of you. GO HAWKS!!!

  3. Grant Fraser says


    What a great report! My little girl Alexis and I love Cyril too. Alexis cried seeing Hodgey with a bandage on his head and upset after last year’s Grand Final – did you?

    Go Hawkers, and please keep writing reports. They are great.

  4. Great story Molly!
    Happy Footy Almanac debut.

  5. Stephen Cooke says

    What a great day you had, Molly. And all capped off with a win! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. You might be on to something here Molly. next time my Lions are in trouble (which is every week) and they need goals, I’m going to buy a Freddo Frog. Or maybe that only works for Hawthorn? Welcome aboard.

  7. Great article Molly, very happy for you, your dad and your Hawks. Hope we get to read many more reports from you this year

    I wish I’d known about the power of the Freddo Frog when Richmond were in close games last year!


  8. WOW!!!!!! Molly! yet another wonderful writer in the Lennon family. That was a fantastic account darlin… I’m so proud of you and the Mighty Hawks :-) Well done Molly. xoxoxoxo

  9. Lord Bogan says

    Excellent work Molly. I don’t like Hawthorn, but I love your story. Welcome to the Footy Almanac :)

  10. Well done Molly, it was a great match report. I really enjoyed it.

  11. Cindy Walker says

    Well written Molly. Sounds like the game was very exciting . You will have to teach me quite a lot about footy!

  12. Brian Corbitt says

    This is a great piece of writing Molly.
    I have love Freddos all my life but they seem magical now.
    You know I think the Cats are the best but my Mum supported Hawthorn … so I suppose I do a little too.
    Keep up the great work. I look forward to the next episode.
    Love Grandpa

  13. Ruth Davies says

    Excellent write up Molly. I think you would make an awesome commentator. I felt like I was at the match myself reading that. Well done. x

  14. Wow Molly. awesome write up…. you know you are going to have to buy more freddo frogs… especially in close games… so proud of you my gorgeous princess… mummy xxxx

  15. Rick Kane says

    Well done Ms Lennon, you have written a very balanced report, as only the best supporters (or, as I like to call them, Hawks fans) can do. You certainly have a future as a Hawker and I suspect, an Almanacer.


  16. Di Corbitt says

    Oh Molly well done. I ditto all those comments about the freddo frog. A lovely human touch to your account. Dad told me you were busy writing for the junior almanac when I texted to find out where you were sitting!! Didn’t see you thoughprobably because you had your head down busily writing or off to get somemore treats. Very proud of you…love Nanna xxoxoxo

  17. Hello Molly, It’s Hawky , A great read and a excellent summary of the Lads’s effort against the heave ho’s in Tassie. Keep up the good work.

  18. molly lennon says

    Thanks everyone for your comments. from Molly

  19. Fantastic Story Molly….. I think you will make a good footy journalist!
    And you must have been the prettiest person in the crowd too.

    Kerri :-)

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