Writing for the Almanac in Season 2016: nominate an AFL game (and are you a NASA astronaut or a shonky businessman?)

G’day Sportsfans


It’s that time of the year when we ask you to have a look at the fixture and email us with a list – in order of preference – of the games you would like to cover and why.

That will allow us to spread games out and to not miss any classic ideas.

eg Geelong v Fremantle. I would like to write about this game because I am a NASA astronaut and I will be watching from a spacecraft while orbiting the moon.

or  All Melbourne games (but mt first preference is Round 1)

or Gold Coast v Brisbane (I will be back from the Canary Islands to be in court on the Gold Coast defending fraud charges).


Also let us know things like:

all Canberra games

all Richmond games

all Gabba gamess



As in previous years we try to get as many people into the book as possible.

We commission some reports. We take some reports from the website.

We would also love to publish the commissioned reports on the website as they arrive. We don’t like it when a Round 2 commissioned report arrives on October 10.


Please send your nominations to [email protected]


Getting as many people into the Almanac as possible is an inexact science, but we are working on it.


You are welcome to join our tipping comps as well. DETAILS HERE


Go Cats




About John Harms

JTH is a writer, publisher, speaker, historian. He is publisher and contributing editor of The Footy Almanac and footyalmanac.com.au. He has written columns and features for numerous publications. His books include Confessions of a Thirteenth Man, Memoirs of a Mug Punter, Loose Men Everywhere, Play On, The Pearl: Steve Renouf's Story and Life As I Know It (with Michelle Payne). He appears (appeared?) on ABCTV's Offsiders. He can be contacted [email protected] He is married to The Handicapper and has three school-age kids - Theo, Anna, Evie. He might not be the worst putter in the world but he's in the worst four. His ambition was to lunch for Australia but it clashed with his other ambition - to shoot his age.


  1. The Wrap says

    Any Richmond matches John. Not sure when & where I’ll be over the season, but I’ll try and get it sorted for you as we get into the year.

    BTW, we’re getting set at Punt Road for a BIG SEASON. As I notice you are down at Kardinia Park.

    Eat ’em Alive Tigers.

  2. Bob Utber says

    Friday May 13th.
    Adelaide v Geelong if you aren,t getting in first.

  3. Breaking my duck and having a match report published in the 2015 Footy Almanac was a fantastic thrill.

    If you’re new to the Almanac or have watched from the sidelines for a while as I did, I wholeheartedly encourage you to nominate a game and have a go. You’ll be glad you did.

  4. Eagles home games, plus the semi, prelim and GF as usual. The Avenging Eagle and I are descending on Melbourne a bit earlier this year (withdrawal symptoms from being in Europe for last year’s finals). Easter Sunday at Subi beating up on the Lions; then an early Easter Monday flight to take in Episode 1 of the Decline and Fall of the Maybloom Empire at the G on Monday afternoon.
    Throw in Jackson Browne and Jason Isbell concerts during the week and leaving on the Sunday evening after the GF replay leaves the Mayblooms at 0-2.
    Rambling sojourns with like-minded Knackers welcomed during the week.
    I am thinking my first match report this year will be a 3 for 1 deal covering the week’s adventures. Too rambling and incoherent for the book.
    But will be in Adelaide on May 21 for Round 9 against the prison bar Magpies. A more likely candidate.

  5. Geelong games JTH because I love Geelong games. I’d like to do all of them if that’s OK. And if you don’t let me I’m going to the International Human Rights Commission.

  6. E.regnans says

    This 2016 season looms as the best yet, for creative, indomitable, philosophical, fun-loving black& white reasons.
    I aim to chip in, like PB, for the finals.

    No plans for any games as yet, but being a part of the Almanac is a great thing.
    I’ll aim to contribute reports here on the website throughout the year, when able. Probably Collingwood. Maybe not. If one of those makes the book, then that’s terrific.

  7. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Round 16 GWS v Colingwood – Because I want to use the word ‘Stalingrad’ in my report.
    Round 23 Hawthorn v Collingwood – Because we are a chance to break a 5 year drought against the dysentery.

  8. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    All the Crows Victorian games (unless/until I lose interest)

    Also the Centrals v South / Crows v Swans double header on April 16, hoping that my Mike Hugo Ponderosa shirt is ready for that.

  9. JTH

    I imagine it will get many takers but for some personal reasons (that may appear in the piece) I’d appreciate doing the Richmond and Carlton game, Round 1


  10. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    I think I’d like to make the Geelong/Sydney fixture my own. And the trip to Geelong that is required of a true eyewitness report! Looking for my Myki card now …
    Other than that, whatever or nothing. Just happy to ride alongside.

  11. Rick Kane says

    We’re a happy team at Hawthorn. And I’m up and about and ready to take it up to the best that 2016 throws at us.

    Before i put pen to paper or stubby finger to keyboard I’ll think. I’ll feel. I’ll muse. I’ll wrestle. I’ll sigh. I’ll exclaim. I’ll fall into a funk and I’ll leap around like a loon. I’ll soak it up and spell it out. I’ll scratch my head and rub me chin. I’ll lean back and arch my left eyebrow. I’ll nod and reflect and laugh out loud and ready my thoughts. I’ll run with the wrong crowd and still walk the line. I’ll see the truth as an oasis in a desert of obsfucation and frivilous fun facts but that truth that seemed so real will remain out of reach; a mirage. I’ll want. I’ll desire. I’ll plead. I’ll wish. I’ll hope. I’ll pray. I’ll raise my hands. I’ll sing. I’ll dance. Wine will flow and tears of joy and relief will fall and backs will be slapped and lives will be lifted and the glorious warrior lords will be carried through the streets and their feats will carry us. Then i will write it down as a true record of our times.

    Sure Harmsy, put me down for a couple of Hawks games …

  12. RK – You should do the big Hawthorn v GWS battle. Apparently the GWS boys reckon the Hawks are their bunnies.

  13. Peter Flynn says


    A few possibilities. Brief pitches below.

    R4 Geel v Ess. Most of the report will be about watching the Darts in Belfast and watching footy in London.

    R8 Geel v Adel watching from the SACA Committee Room or the Gil Langley Room

    R11 Geel v GWS. The return of Johnno!

    R17 Geel v Fre. Possibly from a Sri Lankan perspective.

  14. Dennis Gedling says

    -Rd 2 GWS v Cats (watching in Northam of all places)

    -Rd 7 Cats v Eagles (a family affair in Geelong this year)

    -We play the Dockers some time in July too. It’s a Friday night game at Subi so not sure whether to boycott or not yet.

  15. PJF – would like to do a game standing with you?
    My big Easter weekend in Melbourne:-
    North vs Crows – nostalgia and can the coach do for the Crows what his Dad did for DKL?

    Cats v Hawks for obvious reasons;
    What a weekend and a wonderful way to spend Easter. Might even go up to Stawell on Sunday. Is it possible to see the Final and be back in Melbourne for the first bounce?

    Citrus Bob

  16. Peter Flynn says

    I withdraw from Geel v Adel.

    That’s for Citrus I reckon.

    Citrus, I’m away a fair bit this year but I’m sure we can watch a game from the Terrace.


  17. Brin Paulsen says

    Can’t guarantee much but I’m looking to set myself the heady goal of scribbling something about most of the Lions home games this year.

    Expect the majority of match reports to include a review of the fare on offer for lunch at the German Club across the road. I’ll be making sure the taps there remain in working order throughout the season…

  18. I am available for most West Preston home games.

  19. Tony Robb says

    Happy to do the Pies v Blues games in may when the boys are in town for the annual pilgrimage
    Also happy to do any Gnats Canberra games

  20. kath presdee says

    Any of the GWS Sydney games, save GWS v Hawks – I’m going to different theatre about what happens when the existing sovereign dies and the new one takes over. An omen perhaps?

  21. Tim Pegler says

    JTH, I’ve booked tix to see the Roos vs Tiges on a Friday night in Tassy, if that’s going begging. Other than that, the Little Monkey and I are up for random Roo-related daughter-father insights throughout the season.

  22. Colin Ritchie says

    I’ll be at most Essendon home matches this season so I’ll have a go at reporting on one or two, hopefully victories.

  23. Mick Jeffrey says

    Schedule (tentative) @ 22/3. Games may be added/subtracted pending finances, running commitments and local footy

    Rd 1: Melbourne vs GWS, North vs Adelaide, Dogs vs Freo
    Rd 15: Gold Coast vs St.Kilda (Marathon/election? weekend)
    Rd 17: Bulldogs vs GC (Cairns)
    Rd 21: GWS vs West Coast (City2Surf weekend)
    Rd 23: Freo vs Dogs (Perth City to Surf weekend)

  24. The People's Elbow says

    R15 Carlton v Collingwood – the last time Carlton played on the same day as the Federal Election this happened… http://www.footyalmanac.com.au/afl-finals-week-1-richmond-v-carlton-the-peoples-reverse-elbow-a-message-for-the-afl-final-series-written-and-authorised-by-c-judd-carlton/

  25. I’m going to watch the Dogs on Sunday if no takers. Promise no Easter metaphors.

  26. Neil Anderson says

    I will be there on Sunday too Crio and be glad to compare notes without the Easter metaphors.
    However, there could be an analogy over-load because my theme will be a break-out from the Fremantle prison.

  27. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Crows wins ( I fear I will not be writing as often in 2016) and where ever JTH wishes

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