World Cup Final Blog

Where are you?  Who are you watching the game with?  Who are you supporting between Germany and Argentina?  Have you got up early or stayed up late to watch other games in this World Cup?  Is world football a passion or a passing interest for you?

Share your Word Cup final experience with other Knackers.

(The Perth Editor hates that the Final starts at 3am.   This World Cup timezone has been the most brutal imaginable for Sandgropers.  The quarter and semi-finals were 4am over here and I could set the alarm for 5am to see the second half and extra time/penalties without too much disruption.  But taking in the full final requires sacrificing the remaining half of a bottle of D’Arenberg shiraz and getting to bed by 9pm.  The sacrifices we make for elite sporting performance.)



  1. Rick Kane says

    Now that the mighty Oranje are out, I’ll be following Argentina, the underdogs. See you at 5am (or 3am, as the case may be).


  2. Rick Kane says

    5 mins in and the pace and attack is impressive!

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    Watching on my own, barracking for Argentina. Got up early having stayed off the drink last night, got up for Australia’s 3 games and the two semi finals, while have just watched parts of several other games. Regular EPL and A-League watcher.

  4. Sitting on my own in a lonely Brisbane motel room. Enjoying the match.

  5. E.regnans says

    In a loft conversion above an old stable in Badsey, the Cotswolds, UK.
    Missed the first half due to medieval kitchen service at the only pub in UK owned by the National Trust.
    The Fleece Inn. Built in 1400s.
    It’s coming up 10pm at 0-0 full time.
    Alan Shearer, Rio Ferdinand, Gary Linekar on analysis on BBC.
    Carn the dreamers.

  6. Pouring rain outside here in Perth. Shandy the Wonder Dog is barracking for the German Shepherds, but I am sticking with Messi.
    Its been a game of almosts to the end of full time, but both sides are creative.
    I’m with Luke on all fronts (except for that D’Arenberg shiraz).

  7. Rick Kane says

    So close, so very close and both teams deserving of the win

  8. Rick Kane says

    In the lounge room with wife and son, who are both back to sleep, second half of extra time.

  9. Rick Kane says

    Goetze goals, Germany gotcha!

  10. Luke Reynolds says

    Wonderful game. Well done to the Germans. Sport at its best.

  11. You have to take your chances. And that was taken optimally.

  12. The People's Elbow says

    The lesson I take from this World Cup: The Pope is not infallible.

  13. David Zampatti says

    Hooray! I am really looking forward to the World Cup. The intoxication of Brazil, combined with the pulsating rhythms of the world game, the courage and manliness of the players, and, of course, the avalanche of goals. Goal after goal after goal. Whoever thought up the penalty shootout is the Einstein of sport!

    When does it start, again?

  14. I look forward to the David Zampatti Moscow tipping comp.

  15. ned_wilson says

    A life highlight to salute in the Zampatti Rio. Drawing a little star on all my shirts.

  16. Dennis Gedling says

    Watched it with friends who had just returned from Brazil at Crown Casino in Perth. Went there hoping for atmosphere. Left fearing for the future of this country.

    Germany were a more than deserving champion after coming so close in 02, 06 and 10. Well done Germany. Some chances for the Argies were butchered this morning. Leo is still one of the greats to me. Can’t wait for regular sleeping patterns and re-connecting with loved ones now it’s all over.

    Best tournament since 94.

  17. Great tournament. Worthy winner. Hats off to Argentina for an excellent game today.

    Still trying to overcome the shock of Brazil letting in 7 in the SF. Never thought I would see that.

    Well done SBS. Great coverage and WC Classics have been a treat.

  18. Stainless says

    Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for the opening game of the tournament, drinking Margaritas lounging around the Westin resort swimming pool.

    Many of the group games in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Perfect timezone – games at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm – but parochial locals who’d rather be watching the Braves brought the phrase “pearls before swine” to mind.

    Costa Rica v Greece in a burger joint in Los Angeles with a world-weary Greek waiter who knew exactly what was coming. He was diligently taking an order as Costa Rica’s winning penalty was slotted home, with his back to the TV.

    Bleary-eyed in Drouin for the Final until extra time. Somewhere between Pakenham and Dandenong on the Monday morning V/Line. PA announcement – “we have a World Cup score so block your ears if you don’t want to hear it. Germany 1 Argentina 0 – yep, it’s all over. Have a nice day”.

    The World Game indeed!

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