Yass Roos Under 10- 14/8/10

The Under 10s Yass Roos courageously took to the field against tough opposition on a cold and bleak morning in Canberra, cheered on by their faithful supporters. Gage Stinson was great with his communication, calling for the ball and chasing extremely hard. Jordon Hudson continuously got the ball out of the ruck, dodging and weaving to move it up the field. Bailey Haskins demonstrated his skills with safe hands in defence, saving a number of sure goals. Jacob and Jack Cartright-Glavas kept up the pressure to the opposing team, with great tackles in the last quarter. Liam Lloyd-Price was fantastic with his handballing and ruck work and Will McGrath received the Coaches award for going hard and finding team-mates to give the ball to. Patrick Morton hustled hard in the backs, managing to turn the ball back in the right direction. After scoring the first couple of goals, George Elliot worked hard in defence, even going back after injury when the umpire landed on top of him. What they lacked in numbers the Yass Roos made up for in enthusiasm, and we look forward to their final game (at home) this coming weekend.


  1. John Clover says

    WOO YEAH! LIAM LLOYD-PRICE ROCKS! except in the footy stats under 10s he only had one mark, even though he actually got 6 goals and 7 marks!

  2. John Clover says


  3. John Clover says

    WOO YEAH! LIAM LLOYD-PRICE RULES! HE GOT 6 GOALS AND 7 MARKS! Pretty impressive from a guy so small.

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