World Cup: Ireland defeat England

Take that for the Potato Famine!

Ireland’s Kevin O’Brien has scored the fastest century in World Cup history to steer his side from 5-111 to an amazing upset win over the English.


  1. Wonderful result and wonderful day for the Irish as they struggle through economic turmoil. They will be having a fair old time over there tonight I’m tipping. Plenty of Guiness going down mixed with typical Irish melancholy joy.

    Sensational that it was an “O” who brought them home to victory. Is this one of the greatest sporting triumphs of all time?

  2. Peter Flynn says

    WTS Porterfield played a captain’s knock.

  3. John Butler says

    After torturing us all summer, Jimmy Anderson is having an absolute Barry Crocker of a tournament so far.

  4. John Butler says

    That was also the highest successful run chase in World Cup history. Quite a night!

  5. John Butler says

    Dips, he was a red headed “O” to boot.

  6. And they only just beat ‘the clogs’ as well.

    I thought Australia were ok beating them 6 – 1 but we are really down with the minnows on their current form.

    Can’t wait for the backlash from the vicious pommy press.

    The Jarpies will give them a touch up as well.


  7. I love a good run chase.

    After this summer gone I think all Aussies can adopt an Irish to help ease our pain.

  8. I’ll adopt Mooooooonnnneeeee.

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