Year 12 camp brings kick to kick fun

I have just come back from my year 12 camp/retreat knowing that I won’t miss out on any footy. My business/homeroom teacher Mr.Rawley made that point clear during my parent teacher interview, he said “we’ll be back Friday afternoon so don’t worry she won’t miss out on any footy.”

It would have been a complete nightmare if the camp went for any longer than Friday night.

The whole point of the retreat was to reflect on our years at school and our years ahead.

It was also meant to be relaxing which is why we were sent away to a rural area about ten minutes from Daylesford, basically we were country girls who got frustrated with the lack of reception our phones were receiving.

The whole thing turned out to be fantastic. We bonded with our homeroom teachers and classmates, although calling teachers by their first names was a bit too awkward for me.

We ate so much junk food that it came to a point we couldn’t move because we felt so sick and my cabin broke a record by staying up on the first night until 5:30am, only getting 3 hours of sleep before having to be up and ready for more activities.

Activities the occurred in my cabin were: eating until we couldn’t breathe, my best friend Candy and I made our own video to Justin Beiber’s song ‘Baby’, we took random photos, told ghost stories and drew a Hitler moustache on Candy’s face after she had drawn a harry potter scar and glasses. Activities that occurred on the retreat were watching movies, making class banners, listening to the very talented Mr.Rawley play guitar for a small sing along, meditation, a visit from Dr.Hogan (My favourite teacher impersonating Dr Phil), and more surprisingly we even got energetic. (This is not normal for Mercy Girls)

We played table tennis, volley ball and I had a great time kicking the footy with Mr. Rawley and a few other friends who got many laughs every time Candy tried to kick the footy. According to him I ‘Kick like a girl’ but I was wearing boots and those boots ain’t made for kicking! And I haven’t kicked the footy in years but it was really great fun.

We also had a laugh at Candy’s ‘Ben Reid’ kicking style approach, she would walk forward and kinda tippy-toe and drop the footy far too awkwardly so Mr.Rawley recommended she use one hand to help make her strict grip of the footy less awkward but it only made things worse. As she released the ball onto her foot she would do a crazy scissor kick causing the ball to fly off on a weird angle completely missing the target.

Sometimes the ball would only hit her knee (don’t ask me how she managed to do that)

Then she became obsessed and intent on proving herself, you see Candy is pretty uncoordinated, she one of those people that runs after a ball to pick it up and accidently nudges it further away every time she gets closer to pick it up. She had now concentrated on trying to mark the footy so to make things  interesting I jumped in and I pushed and shoved her to make a contest out of it. She was able to get a few nice marks which made me VERY PROUD! Although to make it more entertaining after she marked I did tackle her at one stage and she would have been pinned for holding the ball! Lol she kinda tried to spin around and made no effort what so ever to get rid of the footy hahhahha!

Kicking the footy was really relaxing and at the same time I was burning off some of the thousands of calories I had eaten.

I’m so glad we all had a great time and now Candy is open to having a kick of the footy, and it makes me happy to have shared with her something that was a big part of my childhood and even though she is the most uncoordinated person ever, I just love her to bits!

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  1. Steve Healy says

    Great to see you getting your hands on the ball danni, even if you do kick like a girl. But I’m still sad about you refusing to kick with us at the launch, hopefully ill see you kick a footy one day

  2. Danielle says

    2- Steve my footware and dressware was hardly appropriate! lol
    i just got back from the footy now!!!
    :) Dad surprized me with tickets just hours before the game!!!!!!

  3. .. :(

  4. Danielle says

    lol josh, im sorry!

  5. Steve Healy says

    Finally, you went to the footy!

    Hope you had a good time danni, lol, where did you sit?

  6. Danielle says

    i sat down the bottom near the middle of the ground. Yes i had a great time and i kinda lost my voice but OH WELL!! :)

    JUST A QUESTION- whats the word limit on the entries for the Almanac i think i’ve gone over….

  7. Steve Healy says

    cool, as far as im concerned, there are no limitations in this industry

  8. Danielle says

    7- hmmm okay.
    did you get the email i sent?

  9. Steve Healy says

    yes, I saw the video, one of the strangest things ive ever seen hahaha

    sorry about the 11 hour wait for the reply

  10. Steve Healy says

    happy birthday danni

  11. Danielle says

    naww Thanks Steve!

    umm and incase Jack Anthony reads this, IM EIGHTEEN NOW..18!!!
    its okay u wont get arrested!!

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