Archibald Prize Entrant: Brian Bourke

Words and portrait by Martin Tighe.


l chose to depict Brian Bourke in the way in which l imagine

his clients saw him; a formidable barrier between a desperate defendant and

the awesome power of the law, as someone between them and the iron bars of

prison in some cases.

Brian Bourke is also a life member of the AFL. He served on the

tribunal for many years and was heavily involved with South Melbourne,

serving for a time as the club`s president.


  1. “If it pleases M’Lud, there is clear evidence that Mr Ballantyne is a serial messy eater, and that my client was merely attempting to wipe the Vegimite smears off his chin.”

  2. John Butler says:

    PB, given the video evidence that might be all they have available as a defence. :)

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