Woops. I forgot to turn up to the second day of a cricket match…

From Daniel Brettig on Cricinfo

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  1. Warner is a dill. We all knew that.
    The reason I will be going to many more Perth Glory soccer games than cricket matches this summer has much more to do with Cricket Australia and the BCCI’s contempt for the traditions of the game and the intelligence of the (former) fans.

  2. Did anyone think to tweet him or put a comment on his Facebook account or put a note in the dunnies at the Star casino. Jeez, how was the bloke supposed to get organised without the appropriate lines of communications

  3. And all that batting practice he did instead of playing for his club has culminated in an 8 ball duck in the one dayer today vs Victoria thsi morning

    Let’s see if he manages to smash into the knees and injure any of his teammates whilst fielding this afternoon


  4. All this one day cricket. How is a bloke supposed to know that games sometimes last longer than 40 overs??

  5. Shock horror. Almanac Proprietor calls kettle black for taking the day off to go to Epsom Day at Randwick!!!

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