Archibald Prize Entrant: Brian Bourke

Words and portrait by Martin Tighe.


l chose to depict Brian Bourke in the way in which l imagine

his clients saw him; a formidable barrier between a desperate defendant and

the awesome power of the law, as someone between them and the iron bars of

prison in some cases.

Brian Bourke is also a life member of the AFL. He served on the

tribunal for many years and was heavily involved with South Melbourne,

serving for a time as the club`s president.


  1. “If it pleases M’Lud, there is clear evidence that Mr Ballantyne is a serial messy eater, and that my client was merely attempting to wipe the Vegimite smears off his chin.”

  2. John Butler says

    PB, given the video evidence that might be all they have available as a defence. :)

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