Welcoming Deakin University to the Almanac

We are very pleased to announce that here at the Almanac we will be working closely with Deakin University throughout 2017. We welcome them as a significant partner.


In sponsoring our book, The Footy Almanac 2016, and also the launch of The Doggies Almanac 2016, Deakin University has recognised the opportunities the Almanac – through our website and our books and other publications – offers students.


Our record is very strong. We have had many students publish with us and I have lost count of how many have gone on to work in journalism, media and communications, publishing and editing, writing, and  PR, to name just a few.


Josh Barnstable, who first wrote for us as a Grade 9 student from Numurkah, has now finished his tertiary studies and is a sports journalist in Kyabram. Danni Eid. Kerian Deck. Beth Newman. Susie Geise. Sarah Black. Anne Fedorowytsch. Callum O’Connor. Tom Stephen. Jeremy Hill. Domenic Favata. And many more.


Mandy Johnson first started editing for us while in the final year of her Master’s. Now, two years later, her name appears on the cover of The Doggies Almanac as co-editor.


All pieces by Deakin students will be accompanied by the Deakin logo.


There are many benefits to students, no matter what stage they’re at.

  1. Opportunity to write freely
  2. Opportunity to write for a genuinely broad audience
  3. Opportunity to be part of an active and welcoming creative community
  4. Opportunity to meet other writers and artists
  5. Conversations with experienced writers
  6. Interaction with a diverse range of people from all walks of life
  7. Incidental and direct mentoring
  8. Opportunity to be involved in editing
  9. Opportunity to be part of the process of publishing
  10. Opportunity to be involved in the nuts and bolts day to day running of websites
  11. Opportunity to develop administrative skills


If students have the self-motivation and drive to stick with the Almanac, their skills will improve. Their CV will also be better for it, and I have no doubt many of those mentioned have been advantaged by their involvement – some for many years – in the Almanac.



Women’s Sport and the Geelong Women’s Football Club.


Deakin University is a supporter of women’s sport and so their logo will feature on all Almanac articles about women’s sport including AFL Women’s articles and Geelong Women’s Football Club articles.


We are looking forward to the injection of the creative talent of Deakin University and we believe the Almanac has a lot to offer students. We especially look forward to the students’ articles on women’s sport and especially women’s footy. Those contributions are sure to be a pivotal part of our coverage.




  1. bring back the torp says

    This is an excellent initiative.
    I hope some of the student contributors are also players. We hear very little media comment on community football from current community football players ie outside of elite male or female competitions.

    The importance given to women’s football is welcome. The revolutionary recent rise of the female football behemoth is very worthy of serious analysis and chronicling-as is the backlash from other sports.
    There were only 100 women players in the VWFL in 1991, teenage girls later had to take Football Victoria to COURT to be able to continue playing after twelve(which resulted in the girls’comp. being established)! There were in 2006 in Australia about 40,000 registered female players, in 2016 there were about 384,000. In 2005 in the VWFL, there were 26 female teams – in 2017 there could be over 150 Vic. adult female teams.
    As many females (and their parents) will see female footballer role models for the first time from the televised AFLW in Feb., these numbers will probably double within 7-10 years.

    The mainstream media will give a strong coverage of the AFLW as, wisely, it does not coincide with the AFL games -and it will rate well (Over 1,000,000 on Sept.3 on Ch.7).
    The Sydney BASED ABC national programs, and SBS (Soccer Broadcasting Corporation), are giving the AFLW some coverage (They usually ignore the AFL, but many in those organisations regard female football as a feminist advance).

    There is now a real battle between all the sports for female players -netball has competition, female soccer players also have now about 800,000 players. The mothers of the future have an important role in determining what sport their children play! The AFLW costs will be fully covered financially by its sponsors -many of whom never sponsored the AFL before. The AFL wants strong media coverage for the Oct – March period – also to challenge the other sports, and content for its growing digital programs.

  2. Hi guys,

    It’s a good news for Deakin University students and Almanac. We might have more writers with interesting stories while students will gain more skills.

    Actually I hope to undertake a Diploma course in professional writing at Deakin University and hope you can help me to enrol the course and apply for a scholarship.

    I wish all the best to the university and all Almanackers.


  3. Neil Anderson says

    There is a nice connection with Deakin University and my family. My wife works part-time at Deakin Warrnambool in the Language and Learning area and assists students with their writing skills. Although not a footy fan until September/ October this year, I think Sharyn can be persuaded to pass on the benefits of contributing to the Almanac for all the reasons outlined above by the Almanac Admin.
    Sharyn reminded me that the Almanac was a favourite of her English students in High School and the book was bought for the school library each year.

  4. bob.speechley says

    Certainly an excellent initiative by The Footy Almanac & Deakin University and one that has benefits for both partners. Look forward to seeing the Deakin logo on FA articles in the future and to reading articles penned by tertiary students.

  5. The opportunity is there for students. If you look at the ten years of the Almanac concept, those students who have been keen have gone on to do lots of things is media, writing, communications.

    Just had an idea, I’m going to post a piece about Almanac alumni.

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