Round 2 – West Coast v Carlton: Expect nothing, avoid disappointment

Here I sit in the TV room watching the start of the third quarter of Carlton v West Coast over in Perth.


The first quarter was a shoot out, and I was optimistic that the Blues would make up for last week’s opening round loss.


I was optimistic last week too, doing my season’s tips in advance. I had us eighth for the season.


Carlton did not score in the second quarter. Nothing.


The floodgates are opening against us now. Josh Kennedy just kicked his 6th goal. We traded him for Judd.


Poor Judd. He thought we showed some promise and deferred his retirement. He’s gotta regret that already. If he’s lucky he can get a long term injury and retire and have some fun.

I don’t think I will have fun this season.


Oh no! Kennedy has just marked again in front of goal!

Take me out and shoot me!


It’s 3/4 time. We are down 7 goals to 14. Kennedy kicked his 9th after the siren. More than our whole team. I want to leave the room but it’s that train wreck thing. Why?


4th quarter:

Casboult has marked and goaled.

The umpires have noticed the huge deficit in frees and have stopped handing them out to the locals.

An unconvincing floater has a second goal to Casboult.


Misplaced optimism is a curable condition. I will be more like Richmond supporters from now on. Expect disaster and never get disappointed.


Footnote: Kennedy kicked 10.

Eagles kicked 20, felt like 1000.

Carlton kicked 9.

I cannot face Essendon next week.



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  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Barb, feeling your pain as I read this. Changing your mind set to accept Carlton’s true place in the order of football life will help your mental health. Part of the difficulty I see is that Carlton people have often “believed” they were a chance. Now, just take it week by week and accept you are in the rebuilding phase and not premiership window. It helps a lot with maintaining reverse optimism. The worse you get, the better the draft picks. It’s not something to aim for, merely a reality when you side can’t win games. Welcome to my world!

    Glad to see you have kept your sense of humour and wrote about what it felt like. Lovely piece.


  2. Well said Barb. So many fans can’t bear to write when their team loses (badly). I picked my Eagles to win by 3 points. Told everyone that it wouldn’t be more than 2 goals either way. What the?
    Even with our modest talent and injuries I have always been sure of 2 things: that Adam Simpson was a teaching coach getting us to play a modern quicker precision game after Woosha’s Neanderthal game plan; and that the players believed in him and enjoyed playing for him – but it would be a long process.
    I think that says everything about Mick – your players look miserable, lost and confused.

  3. Peter Schumacher says

    And that’s the good news!

  4. I think I’m heading down this path now Barb. I honestly thought we were a finals chance too. And the majority of frees in the 2nd and 3rd quarters paid against us were an absolute disgrace, though we gave away a few stupid ones as well.

  5. Peter Fuller says

    Barb, well done, you’ve perfectly encapsulated the impact of last night experienced in a Melbourne suburban lounge room. I acknowledge all the comments, Yvette’s advice about the power of reconciliation, MD’s desperation, PS’s truism. PB, I agree with you well played Barb for showing up after the defeat; for me, words can’t do the occasion justice!

  6. Barb Smith says

    Thanks everyone. I still feel crap, but I reckon it’s going to get a lot worse. Our club does dumb things in bad times. This will be a test for the new president. He’s Italian, so I expect Mick will wake up with a horse’s head in his bed. If he’s lucky.

  7. Tony Robb says

    Hi Barb
    As a passionate Giants supporter who has endured decades of failure and lack of support from the AFL, your disappointment resonates with me. The back to back wins to start the season has strengthened my resolve and I trust the imminent sacking of M Malthouse and the Vet with raise your spirits accordingly. There was plenty of upside from last nights game for the Blues. The 18 blokes who went missing were found safely on a Melbourne plane this morning

  8. The People's Elbow says

    Herculean effort… come half time, I started watching music videos.

  9. John Butler says

    Barb, your piece reminds me how much the Carlton supporter world view has changed in recent years.

    As recently as 2009 I was writing stuff like this:

    Which just goes to show I was as slow to wake up as anyone.

    Hang in there.

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