A Family Day affair of the heart

by Danielle Eid

Who knew that such a moment would leave my heart beating so hard and fast that it felt as though it would rip out of my body? That I would smile so much I could feel my body fill with happiness.  This was the effect meeting Jack Anthony had on me.

I woke up early for the Collingwood family day, my hair was straightened, my makeup done, my outfit chosen. I was ready.

We picked up my friend Fiona from the train station and we were on our way.

We get there surrounded by good-looking Collingwood guys mostly our age.

Dad buys me a Jack Anthony badge which I pin to my black singlet next to my Medhurst and Nathan Brown ones.

Finally the gates open and the black and white army walk into Olympic park.

Each tent has Collingwood players signing autographs, me and Fiona bolt into the massive never ending line for the tent featuring Jack Anthony, Sean Rusling and Nathan Brown – what a hot tent!!! Damnnnnnnnn!!

While in the line this is the convo

DANNI- “OMG Fiona, how’s my hair!?!”

FIONA: “OMG OMG.. Yeah you’re fine how about mine?”

DANNI: “Yeah you are all good, is my eyeliner dark enough?”





We get nearer to the tent and that’s when the unimaginable happens.

I’m standing there having  a good look at the players and trying to contain myself, we are 5th in the line but right in the view of the players…I look over at Jack Anthony, gorgeous, flawless, love of my life, MY SUPERMAN. Then he does the thing that. ..Just absolutely kills me…he looks up at me in the line from the autograph table and I feel my heart drop. I take a heavy sigh as he looks away; Wow…

Finally we get to the front.

I make my way to him, he’s all smiles and I feel like I’m going to cry because I’m so happy.  I resist bursting out in song to the tune of ‘Too good to be true.”

They are strict in the tents and won’t allow people to take photos with the players in the autograph section but Jack lets this slide for me and Fiona.

DANNI: “Hi Jack can I please get a photo?”
(I say all cool and calm)

At this point I have melted into a pool of goo.

JACK ANTHONY: “Hey, yeah sure just a quick one.”

His voice, his manly amazingly beautiful voice… never has such a voice blessed my ears.

I lean in next to Jack and Dad takes the photo. I never smile in photos but in that one I’m beaming.

DANNI: “Thanks” (pulls out Collingwood jumper with number nine on the back)

“Can you sign this for me too?”

(Lays it down number facing Jack)

JACK: (sees his number on my jumper and smirks at me) “WELL HELLLLO!”  He says.

To this I was almost blown away, how could he do that to me? Say that “helloooo” in THAT flirtatious way!

DANNI – (tries not to squeal at Jack’s flirty response)

JACK: (still smirking) “Number Nine eyy? Wonder who that is!”


I couldn’t believe it; Jack Anthony was talking and joking with ME!

What a flirt! To my amazement I responded, “Yeah, I’m not sure…you tell me.”

JACK (laughs and signs jumper)

DANNI: “Thanks.”

MY HEAD- (You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you
You’d be like heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much
At long last love has arrived
And I thank God I’m alive
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you)

Now that is a moment I will never forget, EVER.

I walk to the next player on the table, my head spinning from my encounter with Jack.

Not that it helps that he happens to be…SEAN RUSLING!! OMG, he’s freaking hot!

SEAN – (smiles like an angel sent from heaven)

DANNI:L  “Hey Sean, how are you?”

SEAN:  (signs jumper and smiles) “Yeah I’m good thanks, you?”

(Don’t lie to me Sean, you are not fine, you are injured you poor sweetie pie…)

DANNI: “I’m good thanks”

(Dad takes a photo of Sean signing for me, in the photo Sean is smiling up at me.)

Now you would think that moving to the next player would give me a chance to breathe, NOPE not in the presence of the Chiseled Greek God Nathan Brown.

Nathan was wearing a random navy blue cap, and damn, did he work that cap!

I got his signature and spoke a few words to him, man he’s hawt!


Fiona has a complete “OMG OMG OMG OMG HE’S SO HOT, NATHAN BROWN IS SO HOT” episode, whilst I, still reeling from the Jack Anthony conversation have the urge to cartwheel do and back flips, that’s how happy I was.

Meanwhile I get Dale looks like a Rock star in his black sunnies to which I say to him

“Eyy Dale, what’s with the sunnies mate? You look like a celebrity!”

Lol he laughs and his only excuse is “Yeah, it’s too bright out today!”

NEXT – Fiona and I make our way to the Tent where Medhurst is signing, we squeal at his cute teddy-bearishness, he’s so freaking cute!!

Standing up front of the line a young supporter wearing a Dorothy the dinosaur hat approaches Medders who asks, “Hey buddy! Is that a lizard hat?”

To this the child’s mother says, “No, it’s the Dorothy the Dinosaur, Paul.”

At this I burst out laughing and Medhurst looks up at my in the line, laughs and calls out to me, “Well how should I know!”

I get to the front, cheerful as ever get a photo with Medders and place my jumper in front of him to sign.

MEDDY: “Ah you have Jack’s number then! How come you don’t have my number?”

DANNI (laughs) “seriously I was deliberating between yours and Jacks!”

MEDDY (all smiles) “well you should have gone in the middle and gotten Harry’s!”


Yeah, I was upset that we lost by one lousy point to Princess Riewoldt’s fake tan, but today made me realize just how in love I am with the boys of BLACK and WHITE.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Yeah Danni, getting Harry’s number would have been the diplomatic solution. Or you could have got number 16 – 9+7, Nathan Brown :)

  2. Steve Healy says

    WHAT! how did you do that?

  3. We’ll continue on here.

    I’m writing a report of the game now, might add some photos like Danni somehow managed to do. Or do you guys want me to email you the photos and video now?

  4. *Sigh* Sadly enough, I went to this too, LoL. I felt so out of place.
    You’re so lucky, though! And you did well to talk to the players. There were some 17/18 year old girls behind me and my friend in line, and they weren’t as composed as you. I fully expected them to literally turn into puddles of goo. Players said “Hi” to them, and they laughed and teared up. Composure is a good trait to have :-D

  5. HEY SUSIE!!! What happened yesterday???

  6. Steve Healy says

    email them and put them on FB Josh

  7. Josh, your boys were great :-) Looks like they’ve refined the defensive game they used to beat the Saints last year. A lot stronger bodies, too.

    We were sluggish and underestimated you. No excuses.

    Got mostly everything out of the game that I wanted, though. Hawkins looks like he’s a genuine key forward, looking a bit dangerous. Just needs to play more than a quarter, though. Pods shook some of his early nerves, but he’ll get more comfortable with time. Hunt didn’t get injured again …

    The Roos should be through to the third week, no worries. It’s only Fremantle they have to beat. Where are you playing next week, though? Here or over there?

  8. refined their defensive game and developed a stronger attack*

  9. Steve Healy says

    there playing at the Dome susie

  10. Should win then. Still backing Hawks to win the preseason comp, though – they’re out to prove a point after season 2009

  11. Susie, do you want me to email you some pics i took of the game from the dressing rooms yesterday? And a video i took of the Roos singing the song? I’m sure you’d love to see that haha.

    Podsiadly=shocking. Back to the VFL.

  12. Sadly Podsiadly did badly. He’ll probably get another chance against Richmond though.

  13. Dude, he’s had everyone building him up the past month or so, he hasn’t played a senior game in 8 years – give him a break. He’ll settle with more game time.

  14. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys, why don’t you put them on FB Josh?

  15. Steve Healy says

    Michael on the almanac with a comment not offensive to women? thats a first! lol

    Podsiadly was ok, but I dont think he’s needed in their forward line

  16. 14: Danni and Damo don’t have FB. I’ll be puttin em on FB as well though

  17. Mitch Farmer: Yep, Geelong win by enough without an extra big-bodied forward :|

  18. Steve Healy says


  19. hey guys, JOSH& SUSIE: geelong early shock? its only pre season though, i dont think they were going full pelt, but north were excellent, already seeing Brad Scott in them

  20. 19: Read it and weep Michael.

  21. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I cant believe Liam Anthony got 38 possessions! He only got 2 marks though, so that might be the reason why it didnt seem like he got that many.

    Hey Dom

  22. Michael Allan says

    Yeah Joah exactl. Only pre season, Geelong weren’t going full pelt. Sums it up for me.

  23. I was talking to my p.e teacher about the game today, he said Anthony was very good with his 38 touches and was asking me who i thought the best players were. Then he asked who was best for the Cats and all i could come up with was Enright, Bartel and Varcoe.

  24. “hey guys, Josh and Susie” Haha, sounds like Dom’s suggesting Josh isn’t a guy.

    Anyway, Daff kindly said he’d post me a copy of the 2009 Almanac.

    21: The bottom tier isn’t ideal for observing the game, I noticed Anthony a few times but still it didn’t seem like he got that much in the first half. Campbell was the player that caught my eye most when I was there, the highlight was when he tackled an overcocky Ablett and forced him to kick out on the full.

  25. I meant the part about the Brad Scott.

  26. 24: How much is it Adam, i didnt get a chance to get last year’s one yet

  27. 24: I never had a reason to hate Ablett, i do now. What a princess he is.

  28. 23: The only name I’d add to that list is Mitch Duncan – a first-gamer who made the vast majority of our prime-players look sub-par. His effort was outstanding.

    24: Ablett had a shocker.

  29. Not sure how much it is Dom, I believe Barnstable, Healy, Allan, Watson and Eid are all in it though.

    Do you have the 2008 one Dom?

  30. Susie, I was impressed with Duncan too, I remember his goal in the 2nd quarter, it caught me by surprise and had me turning around to ask Steve and Damo who number 22 was. I left at half time though, so I don’t know how he went after that.

  31. 29- yeh ive got the 2008 one

  32. Steve Healy says

    Yeah he caught me by surprise, Mitch Duncan, he could potentially get a few games this season. Steve Johnson had a shocker, I was surprised he got 23 possessions

  33. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys,

    I thought it was funny when Mike asked who number 14 for Geelong was lol.

    I thought Selwood was one of the Cats best in the midfield, Petrie was influential. The Roos did well to hold the Cats out in the last 10 minutes when an avalanche was looming.

  34. The Pressure was great by the roos, geelong weren’t used to it, also the way you fought off the geelong fightback was great

  35. Yeah my Dad got the 2008 one as a present from a woman at his work, whose ex wrote for the Almanac. Coincidentally, he also entered a country footy tipping competition on the Internet, finished first and won a second 2008 Almanac, which he gave to my uncle.

  36. Lol yeah Michael’s blunder with Selwood was pretty funny. And when you guys were taking the piss outta Danni’s story, was funny to sit back and listen to that haha.

  37. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha yeah Michael goes “Just pretend I didnt say that” or something.

    We’ve got the full complement online apart from Danni, and Jeff

  38. Steve Healy says

    35- who’s the ex adam?

  39. Damian Watson says

    Did you get back home in time to watch the game Steve? the 46 point loss was a little disappointing.

  40. I think it’s Mark Branagan, name sound familiar?

    I also remember at the match Steve were talking about how Danni obviously never read any of our material. Then Steve’s account of Sydney-Carlton appeared on this site last night, and Danni commented saying “Out of all the girls I have to compete with…” posting two photos of Miranda Kerr in a Pies guernsey with number 9.

  41. Michael Allan says

    yeah, well it’s preseason. I can make afew mistakes with numbers. Pretty sure he’d had a haircu7t. I’m off now. Bye.

  42. Steve Healy says

    Did you say 46 deliberately so I would correct you Damo? lol

    Yep, with about 1 minute to spare Damo!

    Yeah Mark Branagan, I know him.

    Hahahaha true Adam, Saints V Pies it was though

  43. I reckon Martin and Jetta have been the best of the top 10 picks so far, thoughts?

  44. Steve Healy says

    43- Jetta was pick 14, you mean first round pick?

  45. Jetta was pick 14 Dom…Actually, speaking of 14… :|

  46. Martin and Rohan have probably been the best, considering Jetta wasn’t taken in the top 10.

  47. Steve Healy says

    Jetta has showed the most out of the first round draft picks thats for sure.

    It’s a bit disrespectful that I read all of Danni’s reports and she never reads mine!

  48. Damian Watson says

    Whoops I made a grevious mistake lol 47 points.

    Steve and I noticed on the train back home that Josh made an error in the North theme song lol.

  49. TOP 10 SUMMARY:
    1 – Scully, average
    2 – Trengove, average
    3 – Martin, impressive
    4 – Morabito, quiet
    5 – Cunnington, didnt play
    6 – Rohan, electric in patches
    7 – Sheppard, good after being subbed on
    8 – Butcher, didnt play
    9 – Moore, average
    10 – Melksham, didnt play

  50. oh yeh, sorry guys ,lol

  51. Dylan Grimes – Are you referring to where it says “North Melbourne will be premiers in 2010?”

  52. Steve Healy says

    Scully and Trengove showed plenty of signs, in the second quarter Trengove slapped the ball beautfilly to Maric as it was going out of bounds to set up a goal to Miller.

    Clancee Pearce’s super goal was after the siren!!!!!! I was so pissed off when that happened!

    Yeah Josh you forgot to put “just”

  53. 48: WHAT!?

    Out of those 10 picks, Martin and Cunnington will be the most impressive in 2010, closely followed by Trengove and Sheppard.

    Chris Knights and Luke Tapscott will be out for a while, that’s two of my SC forward line players!

  54. Steve Healy says

    Oh of course Cunnington will be the most impressive!

    I reckon Scully will win the rising star, for once pick 1 will win

  55. Damian Watson says

    Yeah if Scully and Trengrove get a fair amount of game time this season there is no reason why the team can’t improve to a spot outside the bottom 4.

    Who was promising for Freo?

  56. Steve Healy says

    Yeah its sad about Tapscott, he’ll be fit mid-season and hopefully pushing for selection then

  57. *cough* Deledio *cough*

  58. I just looked in my outbox in my phone, i actually made a couple of mistakes with my text to you guys.

    I texted JTH last night too lol.

  59. Michael Barlow was outstanding for Freo.

    Steve, i am not being biased. Cunnington is a star already.

  60. Steve Healy says

    Michael Barlow, he starred, picked up 29 possessions and 9 marks, 22 year old mature age rookie from Weribee. It looks like the Dockers have nailed the mature age rookie thing for the second successive year.

    Duffield was great, Broughton was good, Pavlich kicked 3 goals, Michael Johnson was good as a lead up forward, he kicked 3 as well, Clancee Pearce looked great as well

  61. 47- not true, just b/c i dont comment does NOT mean that i dont read them!!

    40- i was very emotional! :(

  62. Steve Healy says

    59- No he’s not, he hasnt played an AFL match yet, he can’t be a star already

  63. Barlow = this year’s Broughton?

    Maybe you should show a sign that you have read them Danni?

  64. Steve Healy says

    61- you do always comment, Danni, on something completely unrelated!

  65. 60: Don’t forget my man Hayden Ballantyne

  66. Steve Healy says

    65- Yep, freo have made 2 good choices in 2 consecutive years.

    Put Barlow on your dream teams (and supercoach I guess)

  67. Yeah it was Ballantyne’s day today, he loves the goals and today the goals loved him.

  68. Steve Healy says

    65- he was good, but faded away a bit towards the end of the game.

    sorry I was quoting 63 in that last comment

  69. *yesterday

  70. Steve Healy says

    oh and Roger Hayden played well

  71. Steve Healy says

    im off to optus oval on Saturday, I cant wait till March 27 to see the Dees play

  72. Yea! :(

  73. – okay whatever, im not in the mood to argue so think whatever u want.

  74. Steve Healy says

    Adam, you mean Yea as in where Richmond are playing, not yea as in agreeing with me lol

  75. 72: The name is very misleading, isn’t it Adam? :P

  76. Adam, if Geelong thrashes Richmond, i will safely know that the Roos are in for a better year than the Tigers in 2010. Me and Michael were arguing this when we left Etihad.

  77. the familty day sounded good danni, i couldn’t go to the richmond one yesterday

  78. the family day sounded good danni, i couldn’t go to the richmond one yesterday

  79. 77-78- woops double post

  80. Steve Healy says

    So when are we going to the footy next? Round 2? And is Danni coming?

    You should head up to Yea, adam, the Cats will play blokes like Dawson Simpson and Steven Motlop again and the Tigers could take the game seriously

  81. Yea, Adam is jumping for joy at the fact that Richmond will play in Yea, yea i can see that ending well.

  82. 80: I’m gonna try and organize with my parents to let me go to the double header in Round 2, although it’ll be a bit of a problem that night. Can’t really go home that late after a big day, and it costs quite a bit for a Hotel.

  83. I’ve never been to Yea. But I would definitely not use this word to describe my thoughts at the moment.

    I’m sure the turf is better than the Dome’s though.

    I didn’t think Dawson Simpson was that bad. Not very mobile, but I saw him win a few hitouts.

  84. LOL Dad was picking on the trumpet players and busking people outside the ground after the game, getting them to play the Geelong themesong. Then he started talking to a drunk pair about their prospects for 2010.

  85. Steve Healy says

    82- Im sure you could stay at my house Josh

  86. 85: Yeah i’d fit with your 3 brothers and 4 sisters haha. I’ll keep that in mind though Steve, thanks.

  87. Steve Healy says

    yeah, he might be their third genuine ruckman now that Mumford’s left, cant see Trent West doing anything good

  88. Steve Healy says

    It’ll be hard Josh, but maybe you could sleep on the floor in the loungeroom, we could watch some footy videos that way

  89. I’m guessing you all saw all the propaganda about West Sydney’s possible nickname? Apparently the early contenders are the Stallions, Pride, Rangers and Giants. Out of those four I’d pick the Stallions, although I like the West Sydney Wolves.

  90. Steve Healy says

    I went on that name a team website, I put the Kings (I couldn’t think of anything better) as the name and the colours as light blue, black and green.

    Maybe something asscociated with trains after that incident, like the West Sydney Steamers

  91. 87: Don’t forget Nathan Vardy. I’m expecting a lot of good Ruckman coming out this year. Matthew Lobbe, Daniel Steward, Justin Weshoff, Dan Currie, Mark Seaby, Todd Goldstein and Angus Graham etc.

    88: Sounds pretty good, i’ll have to do some major convincing

  92. 90: Didn’t you hear my Dad suggest West Sydney Sirens in the elevator?

  93. Steve Healy says

    Stewart won’t really ruck for Port, I like him as a forward, but nevertheless he looks like he’ll be a great player.

    You know what sucks? West Coast V Port is on at 8:40 on sat night, St.Kilda V Sydney is on at 7:10 (7:40 on TV), ill probably listen to the end of West Coast V Port anyway.

    So will I Josh

  94. Steve Healy says

    91- Yeah that was funny, your Dad’s a good bloke, Robert Barnstable lol

  95. Your parents wouldn’t care Steve, i’m the Golden Child haha.

    What did you guys think of my Dad? Hope he wasn’t too embarrassing LOL

  96. There’s an NBA D-League (like VFL) team from Fort Wayne who had the same situation, and the fans had the choice of the Fort Wayne Lightning, Fire, Coyotes and Mad Ants. Guess which one got the gig?

    Speaking of Ants, to quote Sheldon off the Big Bang Theory, gram for gram, no animal exceeds the relative fighting strength of the army ant. West Sydney Army Ants? Although having said that, the Stallions sounds better as you can’t incinerate a stallion with a magnifying glass.

  97. Steve Healy says

    Mad Ants? Seriously? Do you follow anyone in the NBA Adam?

  98. Milwaukee Bucks, because of Bogut. I agree, the people of Fort Wayne must be morons to select the Mad Ants as their team name.

  99. Steve Healy says

    K, Im a Celtics fan

  100. Steve Healy says

    I had a blood nose in my sleep last night

  101. Aw, I have sympathy for you. Not.

  102. Steve Healy says

    About what? Barracking for the Celtics or having a blood nose? or both? lol

    It was really bad, I was bleeding heaps and I was sleeping through it

  103. The blood nose. At least it was over by the morning.

  104. 100- steve, are you okay?

  105. Steve Healy says

    I was unaware of it, I got out of bed, without realising my pillow was completely blooded, and my hands had all this blood on them too. I only realised it 5 minutes afterwards

  106. It’s only a blood nose Danni, HE can walk.

  107. Steve Healy says

    Danni, i didnt feel any pain, but I lost a lot of blood.

    Shaun Rehn+ Rhys Healey+ Jack Watts

  108. 106- well im sorry for being worried about a friend, i dont want steve to think i dont care since hes already got that idea.

  109. I’ve never had a blood nose in my life.

    Did you guys enjoy the video i sent?

  110. Normally I would be sympathetic too, but a blood nose is a trifle compared to a badly twisted ankle which forces you to walk on crutches.

  111. Hey, what about my cramped arm i got last night from being cramped up on the train too long? Twisted ankle is nothing.

  112. Damian Watson says

    Paul Kelly the Sydney player almost died from a nosebleed believe it or not.

    A blood nose isn’t as bad as spewing up blood, believe me.

  113. Does your cramped arm still hurt Josh?

  114. It’s a bit sore like you get a day after a bad cramp..

  115. 112- :(

  116. 114- oh yeah like 5 days after the athletic carni..god i was sore for like a week.

  117. What did you compete in Danni?

  118. Danni, do you have SACS or anything the week before/after Easter weekend?

  119. I randomly get cramps in my calfs while i sleep, it makes me sit bolt upright and out of bed before i’m even awake, then it takes a minute or so it calm it down.

  120. 117- ummm i think the 50 meters and the 100 meters lmaoo nothing really and i was running in a hulla shirt and tiara! lmaoo

    118- i dunno

  121. Steve Healy says

    It was my first blood nose for about 10 years, I used to get them alot when I was in prep though.

  122. Steve Healy says

    by the way guys I was having dinner

  123. Steve Healy says

    they have a 50 metre race? our aths carnival is this friday, which is weird, its always been in november

  124. They have a 50 metres? That’s ridiculous.

    My best events are the 3 jumping events.

  125. I was having tea before, bangers and mash. Yum.

    Oh to be fair, i haven’t read this article yet. I will now though..

  126. Steve Healy says

    ill probably just go in the 100 metres

  127. Steve Healy says

    disgraceful Josh, I almost always read it before i comment.

    We had chicken curry for dinner tonight, I love chicken curry for dinner tonight.

    Danni, you still haven’t answered us, How did you get photos onto the article? Some sort of magic?

  128. I’m good at shot put and discus. Average at 100m.

  129. Steve Healy says

    im really not good at any of the athletics’ sports

  130. 86: We could all get a hotel room and have a big-ass slumber party. Any takers?

  131. Steve Healy says

    Yeah all right, im sure Danni would be willing to pay

  132. I was going to make a comment about dishes and laundry, but I sense that wouldn’t go down too well.

  133. Steve Healy says

    I feel sorry for Danni, yesterday she had to stay home and “study” and with no one to talk to on the Almanac, while we had the best time ever!

  134. magic? Nah Gigs is the computer nerd! :)

    the jumping events? rofl my response to that was
    “sir, im a princess (points at tiara) Princess’ dont jump!”

    we have this thing called the ‘chook chuck” bsically you throw a rubber chicken as far as you can and when can did it, it fell right infront of her when she was swining it and the teacher wouldnt let her do it again, i was ROFLING it wa sthat funny

  135. 133- lol you should be happy cos if i did you would have had to stay up all night rehearsing ur flit techiniques to try and match Jack, which i assure you , NO ONE CAN DO! :)
    damnnnnnnnnnnnn hes hot.

  136. flirt*

  137. 131: Aw thanks Danni!

    133: I feel sorry for my Mum. She decided not to come yesterday, and Waaia was ravaged by storms as bad as she has seen, the power was out for eight hours so she sat around in complete darkness doing nothing, as did most of Waaia. Yet in Melbourne it was a steady, warm afternoon.

  138. Steve Healy says

    can you come to Collingwood V Melbourne in Round 2? We’re going to that I think. Thats in the middle of the holidays, the day before easter.

    So you just sent the pics to Gigs and he put them up with the report?

  139. 137- omg poor mrs Joshys mom! :(

    131- im sure my fiance could pay..”oh jackyyy!!” :)

  140. Collingwood v Melbourne would be a great game to go to, never seen the Pies play, and if we could manage it the St Kilda v North game that night would cap off a good day.

  141. Steve Healy says

    well definitely go to both games, you cant get too much footy.

    oh jackyyy!! hmmm I wonder what that means

  142. Problem with that is my family is really religious so i dont think going to the footy match while the massiah is dead is going to happen.

  143. Steve Healy says

    please? its the day before he rose again!

  144. 141- you will never know LMAOOO

    why does he have to be so HOT? WHYYYYY???

  145. 142: WHAT!? He’s been dead for years!

  146. 143- but hes still dead..

  147. 145- obviously you are not as religious as i am Joshy . lol

  148. Steve Healy says

    I know a guy who’s better looking than Jack Anthony:


  149. Steve Healy says

    Danni, come to the footy in memory of Jesus, he would want you to Danni.

  150. 148- lmaoooo hahaha
    sorry steve, but when i was with Jack i had to hold myself back to be honest..thats how attracted i am.

  151. Steve Healy says

    If you loved him, you’d tell it to his face, you said you loved me, but that wasn’t to my face either.

  152. Steve Healy says

    did you see the pics from our time at the footy Danni?

  153. Steve Healy says

    gotta go guys, be back soon.

  154. 148: Who’s that attractive guy?

    Steve, go on MSN. I could be telling you this on FB but meh.

  155. 151- steve i wasnt going to say that to him b/c i wanted to treat him like a normal person, as much of a fan of his that i am , i would marry him in a second!
    Steve with you its brotherly love y friend, its much stronger with jack, i mean i want to marry the guy!

  156. Damian Watson says

    I can’t believe Brad Fisher will possibly be out for the season, looks like our depleted forward line is getting thinner.

    I’m looking forward to Round 2.

  157. Steve Healy says

    155- thats all I wanted.

    I dunno Josh, his very attractive though

  158. Steve Healy says

    Same, I could go to the footy every week with you guys actually

  159. I feel bad about yesterday how we saw Roos v Geelong. It might not have been the most preferred game for you guys to see, but at least it was tight and an upset, which is always entertaining.

  160. 158: Ahem..

  161. Steve Healy says

    159- Nah I loved it Josh, I’d be happy to go to North V Freo. As Damo assured me as we passed Richmond station: “There is no such thing as too much footy”

  162. Damian Watson says

    Yeah same I could probably use my extra membership ticket for you guys to come along to a couple of games lol

  163. Damian Watson says

    Yeah it was a good match Josh, going into the rooms was awesome as well.

  164. Steve Healy says

    Sounds good Damo

  165. Steve Healy says

    I know, I’ll make it before official.

    “There is no such thing as too much footy”: Damian Watson

  166. I thought i was gonna witness my first ‘after-the-siren’ game yesterday. Well, i did really with David Hale but it wasn’t to win the match.

    There has been quite a few kicks after the siren this NAB Cup (yes, i heard you say that yesterday Steve) lol

  167. Steve Healy says

    166- You didn’t reply Josh, no one did everyone just grunted after I said that

  168. Damian Watson says

    lol it can be a Damo-fucius quote.

    Steve I thought you were going to belt me after I took your Age newspaper lol.

  169. 167: EH! Like that? Haha

    168: Lol that was good Damo, you should have put it in the bin where it belongs. Oh and by the way, how did you end up ahead of us in line for the tickets? One minute you were next to us and then your out of my sight lol.

  170. Steve Healy says

    don’t tamper with my age!

    “God gave women long hair so it could be used as a leash”: Michael Allan, Richmond.

  171. Damian Watson says

    Nah I felt bad after snatching it from him.

    I think you guys were huddling around for some reason while I moved with the line.

  172. I can see where Steve is gonna go with this..

  173. Steve Healy says

    “Oh on camp I got within a couple of metres of a kangaroo, or it might’ve been a wallaby lol but still. I nearly touched it but it hopped away”: Stephen Matthew Healy, Melbourne.

  174. Steve Healy says

    judging by my intials, my favourite paper should be the Sydney Morning Herald.

    where did ya think I was gonna go with it Josh?

  175. 174: Maybe something to do with thongs or the population of Melbourne..

  176. Steve Healy says

    by the way, I compared the Age and Herald Sun sports sections today, exactly the same size, the age was perhaps a fraction smaller

  177. Damo, do you remember who kicked some of North’s goals in the second and third quarter? Lol, i should have scored it on my notepad.

  178. Steve Healy says

    “Are you allowed to wear thongs to the footy? I’ve never risked it in case i wasn’t allowed in.”: Joshua Barnstable, Somewhere near the country.

  179. Damian Watson says

    I think Warren booted a couple in the first half and I’m sure Leigh Harding was amongst the goalkickers in both of those terms.

    By the way which thread did you guys comment on before this one.

  180. Steve’s St Kilda-Collingwood one and my Away Guernsey assessment report.

  181. Damian Watson says

    “That is called a building”: Adam Bulman, Eltham (where they breed umpires who are hearing impaired)

  182. 181: Michael said that Damo, lol.

    “Oh i dunno who will win the Brownlow, Burton maybe? He’s been impressive”: Danielle Eid, Coburg (?)

  183. Damian Watson says

    Wasn’t Adam the one who said that when Josh arrived or Michael?

    Can’t wait until Carlton clash with Brisbane next week.

  184. Damian Watson says

    That answered my question lol.

  185. You going to it with Steve, Damo?

    Are you going to boo Fevola or cheer him if he plays? Lol

  186. It was definitely Michael.

    “I’m surprised that all 7 of you live in Melbourne and none of you know each other in real life” Josh Barnstable

  187. Damian Watson says

    Nah I can’t because it’s at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon and I probably won’t be able to make it in time.

  188. Steve Healy says

    I could go to it cos where finishing early cos of athletics, but Im going to a mates house afterwards

  189. Steve Healy says

    186- Yeah that was another one of Josh’s finest. I guess we all do know each other now

  190. None of us have met Dom yet. He’s normally fairly quiet here though, although he’s good at bringing the conversation back to footy.

  191. Steve Healy says

    190- Yeah thats all that counts Adam. I wish Dom would string a few more comments together

  192. And no one here has met Jeff. Not that any of you want too.

  193. Steve Healy says

    well Jeff only pops up every now and then

  194. Oi!

  195. Dont be mean Barnstable.

  196. 194 – Majak Daw

  197. Steve Healy says

    3X Shaun Rehn + Tom Rockliff

  198. 25.46

  199. Just for fun, heres a trivia question

    Find the common thread between all these players

    Brett Kirk
    Kane Cornes
    Tarkyn Lockyer
    Darren Jolly
    David Mundy
    Jude Bolton
    Matthew Boyd

  200. Steve Healy says

    They are the top 7 players who have currently played the most consecutive games

  201. All rookie-listed players?

    All players who have had a handshake rejected before the game?

  202. Damnit. Steve I don’t get your post 195. Rockliff wears 38. 52+38 = 90 and 3×90 = 270.

  203. Steve Healy says

    That was easy Adam.

    Nah I meant 3x 52= 156+38= 194, yeah that was my mistake but still

  204. I See lots of swans history in -197

  205. Which commentator said this earlier in the 00’s:

    “Gets on to an absolute ball burster, it comes back, its a goal!”

  206. Steve Healy says

    204- Dean Cox

    Clinton Grybas?

  207. Nope

  208. 203: Tony Shaw?

  209. Steve Healy says

    207- Max Gawn in some sources

    Dwayne Russell?

  210. Steve Healy says

    208- Official Max gawn height I think

  211. Nope.

  212. Steve Healy says

    James Brayshaw?

  213. Steve Healy says

    Aaron Sandilands?

  214. New common game:

    What do these football personalities have in common?

    John Northey
    David Parkin
    Mark Thompson
    Wayne Brittain
    Denis Pagan
    Kevin Sheedy

  215. No, no, no! Steve you should know this!

    I’ll elaborate:

    “Gets onto an absolute ball burster, it comes back, its a goal! Anthony Rocca “something” for Collingwood!”

  216. 212: They all coached. Yes, i win.

  217. Rex Hunt?

  218. Status- history essay
    Favourite quotes from the French revolution
    “Protect us lord for we reign too young”- King Louis XVI
    And legend has it the Marie Antoinette never said this but I think it’s a cool quote-“Let them eat cake” (referring to the third estate when they were about to storm Versailles)

  219. 216: Thank you for reminding me Danni, i just realized there is leftover cake in the fridge from my Dad’s birthday. Cheers.

  220. Good luck with your oral presentation tomorrow Danni.

    Josh, more specifically.

  221. That’s all i can give you, i’ll just say it now. Eddie McGuire from when Rocca kicked that huge torpedo against Richmond in 2002.

  222. Steve Healy says

    status- history essay?

    Be more specific, are you eating the essay, are you dancing with the essay, are you forming a cult with the essay, I don’t know

  223. 218- thanks! :) i thought about it and im not nervous bc/ if i can talk to JACK ANTHONY without fainting, share a laugh and take a flirt then why cant i read a speech infront of 2 teachers!?

  224. ….im writing an essay steve
    heres the question

    ‘to what extent were the Cahiers revolutionary in their thinking and implications?’

  225. No I meant more specifically, what do those coaches have in common?

    I’m relieved that they postponed the orals a week, I’d look pretty stupid doing mine when I need crutches to walk.

  226. That essay question sounds VERY boring Danni.

  227. Steve Healy says

    I dunno Adam, I know there not all premiership coaches.

  228. I just finished writing my report on yesterday’s game. One of the worst i’ve wrote in my opinion.

  229. 224- well its easy so i dont care! :)

    crutches? were u being serious??

  230. Steve Healy says

    Is it in some sort of chronological order? Cos Britain came after Parkin at Carlton and Pagan came after Britain

  231. Steve Healy says

    Thats a shame Josh

  232. Yes Danni…I thought you knew already, I twisted my ankle badly at basketball last night. Knew I should’ve stayed at the footy with the others.
    Josh, did you send Danni the photos from the game?

  233. It is in chronological order, the question is chronological order of what?

  234. 230: Yes i did, and the video.

  235. 230— adammmmmmmmmmmmm!!! :(
    you poor baby!!! i didnt think u were being serious!! are you alright?
    nawwwwwwwwwww :(
    *sends hug*

  236. Hahaha Danni did you see Josh’s asleep photo?

  237. Steve Healy says

    the order in which they coached their last game?

  238. Steve Healy says

    in when*

    Danni, what do you think of us in the photos?

  239. Cheers Danni, I think the suggestion that I bear any resemblance to a baby is utterly ridiculous, especially when I haven’t shaved.

    The six of those coaches share a common thread that no other coach in the history of the afl share Steve.

  240. They all coached a premiership at one club then moved on to another club?

  241. Josh…

    John Northey
    David Parkin
    Mark Thompson
    Wayne Brittain
    Denis Pagan
    Kevin Sheedy

  242. Steve Healy says

    only two of those have done that Josh, if you count Kevin Sheedy

  243. Hey it was just a guess..

  244. OK I’ll reveal the answer…they all coached Justin Murphy.

  245. Ohh i knew it! Haha

  246. Havnt seen em let but ill let u know when I do.
    237- I like a man with stubble
    speaking of which..i should have told jack not to shave..damn hed look hot.

  247. Ahhh missed our first training tonight due to work :|

  248. That was really difficult Adam.

    Danni, you stole Jim Stynes’ consecutive games record comment!

  249. ah Jeff how are ya mate?

  250. 246- ohhh…um..im sorry?

    Adam dont shave for like 2 weeks and see howhot it looks lmao

  251. Gday Steve pretty annoyed i hate to work rather then training but good. You ?

  252. Talking bout shaving i should get the gillete out soon

  253. I haven’t shaved for 15 years, youd think a beard would have grown in that time

  254. Danni I shave about every 3 days, I’ll probably be very hairy after 2 weeks.

  255. I havnt shaved in a good week and shes gettin there . .

  256. you should grow a beard Danni

  257. lmaoo
    do u want to shave steve?
    Adam seroiously it would look hot, dont shave!

  258. She’s probably removed more hair from her chin in her life than you have Steve.

  259. 256- lmaoo no thanks i dont even shave my legs! i wax :)
    lmao imagine waxing a beard lmaoo

  260. yeah probably Adam.

    nah i’ve always wanted to have a beard, I dont know why

  261. 258- ….ewwwww i dont have chin hair!!
    lmaoo dont worry steve will get there.

  262. I have my eyebrows waxed. :|

  263. Is that why your eyebrows looked a bit oddly shaped? lol

  264. There mad ! Except I always have 1 hair on my chin like heaps longer then the others :|

  265. Adam dont shave for 2 weeks and ill dress like a hooker that way we cna get into any over 21 clubs lmaoo

  266. Shit, you noticed.

  267. 262- why would u do that? ur a dude!!!

  268. I have a monobrow, or rather an abundance of hair in the middle of my eyebrows, so I get the middle waxed occasionally.

  269. Jack Anthony has arm hair and i think i saw a tiny bit of chest hair…. <3 hes so manlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! :)

  270. I don’t have any chest hair. Yet.

  271. Lol arm hair reminds me of a teacher at school he has more hair on his arms then his head no joke. .

  272. did you stand up next to Jack Anthony, Danni? You’d make an awkward couple you know, hes about 40cms taller than you

  273. 270- well u better not wax it when u do!
    be a man!!

    status- swooning Over jack anthony

  274. 272- no but i did consider giving him a lapdance.

  275. Danni, would you like those guys who are covered with thick hair everywhere on their body, face included? I remember seeing two guys like that in the guiness world records book

  276. I haven’t shaved in a week, you guys probably noticed my moustache and beard, i apologize, i should really care more of it.

  277. 276- I didnt, actually lol

  278. 274: I’m only 15 years old, keep it G-rated for gods sake! :|

  279. Gregs gotta get his goin again lol

  280. I didn’t notice.

    Steve, do you mean would Danni like a gorilla?

  281. no, not covered but like guys should touch their arms, pits, legs, chests, or eyebrows- girls is a totally diff story.

  282. 279: Should have seen Greg’s chest hair at swimming sports last friday.

  283. Yeah Danni think of the children

  284. 278- just telling the truth!
    it was a family day so i would have keept it…whats tamer than G-rated? lol
    mannn hes soooo hawtttt!!

  285. lol imagine his reaction if i had told him that i want to have his children!
    he would have been like

  286. 282- :|
    Goin to the Round 17 match between the tiges and pies with family ill be the only tiger supporter as usual.

  287. He would have called for Anthony Rocca, he’d come in and save the day.

  288. suitable for ones with dorothy the dinosaur hats on? You should’ve given Jack your phone number Danni, but then again you wont give it to us :(

  289. 287- Rocca PAH-TAH!

  290. 287- you do realise it all his fault.
    i was fine until he started flirting…
    sekkkkkkkkseeeee!! 8)

  291. 288: Agreed! :(

  292. Seriously steve you don’t get it! He soo freaking hot, like I was in awe of his HOTNESSNESSNESSNESS!! *squeals*
    Ahh, farkq!

  293. ill guess Danni’s home phone number:


  294. Guys I’ve got a plan. .
    Hey Danni I heard Jack Anthony wants your phone number ill tell him if you tell us. .

  295. is your number in the phone book Danni?

  296. Jeff- im not blonde!

  297. Your phone numbers don’t start in 58!?

  298. :| I seriously will tell him i’ve got connections :)

  299. 295- nope

  300. 58623338 thats a good number

  301. 58???? ours all start with 9

    I knew it wouldn’t be lol

  302. anywho im gonna hit the hay..big oral is 2mro and I wann get a few hugs outta my c’wood jumper.
    Mrs Jack Anthony

  303. lets guess Danni’s phone number:



  304. goodnight danni im off as well guys cya

  305. Cyas

  306. Just look in the phone book under Eid Steve.

  307. shes not in there apparently, some people arent

  308. She would say that, wouldn’t she.

  309. 301: What sorta world do you people live in? :|

  310. 309-Recon 58 is the way

  311. Danni – apparently John Anthony picks his nose.

  312. 311- hes gotta have some human flaw about him, he is my Superman but hes still human! :)

  313. 311 & 312 – It’s still the most effective means of clearing the nose. With the possible exception of the “footballer’s handkerchief”.

  314. 313-…..huh???
    they have special hankies??
    lol does it have thier number sticked in the corner? lol

  315. Danni – A footballer’s hankie is holding the finger over one nostril and blowing out the other – usually onto the footy ground.

    I find they work just as well on a cricket field…

  316. 315- lmaoo the funny thing is when they do that or spit on the gorund my mums reaction (shes a clean freak) is hilarious!

  317. 316 – Danni. I think you need to video your mum’s reaction and include it in one of your articles. I look forward to it.

  318. Lol Mums a crazy cleaner, at the footy shes the only one noticing how dirty the roof is or whatever! Lol

    I have noticed one thing, you know since I may watch Jack more closely than everyone else (cos he’s my fiancé and all) and I think he may have a sinus problem. I noticed this when I saw him sniff just b4 the goal against the Crows but I have seen him do that many times, I think its b/c the grass irritates his nose. It also explains why he only goes for a high mark and hardly ever a low mark.
    Hmmmm I think I have caught onto something..

  319. Steve Healy says

    No he never takes low marks cos he isnt as agile is Liam Jurrah, no where near, actually lol.

    Gotta love these early Tuesday finishes

  320. hey guys, just back from school, how was ur day?

  321. 319- no i think theres more to it than that steve

    Hey Dom! :)
    school was fine as soon as my oral was over! :)

  322. Steve Healy says

    Hey Dom.

    school was pretty good.

    Does Jack Anthony have a GF, Danni?

  323. sounds good, school was pretty boring today, teachers talk and yell too much

  324. 322- well from what i have read no and from the fact that he shows up to award nights alone i would have to say no.

  325. 324- there’s ur chance danni

  326. No Danni Jack Anthony’s never been in a Grand Final…

  327. How did your oral go Danni?

  328. lol yeah i know Dom!
    and i might have a good one according to the happenings on the family day! :)


  330. Again, how did your oral presentation go Danni?

  331. yeah well i was freaking out b4 the oral..cos evryone else was lol.
    but when i got in there i just let it all out! :)
    the teachers who are not meant to show any expressions showed slight smiles when i quoted Shakespeare and then when i finished one of them said
    “we can tell that it was an issue close to you heart.”
    and then i said “yeah, i thought it would be more effective that way.”
    …so i think i went pretty well..(i hope)

  332. Were there any other girls in the room with you?

  333. footy training tonight, anyone else play?

  334. nope just lil old me… all alone.. lol
    i wore my jack anthony badge under my jumper for goodluck :)

  335. 333- hahahahhaha lmaoo no id look a joke with a footy, trust me.

  336. Steve Healy says

    im making a footy comeback this season Dom, so im going to play.

    Josh plays footy and Damo does too, although he said he might not continue

  337. Steve Healy says

    come on Danni just cos your a girl it doesn’t mean you cant try and kick one

  338. 335- lol, dosent matter what u look like, as long as you can kick the ball and enjoy it

  339. 335+338: Look at Justin Westhoff. He looks like Napoleon Dynamite with a brown mop of hair, but that didn’t stop him making the AFL.

  340. Lol well im an alright mark, cnat say im not, but the kicking is not my specialty lol

  341. lol Westoff used to be cute when he first came to the AFL.

  342. Steve, does Adam look more like Pendles in real life?

  343. Steve Healy says

    how often do you kick a footy danni?

  344. Steve Healy says

    He doesn’t look a thing like Pendles! He looks more like Federer

  345. 343
    …….honestly its been a few years

  346. have any of u guys seen Pay it Forward? got an assignment on it

  347. Steve Healy says

    346- no sorry

    You could’ve kicked one with us in the alleyway!

  348. …really? I DONT SEE IT!! :(

  349. 346- nope cant say i have.

    347- in high heels and a dress!!

  350. I’ve heard of the movie Dom, never seen it though, is it something about giving compliments to people?

  351. Steve Healy says

    You could’ve at least come outside!

  352. 351- u should be happy i came for the time that i did! 3 exams that day and one to study for the next.

  353. Steve Healy says

    Status- balancing a blank cd on my left forearm.

    the launch is more important than school!

  354. status- conferencing with Nutella jar.

  355. Steve Healy says

    If this conversation was a year it would be december the 20th

  356. Steve Healy says

    december 22, 3 more days till christmas!

  357. 356- lmaoooo

  358. Let’s recap on all the milestones of this conversation
    50 – Dom: “oh yeh, sorry guys, lol”
    100 – Steve: “I had a blood nose in my sleep last night”
    150 – Danni: “sorry steve, but when i was with Jack i had to hold myself back to be honest..thats how attracted i am.”
    200 – Steve again: “They are the top 7 players who have currently played the most consecutive games”
    250 – Danni again: “Adam dont shave for like 2 weeks and see howhot it looks lmao”
    300 – Jeff: “58623338 thats a good number”
    350 – Adam: “I’ve heard of the movie Dom, never seen it though, is it something about giving compliments to people?”

    I think 250, 100 and 150 are the best lines out of those.

  359. Does he look like Roger close up of from far?
    sorry but im intrigued lol

  360. Steve Healy says

    happy christmas!

    Thanks for that Adam, the blood nose one was the best. Usually its me who does obscure things like that

  361. Steve Healy says

    hes got the same skin colour as roger, same smile, just not the same hair

  362. lmaoo go me i scored two out of the three best comments!
    both just the truth might i add! :)

  363. Boxing day Steve.

  364. Steve Healy says

    363- Danni ruined christmas! lol

    New years eve (presuming it isnt a leap year)

  365. 361- Hmmmmm interesting.

  366. Steve Healy says

    sorry, I mean new years eve now

  367. Steve Healy says

    I mean January the 2nd now! lol

  368. I think the perfect analogy here is “chasing your own tail” Steve.

  369. so does he have the pretty light brown eyes and long thick eye lashes?

  370. Steve Healy says


    We need to stop using the word lol. Its been posted in 4,800 comments on this website.

  371. 4,801. How the hell did you find that out?

  372. yeah? as in yeah to comment 369?

  373. Steve Healy says

    nah I wasn’t Danni, I dont know, Adams eyes looked dark. why dont you ask him after all im not Adam.

    Theres an easy way of finding that out Adam

  374. I have hazel eyes.

    I just tallied the LOL use in this thread. Here are the results:

    Danni 18
    Steve 11*
    Josh 10
    Damo 9
    Dom 2
    Jeff 2
    Susie 1
    Adam 0**
    Mike 0
    Gigs 0
    Dips 0

    * I did not count Steve saying “we need to stop using the world lol”
    **I quoted Dom in post 358, so that doesn’t count

  375. …darn
    okay Adam, do you look like roger close up or only from far?

  376. Danni also said LMAO 18 times, and ROFL twice.

  377. More likely to be close, I think the main difference in the facial region is that Roger has a significantly bigger nose than me.

  378. Steve Healy says

    he looks like Roger when you come to the footy with us.

    Adam, in actual truth, just log into the site and press comments on the left hand side. Then search words, like lol, and itll come up with all the comments and the number of them, its really fun to see how many times we’ve said things and when they were said

  379. hazel..STEVE HOW COULD U SAY DARK if they are hazel! Hazel is light Steve

  380. Steve Healy says

    I dont think ive ever said the word dannis saide 18 times once on this site

  381. Steve Healy says

    they looked dark from memory

  382. 377- no wonder i cnt see it, the only pics ive seen of u are taken from far!

  383. Just checked, Danni was the first person to use the infamous acronym on this site, unless you count John Harms mentioning the town “Bulolo”.

  384. Steve Healy says

    I worked out that I’ve posted 5,100 and something comments on this site

  385. Josh Barnstable says


  386. status- laughing about thing Josh mentioned about toovey from Side By Side book… :)

  387. Steve Healy says

    “Are you allowed to wear thongs to the footy? I’ve never risked it in case i wasn’t allowed in.”: Joshua Barnstable, Somewhere near the country.
    “Are you allowed to wear thongs to the footy? I’ve never risked it in case i wasn’t allowed in.”: Joshua Barnstable, Somewhere near the country.
    “Are you allowed to wear thongs to the footy? I’ve never risked it in case i wasn’t allowed in.”: Joshua Barnstable, Somewhere near the country.
    “Are you allowed to wear thongs to the footy? I’ve never risked it in case i wasn’t allowed in.”: Joshua Barnstable, Somewhere near the country.
    “Are you allowed to wear thongs to the footy? I’ve never risked it in case i wasn’t allowed in.”: Joshua Barnstable, Somewhere near the country.
    “Are you allowed to wear thongs to the footy? I’ve never risked it in case i wasn’t allowed in.”: Joshua Barnstable, Somewhere near the country.
    “Are you allowed to wear thongs to the footy? I’ve never risked it in case i wasn’t allowed in.”: Joshua Barnstable, Somewhere near the country.
    “Are you allowed to wear thongs to the footy? I’ve never risked it in case i wasn’t allowed in.”: Joshua Barnstable, Somewhere near the country.

  388. 387- naww JOSHYY!! :)

  389. Hey guess what Steve? The phrase “Are you allowed to wear thongs to the footy?” appears in 3 different comments, and in one of those comments the phrase is used 8 times!

  390. Josh Barnstable says

    387: Hello, my name is Stephen Matthew Healy, and i like The Age. I also prefer Dream Team, even though i know Supercoach is more rewarding, and i also call my nightly meal dinner, when i know its actually called tea. I follow the Melbourne Football Club, the oldest and crappest team in the league, and i get excited when Liam Jurrah blinks because i know he’s gonna make something of it. The end.

  391. STEVE..is your middle name Matthew???

  392. Key forwards mentioned in comments:
    Riewoldt – 123
    Buddy – 76
    Richo – 88
    Fevola – 102
    Pav – 36
    Jack Anthony – 144

    I wonder why Jack is on top? :|

  393. Steve Healy says


    Hello my name is Josh, I come from Waaia, I feed my goats newspaper (Herald sun of course) every night. I play supercoach, just cos we do in the country. I think Ben Cunnington is a superstar, even though he hasnt played an AFL game yet. sorry guys its tea time ive gotta go now

  394. Josh Barnstable says

    393: Have a good one Josh.

  395. 392- *squeals* BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYBOY!! :)

  396. Steve Healy says

    and Jurrah has been mentioned 245 times!You don’t care about Jack enough Danni

  397. Steve Healy says

    “I would have thought there was 500,000 maximum in Melbourne”. Josh Barnstable


  399. Steve Healy says

    that was only count as one Jack, its every comment not how ever many times in a comment

  400. Josh Barnstable says

    Joshy has been mentioned 157 times, it’d be fair to say it was Danni all those times.

  401. Josh Barnstable says

    398: Fail

  402. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh and i get to return to Primary School on friday, yess!!

  403. Steve what part of ‘had to hold myself back’ do you not get? how can u say i dont care about him enough!!!!

  404. Steve Healy says

    402- thats where you belong

  405. Josh Barnstable says

    404: Yes, where its hugs not drugs, and when you were actually scared of girls. Ahhhhh good times.

  406. Steve Healy says

    the F word has been used on this site four times.

    twice by Adam, once by me and once by Dips

  407. omg Joshy im comming withyou!!

  408. Steve Healy says

    I dont take drugs, and im scared of Danni

  409. 406: That’s an auspicious honour I should not be overly proud of, especially considering the short time I have been at the site.

    Hot – 8193
    Hott – 56
    Hotttt – 5 (All by Danni)

    OMG – 424 (Majority by Danni probably)
    straighten – 44 (Ditto)

  410. lmaoo true that josh.
    cnt believe there was a time where the word boys and EWWWW were used in the same sentence! lol

  411. Steve Healy says

    Danni, why do you always use two words as one word???? like withyou

  412. 411- lol i dont know, depends on how im feeling lol

  413. 400: Wrong. 4 to Josh, 1 to Steve, all the rest are Danni’s.

  414. Steve Healy says

    that was when I was bagging Josh I think

  415. Steve Healy says

    412- Its probably an accurate resemblance of how you talk. Girls always talk way too quickly so a group of words can sound like one word

  416. Josh Barnstable says


  417. 416- even i had to read that slow to get it lol

  418. Steve Healy says

    thats ridiculous. The word footy has been used only 1,957 times!

  419. footy

  420. Steve Healy says

    Changing the topic to the reason why this site was created,

    what does everyone think of free agency coming into footy at the end of the 2012 season?

  421. Josh Barnstable says

    Magic Door

  422. JACK

  423. Josh Barnstable says

    420: I am really confused by free agency. What exactly is it?

  424. The letter E has appeared in 25276 out of the 25333 comments in the history of the Footy Almanac website. That’s about 99.77%.

  425. 420- i think its a good idea, players should have that type of freedom

  426. Steve Healy says

    his real name is John, so you’re not actually mentioning his name, so it doesnt count :)

  427. Josh Barnstable says

    Hey Adam did i send you my story that i wrote?

  428. I’d prefer it to come in at the end of the 2011 season, as players who have been at the club 8 years are eligible for free agency, and 2012 opens the exit door for Deledio and Tambling (and McGuane and Polo)

  429. Steve Healy says

    423- It means players can go from club to club without being traded or drafted, there will be plenty of limits on it when it comes in though.

  430. Everyone look at post 154 of this discussion:


    No you didn’t Josh…

  431. Steve Healy says

    It’ll open the door for Dees players like Moloney and Sylvia as well

  432. 426- DOES SO!!!

    ‘hes bringing sexy JACK!, YEAHHHHH, Them other players dont know how to act, YEAHHHH.,…’

  433. Josh Barnstable says

    429: Well, the 8 years minimum is good, but i think if it comes into play a lot of players will get clustered up. What if half of the Eagles players who had played 8 years left, then that stuffs the draft up and so on.

  434. Steve Healy says

    there’s gonna be limits on it, Josh.

    Like for example, the more players who leave the club, they will get better draft picks, so it doubles up as a system to avoid tanking

  435. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ll send it to you soon Adam, i wrote it after Danni wrote hers. Steve and Michael followed but never finished it! :|

  436. Steve Healy says

    430- hahaha whats your say on it Adam?

    I remember that conversation like it was yesterday. Have a look at our conversation on November the 18th (the day before the launch), Danni got in a massive fight with me just cos I said I hated Collingwood.

  437. Josh Barnstable says

    436: Lol i remember that, i was seriously wondering if there was gonna be a bit of a spark between Steve and Danni and possibly a fight..

  438. Steve Healy says

    its cos all our stories were the same so I was pretty much following the same plot- we all go to school together, Michael kicks a shocking kick and then something happens as a result. Hahahah we were laughing so hard at that at the footy on sunday

  439. 430- Yeah, whats your point?

  440. The point is that Michael said something was sexist.

  441. Steve Healy says

    yeah its when Danni said that girls mature more quickly than boys!

  442. Josh Barnstable says

    438: Lol yeah, Damo was laughing the hardest haha. I was concentrating on the game so i didn’t quite know exactly what use were laughing at.

    Sorry for the use of the word use Danni ^

  443. oh you mean ‘mr. god gave women long hair so it could be used as a leash?’

  444. Josh Barnstable says

    Girls are more disgusting than boys. True fact.

  445. 444- Hey atleast we shower and abuse deoderant!

  446. Steve Healy says

    You were trying to concentrate on the game you mean Josh, lol.

    I got to know Damo quite well. I sat next to him at the footy, he was the second one to arrive (after me) and he was with me on the train home

  447. Josh Barnstable says

    The person i talked to the most at the footy was Michael and Adam, didn’t talk to Steve much at all.

  448. Steve Healy says

    abuse deoderant? huh? hmmm

  449. 446- nawwwwwwwwwwww damo! i love that kid, never puts a foot wrong.

  450. Josh Barnstable says

    445: Girls at about 3-8 y.o are generally disgusting and filthy compared to boys. Then as girls go from 8-13 they start acting right, before usually falling in with the wrong crowd during High School and become alcho’s and sluts.

  451. Steve Healy says

    I talked to Michael and Adam a lot as well. I dunno why me and Josh didn’t talk that much, we did when we you arrived though

  452. Steve Healy says

    449- Actually he did put a footy wrong, as he walked onto the train he almost fell over

  453. deodorante* soz for the typos im trying to do hw and stay on here wif you guys.

    yeah we love our roll on deodorants! i keep one in my locker with a small perfume bottle too.

  454. Josh Barnstable says

    451: Trust me, i would have talked a lot more if i was there by myself.

  455. Steve Healy says

    how do you abuse deodorant?

  456. Josh Barnstable says

    452: HAHAHAHAH!!! Lol what happened?

    453: Roll on? Homosexual much..

  457. 450- thats not my story.
    mums a clean freak so even when i was a kid, i was always neat.

  458. Steve Healy says

    454- I can imagine, you were a bit quiet Josh, no offence

  459. Josh Barnstable says

    458: Offence taken Steve, lol. If i go to Round 2 with you guys, most likely by myself, i think i’ll shoot up as the most loudest kid.

  460. Steve Healy says

    nah I was joking Josh, lol.

    I did it again. I said footy when I was meant to say foot! Im just so used to typing footy!

  461. yes roll on and then spray!
    steve u abuse it by puting on heaps numerous times a day.

    NAWWW poor damo!

  462. Josh Barnstable says

    I would predict Bulman is currently immersed in my emotional story.

  463. Steve Healy says

    I reckon I was the most talkative on sunday, and thats saying something.

  464. Steve Healy says

    oh so you meant that you DONT abuse deodorant.

  465. Josh Barnstable says

    I always use spray deo. Been using the chocolate stuff since Christmas. I’m just about out though..

  466. Joshy u are the quietest dude ever, even quieter than my ballroom prc partner and i had to kick him to get a work out (literally)

  467. Josh Barnstable says

    463: Michael was, easily. Although, like i said we didn’t talk much so yeah.

  468. Josh Barnstable says

    466: Steve, Michael, Adam, Damo, did you guys witness me standing up and screaming my lungs out when the Roos kicked a goal? And i did talk quite a bit compared to the Launch right?

  469. Steve Healy says

    i dont put on deodorant every day, cos I always forget. Who puts deoderant in their lockers? thats sad

  470. Josh Barnstable says

    469: I keep some spray in my bag

  471. Steve Healy says

    467- oh ok, I must be unaware of how often I speak then.

    Yeah you shouted out “Go Roos” quite a few times

  472. Yep, I heard you say more in that match than I did on the launch night, definitely.

    I thought Steve was the most talkative. But I wasn’t there for the second half.

  473. Well excuse me for being extra hygienic! I cnt stand to sweat…ewww

  474. Steve Healy says

    470- thats sad too.

    Yeah, Michael stuck a piece of tape over my mouth after half time, lol

  475. ohhh i see Steve is only shy around me then eyy??

  476. I use roll on deodorant and I’m not ashamed of that.

  477. Steve Healy says

    I dont even think deoderant stops you from sweating that much, they just say that to sell it.

    I sweat heaps

  478. Well steve you prob also think its ‘sad’ that I drenched myself in perfume when I went to see Jack .

  479. Steve, deodorants don’t stop you from sweating if they’re not also anti-perspirants.

  480. Josh Barnstable says

    471: Lol are you being sarcastic Steve?

    Has anyone ever noticed how square Brad Green’s head is?

  481. lol Steve doesnt notice this now but in the future he will come to appreciate how pretty his gf smells.

  482. 480: I think it’s actually pretty oval-shaped.

    I’m off guys, dinner then homework.

    I submitted a piece on Sunday’s match, might be on tomorrow.

  483. Steve Healy says

    nah im not Josh, you shouted out Go Roos numerous times. I hate it how you cant tell how people say things online, whether their sarcastic or not. I reckon we should talk to each other through phone, as long as Adam and I can hear each other.

    He doesn’t have a square head! You know what, Troy Simmonds’ head is way too small compared to his body, just look at a picture of him.

    475- Is that a bad thing Danni? Sorry, sometimes I dont know what to say around girls

  484. Josh Barnstable says

    There is a girl at my school who smells like cat piss.

  485. Josh Barnstable says

    I think if one of you guys rang me now i’d probably answer. Although there would be nothing to talk about.

  486. 483- naaaaaaaawwwww lmaoo ohh i get it now its okay i just thought that you didnt like me after we had met cos u werent talking ….

  487. Steve Healy says

    485- wrong, I just rang you then!

  488. Steve, Like..if I had come to the footy, you would have said hardly anything to me (trust me) and you would have spoken way less too.

  489. Josh Barnstable says

    488: Yeah, IF you came to the footy. :|

  490. Steve Healy says

    I dunno Danni, im usually more talkative at footy games, even around girls. Not that there are any girls at the footy, since only boys like footy

  491. Josh Barnstable says

    Did you leave me a message Steve?? Lol, i can’t check it coz it’ll cost heaps of credit.

  492. 479- oh come on Joshy! i got so much oral pract done that day!

    490- nope i dont think you, you say that but you wouldnt, even Josh would have hardly said anything. Mikey on the other hand.. lmao

  493. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh and i forgot to tell you guys!! There was one massive-as bitch fight last thursday. :) :) :)

  494. Steve Healy says

    I don’t leave messages. If I did I’d say “Fuck* you for not answering the phone”

    *- 5 times on the site now

  495. Josh Barnstable says

    492: Yeah your all high and mighty in your computer chair but if we asked you to come to the footy and see if we talked less or not, you woulnd’t come would you??

  496. Steve Healy says


  497. Josh Barnstable says

    We should have a three-way phone conversation between You, Damo and me or whatever and host a footy quiz. That’s a great idea actually..

  498. Steve Healy says

    im always loud at Melbourne games, but I wouldnt be saying anything to you Danni

  499. Steve Healy says

    ive never done a 3 way phone conversation before, how does it work, do you just ring someone else while talking with someone?

  500. Josh Barnstable says

    499: I dunno how it works either..

  501. Steve Healy says

    do you wanna talk on the phone later tonight? we could do a 6 way conversation

  502. Steve Healy says

    I cant believe weve had a 200-comment conversation already

  503. Josh Barnstable says

    If i could figure it out..

  504. Steve Healy says

    or maybe just a 3 way one, my home phone number is 98852197

  505. well cya guys.
    i have to hit the books
    i have a practise business sac 2mro and the real one the day after…

    Bai! :)

  506. Josh Barnstable says

    What the hell?? 98852197?

  507. Steve Healy says

    Danni, you already are hitting the books! apparently…

    Josh, lets not go there, we’ve argued enough, we live in different areas, were gonna have different numbers

  508. Josh Barnstable says

    I just checked the phone, it doesn’t have 3-way, or i can’t figure it out.

  509. Steve Healy says

    Does anyone wanna meet up at the footy again this week?

  510. Josh Barnstable says

    Sounds like i’ll have to get extra acquintated with you guys if your going to the footy often throughout the year.

  511. Steve Healy says

    Well I dunno, I enjoyed Sunday so much that I’d be happy to go every week, its better than going alone or with my brother, or with some other friends who have a broad footy knowledge

  512. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah, if i could choose a group of people to go to the footy with it’d be you lot.

  513. Steve Healy says

    obviously, we all love footy heaps, even though im ahead on the statistical side of things and Damo is ahead on the general side of things.

  514. Josh Barnstable says

    And Michael is a bit behind on the player numbers side of things..

  515. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha true

  516. Steve Healy says


  517. Steve Healy says

    (Josh, Adam, Michael, Steve, Damo, Adam and Danni)

  518. Fail, Steve.

  519. And no, I’ll let you figure it out.

  520. Guys just a question- if I draw on myself with permanent marker how long will it stay on my skin for even when I shower everyday?

  521. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I knew it was JAMS DD, so I put another Adam in lol

  522. Steve Healy says

    no itll be there forever Danni

  523. 522- steve im not blonde i know it goes away but how long does it take?

  524. Steve Healy says

    Danni, they don’t call it a temporary marker, do they?

  525. but its gonna be on my skin!!!
    so you would think that afet x number of days it would go away, but how many days?

  526. Steve Healy says

    Don’t worry Danni, it’ll come off when collingwood win their next premiership- In other words- September the 30th, 10560

  527. Steve Healy says

    ill turn 8,566 that day :)

  528. …not funny Steve
    according to my favourite teacher its going top be our year THIS YEAR!
    u just cross ur fingers that you Dees end up atleast 13th on the ladder, then u can talk!

  529. Thank god thats finished. Bloody homework:/

  530. Steve Healy says

    The Dees will smash Collingwood in Round 2, and well both be there.

    im off now cya

  531. Steve Healy says

    I thought you didnt get homework at that “school”

  532. Well. . It wasnt really homework Steve it was more me just bringing work home that i wanted to finish.

  533. lol hey Jeff, lucky u im still going.. :(

    530- HA! yeah right! only way that will happen is if Superman, didak, medders, Pendles, Davis, Brown times 2, daisy, Maxy, Swanny dont play..oh wait thats almost a whole team!
    sure your Dees will win, if theres no other team on the ground!

  534. 533- Hey Danni thats no good then. Ahh so wanna go to footy trainin but i got work again. . Ahwell

  535. lol too bad, that sucks
    on Friday is our swimming carni and cos my homeroom’s theme is gangsta I was thinking of using a permanent marker to draw a fake tattoo on my shoulder which says JACK Lol normally we do this with pencil eyeliner but it fades to quick.

  536. Haahaa thats a great idea. Lol I watched cricket on our swim sports day lol

  537. Steve Healy says

    weve got our athletics on friday, I’m in one event, I put my hand up for 2 though, but the 200metres filled up quickly. So im just in the 100

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