AFL Fans Association (AFLFA) – Fans welcome the return of banners

Good news comes this morning from the AFLFA, with a press release confirming the return of banners commencing from round six of the AFL season and from tomorrow’s Grand Final for the AFLW competition. Straight from the AFLFA itself, here are the finer details.



For immediate release – 16 April 2021


Fans welcome the return of banners



Fans have welcomed the return of banners for the AFLW Grand Final tomorrow and from Round 6 in the men’s competition.


Also known as run-throughs, banners have not been seen at AFL games since the 2019 men’s Grand Final due to COVID-19 restrictions.


The AFL Fans Association had been pushing for their return once it was COVID-safe to do so and recently asked AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan to see what he could do.


AFLFA president Cheryl Critchley thanked the AFL for listening and says having banners back is exciting for all those who love the tradition, colour, and excitement of run-throughs before the game.


“The return of banners is brilliant news, and we thank the AFL for working to make this happen,” Cheryl says. “AFL banners are unique and such an important part of our game. They add colour to the match-day experience and connect grassroots fans to their clubs.


“Cheer squads spend many hours each week designing and creating banners. Constructing them together offers a sense of camaraderie among fans and connection to their clubs and the players.


“We understood why banners have been missing, but not having them left a big hole on game day. Their content is often entertaining and recognises players when they reach milestone games.


“This move also helps to restore more normality for fans who have endured so much over the past year due to the pandemic.”


AFLFA membership is free, and fans are encouraged to join at


More information: AFLFA president Cheryl Critchley on 0418 312 596. Email: [email protected].  



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  1. “Banners” in WA are a corporatised club PR run bullshit fest. Eagles run out through a blow up blue dildo with radio controlled 5 second fireworks as the players ejaculate from the tunnel. I have written to the Eagles to complain about their discriminatory treatment of premature ejaculators and how it set the team up for their “going off early” St Kilda disgrace.
    The Dockers have something almost as stupid and contrived involving steel drums and 30 second automated fireworks and blow up purple anchor man dolls (cast offs from a Village People video?)
    The AFLPA has jumped the shark. Unless the Cats bring back Happy Hammond I want know part of this Americanised club-run hoopla.

  2. Kevin Densley says

    I have no particular view on the AFL and the return of banners – but I would like to say that Peter B’s comments following the piece definitely constitute one of the funniest Almanac responses I’ve ever read!

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I’d swap your problem for mine PB

  4. Fair cop Swish. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer and urologist. I was referring to “them” – second person removed – not first person particular. “Ringing on behalf of a friend”.
    Empathy training does work for some of us.

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