Wimbledon: Volatility and security in early-round, late-night tennis punting

Check out Ladbrokes prices for this round

Check out Ladbrokes Wimbledon prices


For those who love sport and love a punt, this is a great time of the year. Sport in the Old Country is timed beautifully for the Australian hibernator, especially for those in southern climes, where the weather can be wonderfully inclement, and give you every excuse to stay locked away inside, late into the night.

You beauty.

Nothing changes: the fire is still divine, the sound of the cork popping from the port bottle replenishes eve the saddest soul, and in recent years the laptop sits open on the site of your preferred bookie.

Wimbledon, the Ashes and the British Open are perfect for the experienced punter.

Wimbledon offers the tantalising combination of security and volatility. As a punter, it’s just about getting it right.

Security in that the short faves will win in the opening rounds. Until one loses. Volatility in that a favoured player in strife early in a match will drift more than he should. But can you hold your nerve?

There is also value in the longer priced winner. Pick the right one at odds and start restructuring your portfolio as they shorten. With a bit of luck there’ll be an upset and you’ll hear those wonderful words: “The draw has opened up for Dimitrov.”

Grigor Dimitrov my value. He’s $41.00 at Ladbrokes.

He’s drawn to meet Wawrinka in the quarters and Stan does mix his form – from unbeatably brilliant to loose as a goose.

The security comes in the early rounds of Wimbledon – men and women – are ripe for the big multi.

Consider Round 1:

10 favoured seeds











10 leg multi – about $1.60

And consider these numbers around odds of $1.10:


2 legs   1.21

3 legs   1.33

4 legs 1.46

5 legs 1.61

6 legs 1.77

7 legs 1.94

8 legs 2.14

9 legs 2.35

10 legs 2.6

And so on

Would love to hear of any classic big tennis multis.

Or strategies.

And tips?

Check out Ladbrokes prices for this round

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  1. Well, one thing’s for sure: Lleyton won’t be winning it this year.

  2. Russian tennis players are not reliable conveyances JTH. He’ll probably do a Davydenko and go over at $1.02 in the Third Round.
    The Russian Mafia doesn’t like to lose (money not tennis matches)>

  3. Peter Flynn says

    It’s hot in London.

    Centre court will be quicker than in previous years.

    It’s hot in London.


    I’m going next Monday.

    There’ll be a stink if I’m seated next to Nob Fanatics.


  4. I like Warwrinka. I like any tennis player who can hit a one-handed back hand.

    PF – is it hot in London?

  5. Grigor is through to the third round.

    The 10-leg multi got up.

    Still a lot of value around.

  6. Can we all pitch in a few bob and buy Vuvuzelas for the Fanatics so we don’t have to listen to them sing and chant.
    A national embarrassment.

  7. Does the defeat of Nadal upset your punting JTH?

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