Who is this Tim Harcourt? (From the The Adelaide Advertiser)

Having just profiled some of The Almanackers whose names begin with H, wouldn’t you know it, up bobs Tim Harcourt.

There I was, up the bush in South Australia, looking for nominations for the wool team of the century, when there in an old Addie is none other than the Almanac’s very own.

Well, a few organisations and their organs can claim him, but we will for the moment.

Tim is a highly respected economist, as is his father Geoff (who played footy until he was 47).

Tim went through Adelaide Uni with a bunch of reprobates who stalk the Almanac pages including Rulebook, BD (the Almanac’s meteorologist – along with E Regnans), Handbag Hansen, Raj, Dave Brown et al. (They’ll straighten me out on this).

Anyway, always good to have Tim’s words on our site and here’s today’s online version of last Saturday’s Lunch with Tim Harcourt yarn:


Bob Neil and Chocker Bloch aficionados please pay special attention. (As well as some important words on overseas adoption and the prospects of SA)

PS Tim spoke at the Almanac Grand Final lunch last year. He is the Airport Economist.


  1. Thanks John and the Almanac team

    Very pleased to get a note from Hon Leon Bignell SA minister for tourism today saying he “it was good to see Bob Neil featured in the article “

  2. Dave Brown says

    Some straightening – not myself a black (although a two time graduate of that esteemed institution). Merely a SOB (son of black). Maybe one day I could do a Graham Cornes and play one game in my dotage to claim the honour…

  3. Malcolm Ashwood says

    At Prospect with Plug after the roosters had gone top in 87 , Plug congratulated Dennis Jarman ( father of ) on his quality of sperm vintage

    The guy standing next to Dennis reckons it was the first time he had ever seen , Dennis speechless ,vintage , Plug . ( more than welcome , Dave ! )!

  4. Love it Plug.

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