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Andrew Gigacz’s Round 6 Stat. Declaration

As we bask in the aftermath of the AFL’s (under-publicised) Star Wars Round (May the 4th, be with you) Geelong and St Kilda continue to dominate the data deliberation.

Actually, when you think about it, there’s a strong link between Star Wars and the Saints. Luke Skywalker was played by none other than Mark “Aaron” Hamill, and the role of Princess Leia was performed with aplomb by Carrie “Sam” Fisher. And their inseparable sidekicks, C-3PO and R2-D2, were played by Anthony “Jayson” Daniels and Kenny “Stevie” Baker.

The Saints themselves focused more on their rock-star links to the same era. Their winning score against the Dogs of 14.20 was a tribute to the AM radio frequency of Melbourne’s most popular 1970s rock station, (1420) 3XY.

In further Star Wars news, Collingwood kicked off the round with a good win against North. It was a welcome return to the winners’ list after their last-minute loss on ANZAC Day. Josh Fraser responded to Grant Thomas’ criticism with a 25-possession, 18-hitout game. And how does that relate to Star Wars? Well, some of the more unkind souls around might suggest that Grant Thomas, in his current physical state, bears comparison to Jabba the Hutt.

And while we’re on the topic of Star Wars…

SCORE WARS – Round 6 Update

A final score of 100 was recorded for four consecutive weeks but didn’t get a run this week. However, it maintains the lead in Score Wars, along with 90 and 67, which also failed to be clocked up this week. They have been joined by 111, which was registered twice this round, by Brisbane in their win over the Bombers and the Cats who, in defeating Melbourne, kicked 15.21 (111) for the second time this year.

Geelong are in fact the only side this year to have scored more than twenty behinds in a match. St Kilda, as mentioned earlier, and West Coast scored twenty behinds this week (and in the Eagles’ case, it probably cost them the match against the Dockers). It was the first time since Round 19, 2006, that three sides have kicked twenty or more behinds in one round.

One behind that probably should’ve been kicked on Saturday was the one belonging to Brendan Fevola after his last-minute miss against Hawthorn. Fev didn’t just do Hawthorn a favour by hitting the post in the dying seconds of the match; he also extended the run of matches without a final margin of under four points. A goal to Fevola would have almost certainly given Carlton a one-point win but instead we have now gone six rounds without a sub-four-point game. It’s 43 years since that last happened.


Speaking of 43, that was the margin in both the Geelong v Melbourne and Brisbane v Essendon clashes. It means 43 has been a final margin three times this season, and 43 joins 17 in the lead.

Amazingly, the final score in those two matches was identical, with the Lions and Cats both winning 111-68. You can bet it would be a long time since we’ve had two identical final scores in the one round. Rest assured, I’m on the case, and finding out the last time out happened will be the subject of this week’s Gig-Dig. (Those still awaiting the results of Gig-Dog Number 1, be patient, they’re coming!)

West Coast dropped out of contention in the Yo-Yo award by losing their second game in a row. Those still in contention are Collingwood (LWLWLW), who knocked off North Melbourne on Friday night; Sydney (LWLWLW), who saw off the Tigers in Sydney; and Adelaide (WLWLWL), who lost Showdown XXVI to Port. Meanwhile the Bulldogs are making a case for claiming the Slow Yo-Yo award. Their current sequence is WWWLLL.


They just keep coming for the Saints. As mentioned above, this year marks the first year in 43 that we have had no sub-four point games after Round 6. Well Saints fans, 43 years ago it was 1966, and after Round 6 they were sitting pretty at the top of the ladder, undefeated with a percentage of just under 200. Sound familiar?


In their victory against Melbourne on Sunday, Geelong’s quarter-by-quarter goal sequence was 3, 6, 3, 3. Now, 3633 just happens to be the postcode of Congupna, which is not only a Billy Brownless torpedo away from Shannon Byrnes’ home town of Shepparton, it is the footy club for which ex-Cat Damian Drum and his nephew, Marcus Drum of Freo, originally played.


Despite finally racking up a win in Round 5 and putting in a creditable performance against Sydney this week, many at Richmond still aren’t happy. Compounding an already difficult situation is the debate that now rages over whether the Richo-Man should have played. Matthew Richardson was picked to play despite straining a gluteal muscle last week and he appeared to do further damage to it early in the Swans match, leaving him hobbling for the remainder of a game. As the heart and soul of the Tigers, Richardson would be hurting as match as anyone from the turmoil in which the club currently finds itself. It seems entirely appropriate, then, that Matthew Richardson is an anagram of “THE WARS AT RICHMOND…”



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    Gigs – magnificent stuff. Love the Brownless, Byrnes, Drum connection. If you’re making it all up its amazing. If you’re not making it all up its more amazing.

    Now give me the good omens for a Cat flag in 2009………..

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